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December 8, 2008

Hey Delta, Suck It

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I just spent almost two hours on the phone, with an airline.  If you can think of one thing that sounds worse than that, for two hours,  please let me know. It will make me feel better.

This time of the year will involve lots of travel, it’s inevitable. I live on this side of the country, and my home is on the other side. That little fact alone means that the airlines control me. They decide if I go home, or if I don’t. And it’s far too often that I wonder, I mean really, how bad could the drive be??! In comparison to the shit they come up with, I’m not sure it’d be toooo bad.  At least it would be on my terms, on my time, and I’d get there when I decide to get there. You know, accounting for traffic and everything. Which I would also control. Obviously.

Seriously though. My Expedia itinerary has a little “American Airlines” logo next to each flight, inbound and outbound. I called to see what it would cost me to change my flight so I’m leaving a few days later. Guess what AA told me?…………..I have an American FLIGHT, but a Delta TICKET. Aha, you say. Wait. No. That makes absolutely Zero sense. They tell me that to change my flight, I must call Delta. Who in turn tells me that I’m on an American flight, and I need to call American. And you can see where this is going.


I do not put up with this debauchery.

And I wont make you read about it either. Long story—>Short. I have changed my flight. I have two extra days at home, which means I have breathing time between driving home from Pasadena (for the ROSE BOWL GAME!! yup.), and flying 1400 miles to Baltimore. Sweet. Believe it or not, that makes it worth it.

Here’s where you come in. If I ever, Ever…..EVER…talk about buying a plane ticket from Expedia again, please reach your hands through this computer screen and wave them insanely until I stop. Please. Re-direct me to Southwest, where the employees are sane. Where they do logical things, like book your flights and put you on them in a timely fashion. Where there are rarely delays, and where they will gladly change your flight for an extra day at home. Only costing you the difference between the flights. Yes, you have to wait in line “A”, “B” or “C” to pick out your seat….I’m not so crazy about that concept (hmm…do they still do that?)…but what the F ever. I can deal.

Um. Anyway. I did get my extra two days, and I am pretty pumped about it.  So, thanks for that. I guess.



  1. That’s insane! I’m glad it worked out though.

    Comment by Megkathleen — December 9, 2008 @ 7:19 pm |Reply

  2. That is crazyness!

    Yea Southwest still does A,B, & C but if you check-in online 24 hours before your flight, usually always get A boarding!

    Comment by Erin — December 10, 2008 @ 8:50 pm |Reply

  3. While I admnit your story is horrible, I think I can match that.
    I’m currently on hold with Delta after speaking with 4 reps already. I bought an international round trip business class ticket from NY to Amman. I did not get onto the return flight from Amman to NY due to misinformation from Delta. I called Delta upon my return (had to pay at the airport to get onto another flight with another carrier)to make sure I was able to use this ticket in the future and was told I had a year from the return date in which to do so. Now i’m tryng to use that return portion for the same exact destination and I’m being told that that particular ticket has a “30 day stay” and I will now have to pay the full price. How outrageous is that?!?! I don’t care if I have to do 6 stops on another airline. I will NEVER FLY DELTA AGAIN. THEY SUCK!!

    Comment by Anique — January 23, 2009 @ 3:20 pm |Reply

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