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April 10, 2009

Surfin’ and Searchin’

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The computer screen is officially my daytime pal – as of the last three weeks and for at least the next six weeks. I’ve joined the ranks of ‘office-workers’; sitting, typing, staring…..all day. No patients, no kitchens, no walking around. Just. Here.

You’d think after 9 hours of this, I would have No interest in my lap-top at home. However. It turns out that I have developed some sort of TV-ADD; I can’t watch TV without having something else  to do. Now – isn’t the idea behind watching TV that you Have nothing else to do? Or that you’re actually interested in what you’re watching? Well, neither of those hold true to me. I usually have a lot of things I should be doing, and I’m usually Not interested in what I’m watching at all. But I hate sitting in my room, and if I’m on the couch – why not turn on the tuuube?

((There is one exception – Thursday night : The Office, and 30 Rock. Michael, Jim Halpert, Liz Lemon and crewww deserve All of my attention. And I’m sure they appreciate that.))

Anyway – what do I do allll day and night with this computer addiction of mine? I surf and search. All day. E’ry day. Well, I also read blogs, clearly.

So what gems have I found laying around these www pages lately? – Oh, this is some of the most entertainig Crap everrrrr. – Kinda like Twitter, except that I like it! Twitter? Really doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know why, it just does Not. So, as I sit here staring at this big ol’ screen throughout the day, I dump my random thoughts here instead. – has supplied me with multiple (cheap, cute) gems throughout the last few months. I Loooove it. I know this isn’t high-quality stuff that I’ll keep forever, but it satisfies my shopping itch for the time being! – Some days I just sit and wonder….what if I wanted to go [here] or [there] on this or that weekend??? Like last week, when I thought maaaybe I’d go home over this 3-day Easter weekend…..which is crazy ’cause it takes me almost an entire day just to Get there. But I had to look. It was pretty cheap, but not really worth it. Sometimes I plan imaginary trips for other people (i.e. my family) too. – I’m never bored if I’m on this website. I heart Kraft. –  I just love looking up how far places are from where I live. Road-trips, I love them. I also love to play around with that little picture guy, moving up and down the street. That thing is crazzyyy!

I’ve also been spending a Looot of time job-searching, apartment-searching, life-searchinggg. Ugh. That doesn’t go on the “fun” end of the spectrum.

Alright. It’s time to get back to the real work, and try to get my mind off of the countdown ‘ til the end of the day. I’m off to Philly for the weekend and I’m exciiiited!


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