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January 29, 2009

Homework in the kitchen

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Not my greatest idea. But, I just can’t do anymore work in my room. Distractions are inevitable either way, but there is not enough space on my desk. So, I usually just spread my stuff out on my bed. I prop up my pillows and sit with my lap-top lap-pad (aka, my thighs’ best friend. it takes away from the ridiculous lapt-top-bottom heat, ow ow).

Turns out that after a few hours of this, I’ve only finished about half the work I intended to do. The bed? Not the best place for home-work doing. I want to sleep, I want to curl up with my covers, I want to turn on my heater because it’s freezing in my room and then get frustrated because Whoa that air gets really hot, and I want to …… do anything except homework.

So, last weekend I tried something new. The last resort here will be actually leaving the apartment, but ugh, so much effort. Last weekend I relocated to the kitchen. There’s a nice dining table, the heater actually works out there, I can refill my coffee very quickly…….

Seriously,why did I not do this earlier?!

I will admit, I am much more productive out there. For whatever reason it’s not as exciting doing internet time-wasting things when I’m sitting at a table with my books and notes right within my reach (rather than spread all around my bed). But, somehow I let one little detail slip my mind…..

The Kitchen is holding all my snacky foods! They’re right there. So close. So easy to get to. Dangittttt.

It takes a little bit Lot of will-power to sit and work and not get up every 15 minutes for a ‘stretch’ and um, also grab a handful of this and that. And not set out the ice-cream to melt a little bit so I can go do more work and then enjoy the melted deliciousness in….another 15 minutes. Oh, man.

SO. I may have to get super creative, and find somewhere else to sit and write about nutrition and antibiotics and diet therapies. Or just accept the fact that apparently I have an upper-limit for productivity and avoiding distractions.

Yup. That’s cool too.


January 27, 2009

my top “5”

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Someone, or something (wasting money on rentals?!), finally convinced me to sign up for Netflix. Thank the lord.

Really, its just another means by which to waste a lot of time Internet-ing. I didn’t realize this at first. I had my “queue” of the recommended 6 movies. Just six! Then I added an extra one….and nothing happened. Seven! Um, then I added 50 more and nothing happened. Except that I now have a queue of 57+ movies.

This is such a concept! I can switch around the order whenever I want, keep the movie as long as I want (but how selfish of me, there are 57 waiting for me!), and send myself whatever movie I want. Wow. Classics, new ones, stand-up comedy, concerts, TV shows, etc etc etc. I’m so in love.

There are movies that I see once and that is more than enough, and there are movies that I could watch over and over and over (and Over), quoting every line to you (but I Won’t, chill out) and expecting every song and dramatic event. Searching through this Never-Ending movie data base is way too much fun. I realized that I could never ever come up with just a “Top 5” of my favorites.

But! Here is my attempt (not In Order, because….I don’t have the patience for that kind of analyzing….)…

1. Burn After Reading (love love love. seen it about 6 times already)

2. You’ve Got Mail (I can’t ever explain why I love this movie. I Just Do.)

3. The Big Lebowski ( F-ing hilarious)

4. Mean Girls ( words cannot do justice )

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

6. Friends with Money (dysfunctional people.)

7. Father of the Bride (I and II)

8. Save the Last Dance

9. Bridget Jones (why is there not a third one yet?!!)

10. The Devil Wears Prada (I want those clothes!!)

11. Catch me if you Can

12. Pretty Woman

13. Spider Man (not a Huge comic-book character movie person, but….Love #1)

14. All the “Oceans” :11, 12 and 13 (hottttt)

…ooooh this could just keep going. I’m actually kind of proud that I stopped at 14. I definitely left out a chick-flick or two (….or 20). I can’t watch the “dramatic” movies over and over, so some of them didn’t make the cut. Sorryyyy.

Anyway! Feel free to add on to the list. Whats in your top ‘5’ ??! I’m very open to expanding my NF-Queue.

If nothing else, I get mail! Oh, and entertainment for my weekend nights in, $$-friendly. 😉 Yesss.

January 25, 2009

Let’s talk about: Midol

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Are there guys who read this blog? I don’t know. You may or may not have input into this discussion, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Every Single Day somebody gets to this little blog by typing in a Google search about Midol. EVERY DAY. Yes, I wrote about it once….not too long ago. I love the stuff. Really, I do. Which is the problem. I have to keep my distance because there’s something in there that does not agree with me. I always get sick, there is no avoiding it (not even with the generic kind. I’ve tried. More than once).

