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April 28, 2009

closet accumulations

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I have very few items of “work” clothing that match this 90 degree weather. This includes both tops and bottoms. The thought of wearing black pants right now seems equivalent to a sunburn. Hot hot hotttt.

After some debating, I  settled on grey pants and a black-almost sleeveless-shirt which I’ve never worn before. It was purchased last fall from the Target clearance rack (aka my never-ending love affair), and the tag was still on it. When did I become the person who has things in the closet with the tag still on???! This is a sign of too many closet items, right? Uh Ohhh.

I remember growing up my Mom had a friend with SO MANY THINGS in her closet (i.e. perhaps a little shopping problem). Freshman year of highschool I needed some shoes for some sort of event where I was to look “professional” (really?? Can’t remember exactly what this was for.). Our feet were/are about the same size, so she basically extended an open invitation to browse through her (huge, walk in, FULL) closet and see if I wanted to borrow any of hers.


Sure, I’ll come have a look.

As a young 15 year old I clearly had no clue what it meant to really SHOP (people don’t just buy clothes for school,summer and soccer? what?), and was completely Floored when I looked inside that closet. There were shoes everywhere, racks literally Stuffed with clothing, more belts than I had ever seen in my life, and… tags hanging off of items left and right.

The latter baffled me to no end.

In my experiences, I bought something because I HAD TO HAVE IT, and probably wore it within the next week after it had gone through the laundry. Why would you buy something and wait to wear it?!? Didn’t you want it so badly that you just had to put it on and flaunt your new find?! And also, why buy something if you Couldn’t wear it yet or didn’t Need it??


Anyway. I found some shoes, loved the fact that I was wearing “grown up heels”, and was probably never the same after that closet-shopping experience/discovery.

Now, I’m pulling out items from Target that I’ve owned for 6+ months, never worn, and completely love. I also have two dresses that I bought over the summer and haven’t worn yet (but can’t wait to wear!), and pairs of heels that have only graced my feet once or twice (must be preserved. love.them.).

…..where or where did that 15 year old philosophy disappear to?


April 26, 2009

Covered in Pollen

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Spring is, quite literally, in the air.

My car was completely covered in yellow pollen today, and the temperatures were around 90 allllll weekend. Whoa.

Every weekend this month has been spent visiting a friend or with a visitor. In other words, I’m completely baffled that it’s almost May, pumped that the Fam will be here in about one month, and beyond excited that two months from TODAY I’ll be done with the internship.

Oh, happy dayyyy.

I’m suddenly very interested in cooking for myself. No frozen meals this week!! Usually I allow myself  just one, because there’s at least one night where I just don’t feel like making something. A sudden desire to use the stove and oven does Not coincide nicely with stifling heat and no AC.

But! I’m determined to use the 2 lbs of chicken I bought last week (on sale like whoooa!), the extra shredded cheddar I have from breakfast burritos, and the random things in my pantry. For the first time in quite a while, my grocery list was well planned out to provide actual Meals – not just the random weekly necessities. I’m very proud of this accomplishment.

On the menu for this week, a la Kraft Magazine (my first Foodie looove):

Easy Tomato Baked Chicken
(found here –> KRAFT Foods!)

I’ll admit it doesn’t look extremely appetizing, but its “Easy!”, uses a lot of ingredients I already had (also Easy!), and it’s a “Healthy Living” recipe. Yes yes and yessss!

Cheddar, Chicken and Rice Skillet
also found at KRAFT)

This one stood out because it uses Cheddar, and I need to get rid of some Cheddar! I’m not a big cheese person, so it’s very likely that the shredded stuff will sit in my fridge for the next month and I’ll wonder what to do with it. I’d probably make a quesadilla here and there. But I know it has more potential, sooo, I’m goin’ all out. Again, this is a “healthy living” recipe that incorporated many things I already had. Budget and nutrition, good stuff!

April 21, 2009

Just stay Classy, Happy Valley

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I try to keep things classy at all times.

Except when I’m lounging in my sweats or running clothes, or at the gym. Yes, those are exceptions.

How do I exude class?

I avoid outfits where the inside-my-head-reaction to somebody else in the same clothes would be “Omg – not cute”. I have realized in the last 5 years (hello, East coast weather) that tank tops are not Always the way to go and sometimes open-toed shoes look ridiculous. Just sayin’. And hey – if it’s nice outside – do what ya do.

