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April 9, 2009

Slowly making it through the week

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Thursday has made a vey commendable attempt to throw me off this morning. Normally, I’m so pumped that it means Good TV and almost-Friday that “thursday” is synonymous with “Greeeat Mood!”.  Today? I woke up wayyyy too early (4:12 a.m. to be exact), tried to work out (story over here), came back Exhausted, and decided to start my laundry.

What kind of morning is that?!?

Productive, sure. But wow, too much going on before it’s even light outside.

On another note – I’ve considered myself to be on this side of “crazy” since Monday. I had a great weekend, which was honestly spent mostly with myself, and was honestly just what I needed. It’s pretty rare that I’m alone,  and this year I’ve really come to appreciate time when it’s Just ME in my head. But the rest of the week has been……just a little crazy. Up and down; job searching and pondering and working and commuting and planning for the next weekend. A lot has gone on over the past few months, and I’m still working on patience. It’s definitely not my forte and probably never will be.

But! Today it’s gorgeous outside, and it’s Thursday. Plus, after I head outttta here tomorrow I’m hittin the road. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen this friend, lots of catching up to do.

Anyway! I’ll be spending my day researching a certain form of “Avian Influenza”. If that doesn’t excite you, join the club. I’ll be spending my evening with Jim Halpert and a glass of wine. If that doesn’t excite you, that disappoints me.

Alright. One last thing;

*Happy Birthdayyyy Dad!!* Love you, so much.


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