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April 10, 2009

Surfin’ and Searchin’

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The computer screen is officially my daytime pal – as of the last three weeks and for at least the next six weeks. I’ve joined the ranks of ‘office-workers’; sitting, typing, staring…..all day. No patients, no kitchens, no walking around. Just. Here.

You’d think after 9 hours of this, I would have No interest in my lap-top at home. However. It turns out that I have developed some sort of TV-ADD; I can’t watch TV without having something else  to do. Now – isn’t the idea behind watching TV that you Have nothing else to do? Or that you’re actually interested in what you’re watching? Well, neither of those hold true to me. I usually have a lot of things I should be doing, and I’m usually Not interested in what I’m watching at all. But I hate sitting in my room, and if I’m on the couch – why not turn on the tuuube?

((There is one exception – Thursday night : The Office, and 30 Rock. Michael, Jim Halpert, Liz Lemon and crewww deserve All of my attention. And I’m sure they appreciate that.))

Anyway – what do I do allll day and night with this computer addiction of mine? I surf and search. All day. E’ry day. Well, I also read blogs, clearly.

So what gems have I found laying around these www pages lately? – Oh, this is some of the most entertainig Crap everrrrr. – Kinda like Twitter, except that I like it! Twitter? Really doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know why, it just does Not. So, as I sit here staring at this big ol’ screen throughout the day, I dump my random thoughts here instead. – has supplied me with multiple (cheap, cute) gems throughout the last few months. I Loooove it. I know this isn’t high-quality stuff that I’ll keep forever, but it satisfies my shopping itch for the time being! – Some days I just sit and wonder….what if I wanted to go [here] or [there] on this or that weekend??? Like last week, when I thought maaaybe I’d go home over this 3-day Easter weekend…..which is crazy ’cause it takes me almost an entire day just to Get there. But I had to look. It was pretty cheap, but not really worth it. Sometimes I plan imaginary trips for other people (i.e. my family) too. – I’m never bored if I’m on this website. I heart Kraft. –  I just love looking up how far places are from where I live. Road-trips, I love them. I also love to play around with that little picture guy, moving up and down the street. That thing is crazzyyy!

I’ve also been spending a Looot of time job-searching, apartment-searching, life-searchinggg. Ugh. That doesn’t go on the “fun” end of the spectrum.

Alright. It’s time to get back to the real work, and try to get my mind off of the countdown ‘ til the end of the day. I’m off to Philly for the weekend and I’m exciiiited!


April 8, 2009

Even if it’s Just for this week….

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I’d love a commute that’s anything less than an hour and a half.

I’d love to move on, not just be “the Intern”.

A sunrise before 7 a.m. would be great, so the gym isn’t my only option for a morning run.

I’ll take the rain, with a lot of sunshine to follow.

Meet me in the middle; I’m doing things your way and that’s not a lot to ask.

Put Pandora on my iPod. That’s be Aaaawesome!

Skip Wednesday and Thursday……and the traffic on Friday.

Easter candy will be consumed in copious amounts, since I have two baskets full of it. Yummm.

No frozen-meals, fresh is the way to go. Use up all that food in the pantry – you bought it at one point for some reason.

I mailed out two cards in a timely manner! Whew, feels goood.

Take just a minute (or two…or five…)  to step back and recognize the small things – good phone dates with the sis and mom that make me smiiiile, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (oooh….), reading a good book for the first time in a whiiile, a night with PSU alumni, lots of jobs to search through (overwhelming – but good sign), and a roadtrip comin up soon enough.

April 5, 2009

a weekend with Me

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For whatever reason, I was all into hanging out with “me” this weekend. Sometimes time with yourself is just needed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – if you ignored the 40 mph winds on Saturday – and I was in Exploration mode.

My adventures started off a little rough. Ah, Saturday. Long story short – I drove in bumper-to-bumper traffic down to the Metro station around 1:00 and wondered “Holy F what is going on in DC today?!!”, because the parking lot looked the same as the highway. Cherry blossoms? Oooh yah. Apparently those are the crowd pleasers these days. Anyway. I parked, and walked all the way to the gate only to realize I had left my wallet sitting on my dresser. AWESOME.