I also aim for the “don’t chug….. Sip” idea. I’m not guaranteeing anything here…..but! it’s not classy to be carried home, blacked out and/or puking on the way. Ew. Thankfully I’ve avoided (most of) that, but a chug has made it’s way in here and there. Just bein’ honest.

Last, but of certain importance, keep the dance floor friendly. You know what I mean.

These are three simple ‘rules’, right?

Happy Valley, sometimes you add too much into the mixxxxx.

Friday night may have included an extra pitcher (or two) of Bacardi & Diet that we certainly didn’t “need”. But it also included a goooorgeous 50 degrees and seats on the patio, people watching, and chattin’ it up. Love.

Saturday night…..

Might have been a few $1 drink specials, which might have been preceded with a cup or two from the Keg (apartment parties?? when was the last time you did That? yup.). I took the Roomie to a club we Frequented (that could be an understatement) as classy PSU seniors. By “we” I mean my college Roomies. Ah, I miss them.

It was surpringly slow until around midnight, which I attributed to all those craaazy day-drinkers who probably had a little too much fun during the Springy afternoon. Who knows! But my girl that we were visiting had to work and didn’t meet up with us til around midnight anyway. Worked out pretty well.

Let’s just say – it got crowded and hotttt (really, sweating. not attractive) very quickly! Suddenly being up and dancing (i.e. actually moving!) makes those $1 sips go right to the head. Whew.

Let’s also just say that some randoms were breaking up the girl-circle. Which is cool, but keep it classy, right? Ehhhh.

Out of nowheeeere one homeboy went IN for the kill (by kill, I clearly mean lips). NO NO NO. This is not okay!

Now. Let me just say – that will quickly sober you up, and feel very Un-classy. Gross.

We got lucky – “Last call!” announcement promptly followed this, which signaled us “Time to Peeeeace”.

He goes, “Oh, you’re heading out?”

I go, “haha! …Uh. YEA.”

Gotta stay classy, random dude.

April 19, 2009

my first love on the East coast

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A very successful road trip back to Happy Valley over the weekend left me with lots of pictures and an ever growing appreciation for that University in the middle of nowhere, PA.

Not to mention a new hair style, fewer dollas in the bank, and some new unnecessary fun purchases from the Bookstore. Yes, I got the magnet for my dad. And yes, I bought myself one too. I’m contemplating putting a sticky note on my dashboard “washing the car? TAKE OFF THE MAGNET”.  I think it would be effective. And that little Lion’s paw looks so cute, definitely worth it!

Walking around campus I was armed and ready with my camera and flat shoes. It’s absolutely gorgeous, as the trees are working towards Green again and flowers are in full bloom everywhere you look. This lovely campus is, by far, the very first reason I fell in love with the East coast……



An afternoon of wandering around and snappin’ pics ended at the Tap Room above. Sit at a table near the open end (floor-to-ceiling window thats open during the “nicer” days), sip a few beers during the afternoon sunshine, people watch, and take it all in. Looooove.

I’ll save a “real” post about the weekend, in all its classiness and alumni-styyyyle, for another night – when I’m functioning off of more than 5 hours of sleep and road-trip-lag!

April 16, 2009

Because Dad needs a new car magnet

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Yup, there’s another road trip on the agenda! I realized this is the last “free” weekend for at least a month, and I realized it’s been WAY too long since I’ve been back to Penn State. This happened to be a great combination.

Destination: Happy Valley!

The weather could not be more cooperative, which means I have one thing planned – drinks at the Cafe. Immediately upon arrival, and after we battle the line that will no doubt have accumulated by 6 p.m.. Oh, also after I stop by the Lion Shrine and give it a little loooove. Ya know, priorities.

I lied, there’s one more thing planned. A visit to the famous Crush, for a little styyyylin’! Yes I’ve lived in MD for 8 months. Yes I still get my hair cut in State College. Because I Love it. And because, clearly, I don’t get my hair cut that often.

After I informed my Mom of our weekend plans, she texted me this;

“Will you get Dad a new PSU magnet for his car? his cracked thanks”.

Ha, can’t go without those car magnets!! I’m not allowed to own them (personal-rule) because I always forget to take it off before a car wash. That stupid water hose knocks them off with all it’s water power, and then weeks later I notice that I’m magnet-less and that I wasted yet another $5. Gah.

