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March 6, 2009

Adventures with the hot-doggers, Round 2!

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Almost three weeks later, they’re still here!


Turns out that in the process of being re-located (ah, the life of the Weinermobile)- Annapolis, MD → McLean, VA – they are just about the same distance away (actually a little closer), in a different direction. This area continues to amaze me. So, in the meantime, the adventures have continued.

As you can read about below, DUFF (from Ace of Cakes!) called LB and was all for the Weinermobile making an appearance at the famous Cake Shop. This rendezvous was all set for Monday at Noon. WELL. Let’s just say, I spoke too soon. Rather than continuing the pattern towards warmer weather and hopes of Spring, the Maryland sky decided against our little date. Instead, it dumped 8 f-ing inches of SNOW all over the state on Sunday night. Subsequently, I didn’t give my scheduled presentation Monday morning, the 27-foot hot dog car couldn’t make it out of Annapolis, and even my “work” day was cancelled. Whaaaat?! It snows like twice this entire winter. Where did this come from?! Nobody knows. Gah.

Uh. Anyway.

After rescheduling 3 times (whoa, those bakers are busyyyy), it ended up that I couldn’t make it. Instead I was sitting in a Maryland State Senate meeting listening to debates. Random? Yup. But LB and AA had a greeeeat time, and I think you will enjoy these pics!

ccc.weinermobileCharm City Cakes and BIG BUNNN.

hotdogcakeLB: Master Hot-dog cake maker!!! Aaaand, next addition to the CC-Cakes team?
Love that cake.

They’re Awesome and did get me a little card signed by Duff, and provided tons of pictures. They Also captured the famous peeps on camera: Weinermobile Chats with Ace of Cakes
Check. It. Out.

Other adventures? Look and see.

bowlingMe: Lowest score x 2 games in a row. Yea. I gots skilllllz.

Before the party, it’s the hotel lobbyyy. Or bar.

meandLB.Just Love. Another night in the cittyyyyy.

Now, I get to hang with these people for at least one more weekend before they jet-set to their next destination. See ya when normal-life resumes!


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  1. Awesome photos! Glad we got to ketchup!

    Comment by Wienermobile — March 9, 2009 @ 4:22 pm |Reply

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