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February 2, 2009

A dose of Sweeet Mexico

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It’s a constant fake-battle between my Sister and I; the Southwest vs the East coast. Obviously I live in the latter, now. And most of the time when I get carded in a bar, or tell somebody where I’m “from”….I get some crazy reaction and/or an expression that reads; “How did you get here?!”. Or, “How do you speak English so well?!” Uh, yah.

So. The battle. She usually wins, especially around this time of the year. I’m up against sunny day after sunny day, and high-temps around 70. Plus, she has authentic Mexican food that’s served with fresh green chile. I mean, really?! I don’t even try.

Three years ago (living in FL), during a random dinner trip with LB, we wandered over to EPCOT Mexico. They have this amazing fake-Mercado, that sells all the fun “authentic” mercado type things. You know – somebreros, ceramics, tequila, chips, salsa. Yup, just like the real Mexican mercados. Well, guess what else they had?! These delicious little peanut-sugar candies, for like $0.25 a piece. I don’t pass up candy for a quarter. I just don’t.


I was addicted. I love them. They’re the perfect size and they crumble and they taste like peanuts and sugar. Because, that’s all they are. Ah, the simple things! As soon as I headed home for the summer, I discovered that they actually sell these in the Old Mexico, and the NEW Mexico. YES!!!!!

This means three things; I constantly ask the Sis to send me packages of them, I stock up on them when I can (i.e. about twice a year), and it’s one more thing she adds to the list of “Why Heather should move back”.

And when she brings this into the mix, I’m like “Okay, you win.”


The Roomie and I were out and about, and passed a Mexican Market squeezed in between Verizon Wireless and some old Barber Shop. Obviously, I had to go in. What if they had THE candies?! Chances were slim. But! I had to check.

I obviously wouldn’t be telling you this story in the excited fashion that I am (caps-n-all) if it ended badly. THEY HAD THE CANDY! And I was in heaven. I texted the Sis (in all caps) immediately and she was equally Shocked. I freakin stocked up on those little things and the woman at the counter was excited like I was the first purchasing customer of the whole day. Which made me feel a little guilty, because I was buying 25-cent candy. Oh well. I’ll be back!

Now our candy-corner in the kitchen is swarming with my favorite Sweet Mexican treat. Love.



  1. What is the name of these little treats? Austin has this mexican mart called Fiesta and other random places because it is Texas… I wonder if they sell them?

    Comment by Erin — February 4, 2009 @ 11:30 am |Reply

  2. […] The other random lovelies? A cute little dish-towel, the Perfect Gift-card, and THOSE candies!! […]

    Pingback by package « this is me now — February 12, 2009 @ 10:12 pm |Reply

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