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March 22, 2009

A Song for the Piano Girl

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I think of it as a “hobby”, not a talent or a skill, just something I am able to do and love to do.

I learned what I could through two wonderful teachers, on and off for about 10 years. My first teacher was Fun, and she set the tone. Playing would always be something I associated with enjoyment. My second teacher pushed me. As a high-school student, she knew our “time” was limited, my attitude was a little up-and-down (ehh),and she took advantage of that! She filled in some gaps, and probably taught me almost too much in 2 years. Not that I’d change any of it. I have her to Thank for what I can do today.

I’ve spent six weeks walking into a lobby with a big black Grand Piano. A grand piano is to a pianist what a shoe sale at Manolo Blahnik is to Carrie. I’m just drawn to it. I marvel at it’s perfect craftsmanship, the way it shines, the way I just want it. After about two weeks I sent my Mom a text: “Could you send me some of my music? 🙂 ”

The only time I ever play anymore is at home. Christmas break, over the summer, here and there. My siblings are good sports, considering I’ve been playing the same songs for about 5 years now. I can look at new music and teach it to myself, but….that takes patience and practice. Sometimes I go for it. But most of the time, I’m like ‘Hey I’m only home for 2 weeks, where’s that book from 5th grade?! Thats a good one”. And it’s right back to the classics.

Anyway. My point is that all of my music is at home, and usually stays there. But now? I wanted it here, with me. I want to sit down on that shiny black bench and play that Grand and hear it’s gorgeous sound. And my Mom is awesome, so she mailed me what we’ll call “Round 1”. A book from high school (aka the “harder” stuff) and two other songs. When I got that package in the mail I was so damn excited. I took the music the next day, and left for work a little bit earlier so I could play.

It took me a few minutes to warm up my fingers and my Brain, getting back in the grooooove. But once I did? It felt so good to just play. After a few morning sessions and a few improvising, I even retracted some of my faaaves from memory and could bust them out. Love.

I asked for the rest of the music that I usually play, and my Mom sent Round-2. It got here Saturday; my last day at this “work” was Friday. But, I knew the package was coming and pretty much told my managers “I’ll be back! I want to play that piano!”, and they were just fine with it. Which worked out well because I would’ve come anyway.

That I did. Sunday afternoon I drove back, a little hesitantly. It’s one thing to be “working” and just sit down for a few minutes. It’s another thing to just show up, in my normal clothing, and take up the Piano in the lounge for an hour or two. What if someone else wanted to play? What if someone was reading and they didn’t want to be distracted? What if they’re like why does this girl keep playing that thing?!!!!. Ehhhhh.

Luckily, the retired Residents were very accomodating, as usual. For about an hour I was generally left alone, with an occasional smile, a few “claps” in passing, and a visit from one of my managers to come say Hey. But around 4, when the dinner crowd starts to gather, I had an ‘audience’. Normally I get really nervous playing in front of people, but since I knew they weren’t exactly there just because I was, I just kept going and stayed collected. Honestly, I could sit at that piano for hoursss, going on and on, and be completely content. But, I only have so many songs, and I’m sure people only want to hear that thing for so long (they’re reallyyyy loud).

When I got up to leave, someone stopped me and started the interrogation. Whats your name?? Do you work here?? Are you always here on Sundays?? Why did you stop? Will you be here next Sunday?

Yup. I have intentions of going back, because just that little taste isn’t enough. This is a hobby. And without really thinking I said ‘Sure! I”ll probably be back next weekend if I can.” She pulled out her planner and asked what time, to pencil me in. Uh, whoa. I’m scheduled, apparently.

Anyway. I’ve rambled. I just love that I have outlets. Running is easy and I can do it anywhere and I will always love it. Playing the piano? I can’t always do that, because you don’t just see those things lying around. Now that I have it there, I’ll be playing it.



  1. That’s great! I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I played flute and sax in middle and high school, but piano is something you can take with you wherever you go.

    Comment by Sassy Molassy — March 23, 2009 @ 4:09 pm |Reply

  2. I’ve got a piano in my apartment that I barely play. But any time I go somewhere with a baby grand or grand piano, I can’t help but spend hours playing. It just makes all of the difference.

    Comment by Playful Professional — March 23, 2009 @ 10:29 pm |Reply

  3. May I give Sharon the link to your blog as I know she would truly love to read Piano Girl, just let me know and push yourself to learn the difficult pieces, you will be glad you did.

    Love, Mom

    Comment by Mom — April 1, 2009 @ 9:12 pm |Reply

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