So, I put it out there for you readers. And came to realize, I’m certainly not the only one that wonders about that magic little pill. Take a look at these searches (again. every day. seriously, it’s a little ridiculous)……

midol and coke” ……Uhhh what!? Do you mean Coke, like “coca cola”?? Please say yes. But also, please have a Really high tolerance for caffeine! Otherwise you might want to look into a sleeping pill. Although, that’s probably not a good combo either. I’m at a loss.

can you get high off of midol“…..I hope not. They’ll take it off the market. That can’t happen.

midol makes me feel weird“……Amen!! Gah. I hear ya. And if this isn’t a good weird, I have no advice for you. Because, like I said, I always get sick. But uh, sometimes I take it anyway. I’m not condoning this!! Just sayin.

midol and a hangover“…..Hm. You might just want to go with a cup of coffee on this one. Like, a big one? Brew it extra strong? Or maybe Midol gave you a hangover? Ew….ya got me on that one.

And they are basically all some version of any of the above. And I’m sure there is much more to say about it.

If you have any advice/input for these folks, personal experience/preference, etc……throw it out there!

January 20, 2009

keep in touch

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I have two dates this week.

An old friend, and a new friend.

Friend #1? I’ve known since freshman year of college, basically since Day 1. She graduated early, moved to MD in February. I’ve lived here for 5 months, and have not seen her once. Um, I suck.

In fact, we haven’t even had a conversation since October, when we had planned a potential Christmas Shopping adventure. Clearly, this didn’t happen. Instead I spent my weekends traveling and doing homework and……renting movies? Gah. She works six days a week, is married, and lives an hour away. But! No excuses!

We have finally decided on dinner this Saturday, and I. Can’t. Wait. Let’s ignore the fact that I shouldn’t exactly be planning dinner dates, since the budget is forever tight. Because this? Is much needed.

Friend #2? Also lives in the area, and is also about an hour away (thanks traffic). Haven’t seen him since October, also for No. Good. Reason. I only know him because he stayed in our PSU apt twice with other friends of friends for the spring football weekend. Confusing, yes. But thats the shortest way to put it. Anywayyy. This week the Roomie and I are working close to where he lives, so we’ve decided to meet up tomorrow. Not sure what the plan is, early drinks? early dinner? early um, sit and chat? Who knows. We’ll see!

Usually our week-days and weekends are pretty uneventful around here. We’re tired from ‘work’ or ‘class’, or both. IT’s not technically a job, so we still have things to do when we get home. And when Friday rolls around? We usually keep things $-friendly, which doesn’t usually include bars/restaurants/going out. Every now and then we have a visitor and ‘go-all-out’. And every now and then I remember that, Yes, I do know a good amount of people in this area. But never actually see them.

Gotta switch it up over here. Trying to keep in touch.

Hmmmm, on a completely unrelated note…..I just realized there are a lot of bloggers in this MD-DC area. I know, because I read a few.

Blogger meet up???

Think about it.

January 19, 2009

from my couch

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No lab coats this week! Instead, we’ve been re-located to an elementary school for the next four days. Which, thanks to DC-proximity and um, that one thing thats happening tomorrow……we have the day off. YESSSSSS.

I e-mailed my Senator about two months ago, and did not receive tickets. Surpriiiiise. Sooo…I also called his DC office this morning, and was put on a wait-list for the “extra” (unclaimed) tickets. Also did not receive those. Humph.

SO. Instead. The roomie and I will spend our morning on Our couch, watching all the crazy coverage, admiring all the crazy people that somehow made it there, and loving the fact that we’re witnessing HISTORY. That’s crazy.

We weren’t off today, like most of the rest of you. But I’ll take the trade for tomorrow gladly.

I’m exciiiiited.  Happy Inauguration day!!!

January 18, 2009

the End of the Streak

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It had been 3 years since this happened. I saw him sitting in the median as we passed; lights off, on the lookout.  I knew he would come for me.


I may not have the best driving record…..but! in my defense, there was Cop  that specifically targeted high school students when I first got my license. I was quickly pulled over twice before learning my lesson; don’t speed on the way home from school. Got it.

