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March 15, 2009

simple Love

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Lately, I’ve been excited by a lot of little things.

I love.

.doing nothing for an entire Saturday afternoon. Movies, magazines, and the couch – are all equally good dates.

.running 11 miles on Sunday morning, and enjoying it.

.putting away my laundry while I laugh on the phone with my baby Sis.

.knowing that there’s probably only one other person who finds the word “Tachos” (tator tots with cheese! according to FL residents, apparently!?!!) as freakin HILARIOUS as I do. the baby Sis.

.receiving and reading a free People magazine every week (x 3 months)! Thanks to the fact that I signed up for a race. Awesome.

.being done with our big Food Service project, and crossing it off the List. Yessssss!

.getting that text from my very best friend, and getting reallyyyy excited for the wedding.

.knowing Friday is the first day of Spring. Oh, I’ve been waiting.

.talking to my Mom on the phone while buying wine; her expertise is much needed.

.knowing that I’ll be getting Reese’s PB Easter Eggs in the mail soon!

.sitting down to play the Piano, and having the songs come right back to me.

.finding my Puma sneakers in the miscellaneous closet-shoe-box.

.looking at the weather forecast for this week, which includes nothing under 53 degrees. Helloooooo Spring.

.sleeping, while wrapped up in fresh-out-of-the-drier Flannel sheets.


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