I hopped back in the car, picked it up, and decided to drive up North to Baltimore instead. After a lot of trial and error with parking I ended up back in Fells Point, mainly because it would save me $15 for the day. All I wanted to do on Saturday was sit in a chair and Read. Seriously, thats it. My hopes were set on the HUGE Barnes & Noble in the Inner Harbor, but I did not have my hopes set on paying $20 to do that (i.e. parking cost).

Anyway. It all worked out, because I saw this sign and took full advantage.


It was a classy little place. There was room at the bar, it was 3 in the afternoon, and I thought “Perfect.”. So I plopped down for two hours, read my book, and sipped some OJ Bubbly.


Then I walked over to the Inner Harbor and did a liiiittle shopping. A flowy Spring dress from the LOFT capped off the afternoon. It’s lovely. And I have my Mom to Thank for that one. She’s awesome*


Lesson learned, I woke up and headed out early on Sunday to soak up the 70 degree Sunshine in DC. With my wallet, double check. I got off at Chinatown – an area I’ve only been in once before, which was Friday – and just wandered. All day. I read on a bench along the Mall for about an hour, walked up to Dupont, read outside for about two hours, lunched and listened to live music at a deli (love), and wandered some more. It was a lot of time with just Me, and it was awesome.

I took 95 pictures. Which is, um, a Lot. Clearly this is no space for that many pictures. So, here are a few highlights.

dc-035 dc-034

dc-047 dc-083

dc-0792 dc-045

Well. This could go on for a while. In short, I have a total crush on DC right now. And I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Me, my book, and my wandering feet.

April 2, 2009

target therapy

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For whatever reason, I was really craving a fun, Spring, flowy skirt this week. I saw some in the Target Weekly-ad on Sunday that I’m in love with. Then I found more online. Oooh.

And yesterday was not really my day.

So, last night I went to Target, and found a skirt. That I really Really heart.

Little things make me happy.

This is the first time I’ve ever worn a skirt to work. The morning was a little iffy (it’s weird to sit in skirts, right?). Then I went for a walk during lunch, and I was all super-comfortable and felt like Spring and remember why I love skirts.

And that’s that, about skirts.

OH. It’s also Thursday. Lots of “T” things going on here. Yesssss!

UPDATE: With Pics, because you asked…….

On the Left is the skirt I wanted (still might buy) but really couldn’t decide what I color I would/wanted to wear with it (that I wouldn’t have to purchase separately. budget budget). On the Right is the skirt I bought, and love, because it’s plain and I can wear whatever I want with it! Oh, options.


aaaand, this is how I wore it…..


White V-neck Tee, purple ‘Summer’ scarf, light Gold hoops and light-gold metallic Flats.

April 1, 2009

Usually I’m a Big fan of Rollercoasters

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Seriously, I Love them. Show me any crazy, looping, 100-ft dropping, twisting, turning Rollercoaster….and I’ll hit it up. And enjoy every second.

But this rollercoaster I’m on right now? Not a fan. At all.

The ride started in August, when I decided to jolt a 3 year Relationship at the same time I was moving to a new state and starting off the 10-month-unpaid-internship Life. Let’s add unparalleled levels of stress (so far….), adjusting to life on a Budget and trying to salvage the long-distance relationship into the mix. Sure, that sounds rational.

Between work, homework, training, traveling, adjusting, and trying to stay within the budget while still enjoying city-life…..I think I lost a few things. Like, um, my sanity. Honestly. Some days I feel like a completely insane version of myself.

Then, somewhere in the middle of all of that, I realized I love this field (good thing too; a Useful Degree is a happy degree).  I really love living in a city.  I love that there are Ridiculous amounts of Penn Staters around here, and I’m excited at the possiblities of New things (i.e….a job, apartment, happy hours….).