Then I went to Florida for a semester, and worked at the Happiest Place on Earth. Who gets pulled over, driving to their first day of work in Disney World?!?! Oh, that would be me. Not to worry, even the cops are Happy there (no, they aren’t Disney cops). He was nice and warned me, “We’re out here a lot. It’s easy to speed on these roads.” Yes, yes. Very true.  It’s certainly not fun to be stopped on your way to work. Especially on your way to make some Magical moments.  I had to set my cruise control every day, just to be safe.

That was three years ago, and the last time I had any encounter of the sort. Until last night.

No big drama or mug shot or anything like that. I was going about 15 over on a highway at 1:30 in the morning, being the beloved DD for my buddies. The cop was basically hiding in the grass, as usual. But he was super nice, even telling us “Ladies” to “roll up the window and try to stay warm”. Okayyyy. Will Do. He was thoroughly confused by my NM license, the TX license plate (driving Roomie’s car), and the fact that for some reason we were between Annapolis and Baltimore. Short explanation, “Well, we’re Grad students.”. Ooooh.

I was lucky and got off-the-hook, but wow I forgot how much that experience freaks me out. Here’s to driving safely and right on the speed limit.

January 14, 2009

File that under “S”, for Stupid

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Monday night, I got my credit card out to pay a bill online. I left it on my desk.

Tonight, after weeks days of having it on my “to-do” list, I took a load of clothes to the Dry cleaners. We’re talkin huge steps here people. I’ve only done this once before, and it was for a Bridesmaid dress (um, sort of a ‘must’ do). So, I folded the pile neatly and got all kinds of excited that my clothes would be properly taken care of. Yessss.

I went to grab said credit card, and it was nowhere to be found. Last I knew, it was sitting right where I had left it. In fact, I even remembered thinking “I should put that back, soon. Maybe tomorrow….”. But I went ahead and let it sit. Or so I thought….

Where can a credit card wonder off to?!? It was RIGHT HERE on my desk. And now it’s not! Oh, this can’t be good. It must be floating around in my room. Not in my purse, not in my wallet, not on my desk, not in my desk, not around my desk, not under my desk……

The roomie recruited herself to help me. Here we are, tearing around my room, thinking it must be one of “those things”. I’m searching forever and it’s right in front of my face, but the roomie? She’ll see it right away.
And be like…A ha!

About half an hour later we still have no card. No explanation for where the hell it could be, and feeling quite dumb. Obviously I knew I should check my online statement. Because, obviously, somebody who walked into our apartment would steal nothing but my little card. Right? Ummmm….right.

Only to find out that my online account-user name “has been locked”. Uh, WHAT?! This looks shady. I certainly didn’t lock it. I know my password, I know my username, I just looked at it last week. Not good Not good Not good. I did what we would all do; called the company, explained that my card was lost (they asked like two questions and didn’t seem at all concerned. Awesome.) and was informed that it has not been used in the last two days. WHEW. Card cancelled, new card ordered and shipped. Thankssss.

Two hours later……

I’m sitting on my bed, laptop in my lap, doing homework. I look over to grab my water from my night-stand, and glance over at my little stack of books. Something is peeking out of the one I just started, about ten pages in. Usually my bookmarks are airline ticket-stubs, because usually I’m reading while I’m traveling. I pulled it out to see which one I had stuck in there.

Hm, guess what? It wasn’t a ticket stub.

It was my freaking credit card.

Monday night, after paying bills online, and blogging, and checking e-mail, and blah blah blah….I actually read about 5 pages in my book. For whatever CRAZY reason, I used the card sitting on my desk to mark my place. Why would I do this?! Nobody knows. Not even me, apparently, because I completely forgot about it.

Ahhhh. Now I’ll have two of them. Honestly, I”d put money on the fact that I’ll go to use the “lost” one only to be told “Um, Ma’am, that card was cancelled.” Really. It will happen. Hopefully only once, but it will happen.

Just go ahead and file that one under S…..for Stupid.
Lesson learned: don’t use your money (in any form) for a bookmark.

January 13, 2009

Not a lover….yet

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Jack drove down to visit last week, and spoiled me by showing up on Wednesday.

We had a lot of fun, as usual, just doin the ‘normal’ things. Because they’re things that we don’t always get to do.

A Long distance relationship makes grocery shopping together ‘fun’. How ’bout that.