But the parents loooove ’em.

In other news, it turns out Michael Scott is quite the businessman! Thursday night TV and packing seems to have become my routine lately. Back to it!

April 15, 2009

Call me the ‘crafty’ one

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My sister and I have many many things in common.

We both quote movies like it’s our job. Once we start, all hope is lost. It’s an all out battle, and we laugh, and usually we’re the only ones who are amused. Last night? I get this text: “I’m watching Tarzan! hahaha” (she’s referring to the Disney version. um, ’cause it’s Awesome) and I said “Lol. “tarzan….ohiSee!”, and she said “Moooommm, are you sure this water’s sanitareeee, looks questionable to meeee”, and I fell asleep before that one, so she wins. Gah!

Seriously though, back in the day we watched that movie a lot. It’s pretty funny.

Then we have greeting cards! Great segue way, I know. She finds some pretty f-ing hysterical greeting cards. If something catches her eye, she’ll buy it and literally wait the entire year to send it on the Perfect occasion. It’s amazing. A quick example – I received this little beauty from her a few days ago:

Inside: "Somehow it seems a lot less creepy when Santa does it."

Inside: "Somehow it seems a lot less creepy when Santa does it."

Maybe it takes a certain sense of humor, or the right mood, but I Laughed. So hard.  And she wrote ” Haha! I could not resist this insanely creepy card!” Of course you couldn’t pretty, you have a gift!

Then there’s my kind of greeting card. I don’t buy them, I make them. Sometimes because I refuse to justify spending $4 on a card that says something kinda cheesy and/or weird and/or not really what I wanted to say anyway. Sometimes because I’m feelin crafty. Most of the time, because of both of those reasons!

So, tonight I had to make some ‘Thank You’ cards. They are much less creepy, and look like this:




This is what Wednesday night does to me. And I actually feel pretty productive.

April 14, 2009

only so many words

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I did a lot of talkin’ about ME on the other blog today, soooo, I’m keepin it short.

‘Cause some days, there’s only so much I have to talk about.

It was Day 1 on the new job; we’ll be here for 6 weeks. This is the last major rotation before I’m doooone with this internship thing. And it feels So good to say that.

The next 6 weeks will be more office-work, more Resource searching/reviewing, and more web site stuff.
Likes: writing, reading up on current Nutrition news/studies/etc, working with computers and learning more about different programs.
Dislikes: sitting for 8 hoursssss, no people-interaction (besides coworkers, obviously. we’re not Completely ignored as the ‘interns’), no medical jargon (sometimes I feel smart just throwin it around), and more sitting.

I like to be on the moooove and I like chattin’ it up with patients/people/clients/whateva! I just do.

Another road trip is in the works for this weekend, and I am SO SO SO excitedddd. Remember how I cleaned my car yesterday? It’s so proud of me, and lookin sexy. Seriously. It’s a hott car.

For TV tonight? I’m totally addicted to “Real Housewives NYC Season 2”. Did anyone see the article about LuAnn in People last week???! Ah, sad day.  And I’m also watching TBL (The Biggest Loser), because that’s what I do on Tuesdays!

And that’s life for right now.

April 13, 2009

an Un-Monday

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I have today off, which is proving to be much more wonderful than I anticipated.

No “monday” for this week? AWESOME.

Instead, I’ve kept myself busy with productivity. I cleaned out my car, vacuumed my car (this is a First people….), went grocery shopping, picked up pictures, stopped by the bank, aaaand worked on my Resume.. All before noon. Whew.

I’m tired now.

On Netflix I added “Slumdog Millionaire” to my queue (is that even an American word? I thought it was British? Definitely sounds British.). Then, on the next page it shows you “Movies like ____ ” whatever you just added.

What did Netflix list as “movies like Slumdog Millionaire” ?

“The Office -Season 1”, and “Juno”.

Really?? That’s a head-scratcher to me. Although, if there’s any truth to it, that’s a clear sign that I’ll LOVE the movie.