I miss having my best friends (i.e. my Roomies) around. When I do get to spend time with them, I dread going back to my new Reality. There are people around here I like too, but, I just want to feel “settled” somewhere.

I miss being 100% Sure (100% of the time) that the choice We, and then I, made was the right one. This comes and goes, in large waves. Sometimes they’re manageable, and sometimes I have no idea how to handle it. There are days when the whole being “single” concept is exciting and a little refreshing, and some days when I miss that happiness more than I know how to deal with. I guess three years of memories, friendship, and fun random adventures together will do that. And I guess being even a little bit patient with the whole situation would help immensely. I’m working on that.

On the up-side, I’m completely in love with working in downtown DC right now. We walked about a mile yesterday during lunch and were greeted with the White House and strings of blooming Cherry Blossoms. Then we walked half a mile in the opposite direction after work and met up with some people for Happy Hour in Dupont Circle. Ooooh city life. I heart you.

Oddly enough, the day is ending on a little high. It certainly didn’t start that way, but thats the excitement of a rollercoaster. You go up and down and never know when the turns are coming, but eventually you get to the end….and think ‘Ah, what a riiide.’

March 30, 2009


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When I travel, I almost always leave something behind. It’s inevitable, and also a little ridiculous.

Last time I visited Em’s casa I left my faaavorite pair of pajama shorts and soft-long sleeve t-shirt. She had them folded and ready for me to put right into my bag on Friday. That’s Love.

This time? I thought I did really well, looking through my bag and making sure everything I had scattered around her room in the last 48 hours was back in place. Thinking I did pretty good, I hit the road to beat the storm that was taking over Pittsburgh.

Hours later I pulled into my apartment and got a text “….and you left your mascara here!” along with an offer to mail it to me! That is also love. But, truth be told, I always hang onto mascara wayyy too long and needed to buy some new stuff anyway. Plus, it’s an excuse to go to Target…as if I ever need one.

Sunday night my mascara was replenished and I had finally unpacked my bag. I stuffed the emptiness under my bed, happy that everything that left came back.

Monday morning shower thought – “Oh, except my loofah. DANGIT! ”

After work today I made a list and walked over to the grocery store for a few things Target can’t give me (i.e. produce). Included on that short little list was the missing loofah. Not included in the bag of things I came back with and put away?? THAT STUPID LOOFAH.

What is the point of making a List that I don’t even look at while I’m wandering around in the store?? Why do they put up so many signs and displays that distract me and make me want to veer from the list?! Why do FUZE drinks cost so much but taste soooo good ??? Why don’t they sell Wine in the grocery stores here ??!

I have no answers. And no loofah.

March 26, 2009


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I had about 3/4 of a post written, was typing up the last paragraph, did something crazy and somehow deleted the entire thing.

Oh really WordPress?? It’s gonna be one of those days?! Fine.

The title should make no sense unless I decide to delve back into my story. We’ll see.

Today is my Friday, so I’m finding nothing can make me even Want to complain. Not even the fact that it’s pouring outside for the first time in what feels like months, and I have no idea where my Umbrella is.

Can we just appreciate the fact that I Don’t Know where that thing is?? Because for the last four years, it rained So much that I religiously kept an umbrella by my bag and brought it with me if there was even a hint of cloud-cover. And now? I can’t remember the last time I had it with me, and consequently have no clue where I put it. Even if I did get a little wet walking to the Metro this morning, and a little soaked walking across the street from the Metro to work. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and 60. That’s soon enough for me.

My family has been in Mexico all week, and I haven’t heard anything since they flew out of Phoenix on their way down. I  just keep hoping they didn’t go down in one of the many plane crashes that seem to be plagueing our skies lately, or try any Narcotics and/or get gunned down in the drug war. 

That might be a little dramatic. But. I’m serious about hoping they don’t get gunned down. It’s craziness there right now!

