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December 15, 2008

Citrus Delivery

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The roomie’s parents sent her a package today. Full of these little beauties!


A whoooole box full of Arizona citrus. I’ve never understood how an orange is more of a ‘winter’ fruit, because they just look so summer-y. Bright, and refreshing, and tropical looking. Right? Right. Yummmm.

“I think they named oranges before they named carrots.
‘what are these?’    ‘…..those are, oranges.’
‘what are these?’     ‘shit……Long pointies?!’  ”
demetri martin

I have four days left at the hospital, and then I’m done. Well, with that hospital. That’s a little weird to think about, it has been the bulk of the internship so far (10 weeks. whooaaa). I love who I work with, I love the work itself.  But, wow, it’s time for a break.  Saturday simply cannot come fast enough (countdown: 5 days!). So um, hurry up with that.

The weekend flew because I spent four hours driving to Pittsburgh on Saturday, and four hours driving back on Sunday.  Totally worth it. It felt normal to be there around Christmas, because that’s always the case. Emily is a saint and drives me to the airport at absolutely ridiculous hours of the morning, every year. It’s a running joke that I’ll buy her Starbucks for the drive. Because when we pass Starbucks, it’s not open yet. Um, oopssss.
Driving back here the next day, rather than be dropped off at the airport? Sucked. The only good part was that the Steelers beat the Ravens Sunday night. Thanks guys. Much appreciated!

I also have a box full of fresh oranges and a bowl full of Chex-Muddy Buddies (aka, Puppy Chow) sitting on my table. That helps too. 🙂


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