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December 29, 2008

Gone so fast

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So much has happened in a week! I feel like I’ve been home twice that long, and in two days we’re hittin’ the road en route to California. Oh, yesssss. Warm weather  (and football!!)  please.

It seems like the “blogosphere” gets put on hold during weeks like these (aka holidays). Rightfully so. I know I’ve taken a little break from the posting and the reading.  Catchin’ up with you people will just keep me busy during the 12+ hours that we’re driving across the West. And maybe even some good writing material. You never know what will happen during a family road trip, when all the “kids” find themselves in the back of a rented Van at the ages of 20-25. Could be interesting……

When we get home I have two days to unwind before I’m off again, back to internship-world. Why do the relaxing-at home-weeks to have to go by so fast???

I know most of you are back at work starting today, so, I should just shut my mouth.

Til tomorrow’…..when I try to figure out how to pack for 70º weather with my winter wardrobe.


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  1. I agree, my four day weekend felt like forever! Enjoy the family road trip! I’ve avoided them every summer after graduating college b/c they were just so LONG and trying on my patience. I now say thanks to a full time job, which maintains my constant excuse for why i can’t drive cross country with my mom, dad and little bro to nowheresville montana, idaho, wyoming, etc.

    Comment by Sassy — December 29, 2008 @ 1:29 am |Reply

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