Speaking of movies, we went and saw “I love you, man” this weekend. My thoughts? Freakin hilarious. Nothin’ like a movie full of awkwardness and weird quotes (‘totallyyyy…..totes mcgotes’ …… ‘ See ya Pistol!’ – ‘See ya Joeban!’…’ Joeban? I don’t even know why I said that.’ ) to fill up your mind and your Saturday afternoon.  And it had awesome previews!! I love funny people.

Now I’m couch-sitting and deciding how to spend the rest of my afternoon. I really should’ve spread out this productiveness. Or…..maybe I should consider unpacking from the weekend?? Gah.

April 10, 2009

Surfin’ and Searchin’

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The computer screen is officially my daytime pal – as of the last three weeks and for at least the next six weeks. I’ve joined the ranks of ‘office-workers’; sitting, typing, staring…..all day. No patients, no kitchens, no walking around. Just. Here.

You’d think after 9 hours of this, I would have No interest in my lap-top at home. However. It turns out that I have developed some sort of TV-ADD; I can’t watch TV without having something else  to do. Now – isn’t the idea behind watching TV that you Have nothing else to do? Or that you’re actually interested in what you’re watching? Well, neither of those hold true to me. I usually have a lot of things I should be doing, and I’m usually Not interested in what I’m watching at all. But I hate sitting in my room, and if I’m on the couch – why not turn on the tuuube?

((There is one exception – Thursday night : The Office, and 30 Rock. Michael, Jim Halpert, Liz Lemon and crewww deserve All of my attention. And I’m sure they appreciate that.))

Anyway – what do I do allll day and night with this computer addiction of mine? I surf and search. All day. E’ry day. Well, I also read blogs, clearly.

So what gems have I found laying around these www pages lately? – Oh, this is some of the most entertainig Crap everrrrr. – Kinda like Twitter, except that I like it! Twitter? Really doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know why, it just does Not. So, as I sit here staring at this big ol’ screen throughout the day, I dump my random thoughts here instead. – has supplied me with multiple (cheap, cute) gems throughout the last few months. I Loooove it. I know this isn’t high-quality stuff that I’ll keep forever, but it satisfies my shopping itch for the time being! – Some days I just sit and wonder….what if I wanted to go [here] or [there] on this or that weekend??? Like last week, when I thought maaaybe I’d go home over this 3-day Easter weekend…..which is crazy ’cause it takes me almost an entire day just to Get there. But I had to look. It was pretty cheap, but not really worth it. Sometimes I plan imaginary trips for other people (i.e. my family) too. – I’m never bored if I’m on this website. I heart Kraft. –  I just love looking up how far places are from where I live. Road-trips, I love them. I also love to play around with that little picture guy, moving up and down the street. That thing is crazzyyy!

I’ve also been spending a Looot of time job-searching, apartment-searching, life-searchinggg. Ugh. That doesn’t go on the “fun” end of the spectrum.

Alright. It’s time to get back to the real work, and try to get my mind off of the countdown ‘ til the end of the day. I’m off to Philly for the weekend and I’m exciiiited!

April 9, 2009

Slowly making it through the week

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Thursday has made a vey commendable attempt to throw me off this morning. Normally, I’m so pumped that it means Good TV and almost-Friday that “thursday” is synonymous with “Greeeat Mood!”.  Today? I woke up wayyyy too early (4:12 a.m. to be exact), tried to work out (story over here), came back Exhausted, and decided to start my laundry.

What kind of morning is that?!?

Productive, sure. But wow, too much going on before it’s even light outside.

On another note – I’ve considered myself to be on this side of “crazy” since Monday. I had a great weekend, which was honestly spent mostly with myself, and was honestly just what I needed. It’s pretty rare that I’m alone,  and this year I’ve really come to appreciate time when it’s Just ME in my head. But the rest of the week has been……just a little crazy. Up and down; job searching and pondering and working and commuting and planning for the next weekend. A lot has gone on over the past few months, and I’m still working on patience. It’s definitely not my forte and probably never will be.

But! Today it’s gorgeous outside, and it’s Thursday. Plus, after I head outttta here tomorrow I’m hittin the road. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen this friend, lots of catching up to do.

Anyway! I’ll be spending my day researching a certain form of “Avian Influenza”. If that doesn’t excite you, join the club. I’ll be spending my evening with Jim Halpert and a glass of wine. If that doesn’t excite you, that disappoints me.

Alright. One last thing;

*Happy Birthdayyyy Dad!!* Love you, so much.

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