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November 6, 2008

Needing the one with a hole in it

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Last weekend in State College, I got lucky.

Not that kind of lucky.

Saturday night we decided to stop by an old favorite, a certain “Night club”. It was after midnight, so my logic is that we won’t have to pay the $5 cover. Or, they still take the “free admission” cards that we hoarded last year. Not likely, but ya never know.

Every time I present my I.D. they look at me like I’m crazy. By “they”, I mean almost every single bouncer. Or waiter/waitress. Or bartender. Every one. Because I’m over here on the East and I’m from wayyyy over there in the West. The most common response “Well, you came a long way for a drink. Ha ha.” Hilarious.

Anyway. I got a new ID over the summer, which apparently doesn’t match up with their little Reference book. It’s the new-er version from the State, which, I must admit, is much prettier than our old ones. And I like my pretty licenses. Um, my point: they didn’t think it was real, because it doesn’t match the picture in the book. Who knows how old that stupid book is. Every time they use it (happens pretty often), it takes them forever to match up the picture with the ‘real’ thing. It’s ridiculous.

So this guy comes back and says “Did you just get this over the summer?”. Yup, sure did. You can see that by looking at the “issued on” date. These bouncers……

I answered him, and offered another form of ID. His response “Well, you look pretty familiar, I know you’ve been here before…” oh, how flattering…. “..Do you just have your old ID? So I can look at that?”

And why would I carry around an expired ID? It has a hole in it. It’s not Valid. Are you allowed to let me in on the basis of something thats expired? I think there’s a law against that. I mean, if that were the case, I’d just give it to the little sis and she could go crazy. Which, I’m not doing. Don’t arrest me.

I was a little baffled. I guess in that situation I can see where having the “old” one would do me some good. But does anybody actually carry those things on them? Isn’t it just as convincing to have like 4 credit/debit cards with your name, along with an old Penn State ID (which is still valid by the way….til December 08. yessss) ??

He let me in. On the basis of “you’ve def been here before, so go ahead. But I’d recommend carrying your old ID with you. ” Yes, thanks for the advice. I have no idea where it is.  Once we got upstairs, and realized they are still charging cover at 12:30, we turned right back around and said Nevermiiiind. Because the drink specials are over, and that’s just crazy.



  1. That’s ridiculous! I’ve even tried to get into bars with my old id and they won’t take it. That bouncer doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

    Comment by Megkathleen — November 7, 2008 @ 3:57 pm |Reply

  2. I actually do still carry my old ID but only because after I got married, it took awhile to get all bills, cards, etc with my new name, and I got tired of having to explain that I did indeed get married, so I kept my old one in my wallet right behind my new one. Actually until I read this post, I had forgotten I left it in there! =)

    Comment by mebeingrandom — November 12, 2008 @ 11:43 am |Reply

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