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March 30, 2009


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When I travel, I almost always leave something behind. It’s inevitable, and also a little ridiculous.

Last time I visited Em’s casa I left my faaavorite pair of pajama shorts and soft-long sleeve t-shirt. She had them folded and ready for me to put right into my bag on Friday. That’s Love.

This time? I thought I did really well, looking through my bag and making sure everything I had scattered around her room in the last 48 hours was back in place. Thinking I did pretty good, I hit the road to beat the storm that was taking over Pittsburgh.

Hours later I pulled into my apartment and got a text “….and you left your mascara here!” along with an offer to mail it to me! That is also love. But, truth be told, I always hang onto mascara wayyy too long and needed to buy some new stuff anyway. Plus, it’s an excuse to go to Target…as if I ever need one.

Sunday night my mascara was replenished and I had finally unpacked my bag. I stuffed the emptiness under my bed, happy that everything that left came back.

Monday morning shower thought – “Oh, except my loofah. DANGIT! ”

After work today I made a list and walked over to the grocery store for a few things Target can’t give me (i.e. produce). Included on that short little list was the missing loofah. Not included in the bag of things I came back with and put away?? THAT STUPID LOOFAH.

What is the point of making a List that I don’t even look at while I’m wandering around in the store?? Why do they put up so many signs and displays that distract me and make me want to veer from the list?! Why do FUZE drinks cost so much but taste soooo good ??? Why don’t they sell Wine in the grocery stores here ??!

I have no answers. And no loofah.


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  1. But Target can give you produce have you not been to a “Super Target” there is one about 2 miles from my place, full produce, deli everything and it even has a starbucks in it…if that food stand with the delicious smelling popcorn wasn’t enough…I could wander around that place for hours!

    Comment by Erin — April 1, 2009 @ 5:48 pm |Reply

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