Their return is scheduled for this Saturday, so about every five seconds of the race I’ll be thinking ‘I hope they’re baaack!”. An entire week without texting my Sis the random things that I find hilarious is killing me! I bought a card the other day at Target (the purchase itself says a Lot. I NEVER buy cards.) and can’t begin to explain how badly I needed to call her and tell her about it. She is the Queen of hilarious random cards, always finding them for the perfect occasion.  This one had Fat baby (rolllls-n-all) sitting on a training-toilet with the Determined look of constipation on his face. Inside read: “Oh POOP, another birthday.”

I almost started crying from hysteric laughter in the middle of the Target card aisle. Omg.

Why doesn’t Microsoft Word have some sort of T-9 ish feature? I’ve been working on a document all morning and have to keep typing the same words and, ugh. So much work. Word recognition?! That’d be awesome.

Last night we joined the masses in Business Casual for a post-work Happy Hour in Georgetown. Nothing says Wednesday like $2 drafts and absolutely zero worries on the mind. Just sayin’.

On a closing note -I have tomorrow off to driiiive to Pittsburgh. Just another reason that the rain outside and spending the day in front of a computer doing work and having a post deleted on accident will not alter my I-love-Thursday!!! mood.

March 22, 2009

A Song for the Piano Girl

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I think of it as a “hobby”, not a talent or a skill, just something I am able to do and love to do.

I learned what I could through two wonderful teachers, on and off for about 10 years. My first teacher was Fun, and she set the tone. Playing would always be something I associated with enjoyment. My second teacher pushed me. As a high-school student, she knew our “time” was limited, my attitude was a little up-and-down (ehh),and she took advantage of that! She filled in some gaps, and probably taught me almost too much in 2 years. Not that I’d change any of it. I have her to Thank for what I can do today.

I’ve spent six weeks walking into a lobby with a big black Grand Piano. A grand piano is to a pianist what a shoe sale at Manolo Blahnik is to Carrie. I’m just drawn to it. I marvel at it’s perfect craftsmanship, the way it shines, the way I just want it. After about two weeks I sent my Mom a text: “Could you send me some of my music? 🙂 ”

The only time I ever play anymore is at home. Christmas break, over the summer, here and there. My siblings are good sports, considering I’ve been playing the same songs for about 5 years now. I can look at new music and teach it to myself, but….that takes patience and practice. Sometimes I go for it. But most of the time, I’m like ‘Hey I’m only home for 2 weeks, where’s that book from 5th grade?! Thats a good one”. And it’s right back to the classics.

Anyway. My point is that all of my music is at home, and usually stays there. But now? I wanted it here, with me. I want to sit down on that shiny black bench and play that Grand and hear it’s gorgeous sound. And my Mom is awesome, so she mailed me what we’ll call “Round 1”. A book from high school (aka the “harder” stuff) and two other songs. When I got that package in the mail I was so damn excited. I took the music the next day, and left for work a little bit earlier so I could play.

It took me a few minutes to warm up my fingers and my Brain, getting back in the grooooove. But once I did? It felt so good to just play. After a few morning sessions and a few improvising, I even retracted some of my faaaves from memory and could bust them out. Love.

I asked for the rest of the music that I usually play, and my Mom sent Round-2. It got here Saturday; my last day at this “work” was Friday. But, I knew the package was coming and pretty much told my managers “I’ll be back! I want to play that piano!”, and they were just fine with it. Which worked out well because I would’ve come anyway.

That I did. Sunday afternoon I drove back, a little hesitantly. It’s one thing to be “working” and just sit down for a few minutes. It’s another thing to just show up, in my normal clothing, and take up the Piano in the lounge for an hour or two. What if someone else wanted to play? What if someone was reading and they didn’t want to be distracted? What if they’re like why does this girl keep playing that thing?!!!!. Ehhhhh.