Saturday we went out to dinner. I’m still not really sure what restaurants are in the are, because Hi I have no extra spending $, so when I do spend, it’s usually on drinks/bars/traveling. Food? I can make that myself.

Anyway. There’s this place really close to our apt that has been recommended by 3 separate people. None of whom live even within 20 minutes of me, sooo I’m thinkin’ it must be good. Italian always makes for a good date right? Yesss.

I’m not a wine – lover. I want to be. It seems classy. When somebody has a “glass of wine” before (or with) dinner they look sophisticated. When I order a Vodka-tonic before dinner, I feel like I’m 22.  This place didn’t give me much of a choice though. Beer of wine, what will it be? Beer with bread and pasta  just seems like I’m just asking to be bloated all night. Ehhhh. Ew. So……Red wine? Gah. Sure.


To the first time I’ve ever ordered wine with dinner.
To the first time I’ve finished a glass of wine, on my own.
To the first time I haven’t made a face after the last few sips.
Aaaand, to the first time I actually got a little wine-buzz. Yessssss.

Date was a success! I’m still not a Wine-o, or even close. But hey, baby steps. I’m getting there.

January 12, 2009

oh, I wish

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*that the weather of this crazy city wouldn’t tease me with 45 degrees, only to throw a cruel 23 at us on Friday. Reallyy?

*that it wasn’t winter at all. anymore.

*that the time is at least two months from now, and we have a little bit more figured out. about us. about what’s in store.

*that I didn’t have to worry about money spent for cover, drinks, tips, and parking just for a night out. Geeeze.

*that I could start looking for jobs. Now.

*that there were more Holiday-Oreos in the box. they um, disappeared, so quickly. yum.

*that I didn’t have 3 books on my night-stand. All started, all unfinished, all interesting, and all waiting.

*that it wasn’t going to be ridiculously hard to get to the Inauguration. I just want to see some history! And I suppose so do about 3 million other people. Allll at the same time. Crazy.

*that magically I could run the 13.1 miles, without the training, but with the satisfaction. Just a few 4-5 miles runs every week would be sufficient. maybe a long run or two, just for kicks.

*that “People” magazine would just magically showed up in my mailbox. Yum.

….accompanied by Glamour. And InStyle. And Vogue. Thanksss.

*that my music could just put itself into iTunes. and then make a few fabulous playlists.

*that the Drycleaner people could just come pick up my clothes, and bring them back for me.

*that the Steelers make it to the Superbowl! Aaand, it’s not too far off……yes yes yes.

*that it was Friday. Obviously.

hey, I survived Monday. So a girl can wish, right? RIGHT.


January 8, 2009

Behind the times?

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I’m at a new hospital for the next two weeks. Yesterday, I asked one of my new co-workers if he knew where the Charm City Cakes store is. Have you seen Ace of Cakes?! I looked it up online and you can’t go inside the bakery, but I’m not deterred. I still want a picture of Duff and his crazy store!

Anyway. This led to a Google-maps search, which led to the discovery that it’s a short 30 min. drive from the apt (even shorter from the hospital….afternoon field trip!? ). Then he goes, “Click on the google-man, and we can see what it looks like.”

And I go….”Um, what??”

Did you know about this??!! You can see an actual image of any place you search!! AND you can look around!

Obviously the next thing I did was look up my house, thinking there’s NO WAY that some little town in NM was part of this massive project (and by massive, I mean probably some satellite floating around up in space) that allows us to see Anywhere in the US. Well, guess what I saw? My house! My mom and sister’s cars hangin out in the front. Joined by one her friend’s car. And green trees. And our neighbors house. And the park we can see from our deck.

This is CRAZY. And a really fun!! But, a little creepy.

Some of the pictures from downtown Baltimore had actual people in them. Like they just happened to be chillin on the day this satellite just started shootin pictures all over the place. Can you imagine searching somewhere and seeing yourself there on the screen, completely oblivious to the fact that – in a way – you’re being watched?? Yah. Creepy right? Right.

Anyway. At the end of the day I had to tell the Roomie about my amazing discovery and she was all like “You didn’t know about that??” and I’m like – Damn, I’m behind the times.

So if you guys know about this, how long has it been there?? I use Google maps All The Time and never even noticed that little dude on the side! If you didn’t know about this, you’re about to go waste an hour of your time messing around with it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

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