Luckily, the retired Residents were very accomodating, as usual. For about an hour I was generally left alone, with an occasional smile, a few “claps” in passing, and a visit from one of my managers to come say Hey. But around 4, when the dinner crowd starts to gather, I had an ‘audience’. Normally I get really nervous playing in front of people, but since I knew they weren’t exactly there just because I was, I just kept going and stayed collected. Honestly, I could sit at that piano for hoursss, going on and on, and be completely content. But, I only have so many songs, and I’m sure people only want to hear that thing for so long (they’re reallyyyy loud).

When I got up to leave, someone stopped me and started the interrogation. Whats your name?? Do you work here?? Are you always here on Sundays?? Why did you stop? Will you be here next Sunday?

Yup. I have intentions of going back, because just that little taste isn’t enough. This is a hobby. And without really thinking I said ‘Sure! I”ll probably be back next weekend if I can.” She pulled out her planner and asked what time, to pencil me in. Uh, whoa. I’m scheduled, apparently.

Anyway. I’ve rambled. I just love that I have outlets. Running is easy and I can do it anywhere and I will always love it. Playing the piano? I can’t always do that, because you don’t just see those things lying around. Now that I have it there, I’ll be playing it.

March 19, 2009

It’s a good week

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I’ve been in a pretty damn good mood this week. I like it.

Tomorrow is our last day of Food Service. Yessss! To be honest, I’m a little sad because I love the people we’ve had a chance to work with for the last 6 weeks. Seriously, restaurant people are fun. There’s almost always that good-group-dynamic in a restaurant. Everyone has to help each other out at some point or another, and when the group has been together and they like each other, it really shows. Some kick-ass management also helps. We’ve got all of that. It’s good stuff.

Another thing that we can all be excited about tomorrow? THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING. This is a fierce contender in my list of “favorite days of the year!!!!”. I love this day. Even if it’s not warm, it stands for something that I’m very very excited about – warm weather, flip flops, sun dresses, moving on (end of a semester….now internship, whateva!), wanting to be outside, sunshine, bbq fiestas…….on and on and on. Love. Spring.

On top of those two things, I’ve got some options on the line for this weekend. I’m reallyyyy hoping that the plans will include a roomie-reunion. While it will be brief, it’s always needed. If it doesn’t work out, there are other things to do. We “won” another happy-hour thing! The roomie will be “Free” drinker this time, and I’ll suck it up and pay a whole $2 for what I want. That’s just fiiiine. I learned that Free drinks during the 7-9 hours on Friday are dangerous! Why? Well, at 9 you’re ready to gooooo and everyone else is like “Uh, getting ready! Be out soon!” and you’re like – Ugh HURRY UP. Whew.

Oh, it’s also Thursday. Did you know this? You have to Loooove Thursdays. It’s almost Friday, and “the office -30 Rock” is on. And you just reallyyyy can’t go wrong with that. You can’t.

March 15, 2009

simple Love

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Lately, I’ve been excited by a lot of little things.

I love.

.doing nothing for an entire Saturday afternoon. Movies, magazines, and the couch – are all equally good dates.

.running 11 miles on Sunday morning, and enjoying it.

.putting away my laundry while I laugh on the phone with my baby Sis.

.knowing that there’s probably only one other person who finds the word “Tachos” (tator tots with cheese! according to FL residents, apparently!?!!) as freakin HILARIOUS as I do. the baby Sis.

.receiving and reading a free People magazine every week (x 3 months)! Thanks to the fact that I signed up for a race. Awesome.

.being done with our big Food Service project, and crossing it off the List. Yessssss!

.getting that text from my very best friend, and getting reallyyyy excited for the wedding.

.knowing Friday is the first day of Spring. Oh, I’ve been waiting.

.talking to my Mom on the phone while buying wine; her expertise is much needed.

.knowing that I’ll be getting Reese’s PB Easter Eggs in the mail soon!

.sitting down to play the Piano, and having the songs come right back to me.

.finding my Puma sneakers in the miscellaneous closet-shoe-box.

.looking at the weather forecast for this week, which includes nothing under 53 degrees. Helloooooo Spring.

.sleeping, while wrapped up in fresh-out-of-the-drier Flannel sheets.

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