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January 28, 2008

This is Me, Shopping

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I have recently discovered the miracle that is online shopping. Out of nowhere I have this new obsession with shoes. I know, I’m not alone! Being in the “college student” financial situation, I don’t buy too much. But I have some splurges here and there. I’m mostly a bargain shopper, but I’m learning that clothes, and more importantly shoes, should be thought of as an “investment”. If you always go with the cheap stuff, you pay for it. One night on the town later, they are done. So instead I’ve been slowly adding some “classier” stuff to my wardrobe. Still, there’s a lot of stuff to be bought and worn and adored. Since I can’t get it all at once, I’ll just stare at it online until I convince myself that it’s totally worth it (and wait for the small paychecks to add up to enough for the purchase). ๐Ÿ™‚

These are a few of the things that I’m googling and loooovinggg:

Shoes. Shoes. and more Shoes. If I hadn’t limited myself to posting only a few, this section would’ve taken over…


High-waited Black Shorts. Kinda different…I like ’em!


I am also in love with this new Royal-blue & black belt idea.ย  Andย  just dresses or high-waisted skirts in general! You definitely cannot have enough fun, classy outfits.





October 5, 2007

Welcoming Fall…

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…with open (arms?) Toe-d shoes!

It is officially the Fall season. We are in school, the first round midterms have come and gone, Football is in full bloom….and it’s still 80 degrees!!!

On this beautiful “fall” day I left the apartment in shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops. Not typical clothing for the 4th day of October in central Pennsylvania! I have worn jeans twice since starting school, and on the handful of days that a jacket has accompanied me, it has ended up stuffed in a bag by noon. As much as I love warm weather, being a desert native, I will admit that the hot & humid days combined with classes is a little “much”.

We, as Penn-Staters, are somewhat thrown-off. Usually by this time of the year we are switching to jeans and hoodies, and we are preparing ourselves to pull out the heavy-duty winter gear. Approximately one year ago I was spending the weekend in D.C. with some classy ladies, having to wear the jacket-gloves-scarf ensemble that screams “fall is here”! I vividly remember leaving the Museum of Natural History and grabbing a toasty hot-chocolate on our walk over to the (new, gorgeous) World War II memorial.

That seems like a distant memory as I get ready for this weekend; tackling Beaver Stadium in 80 degree sunshine once again, cheering our team to another Home victory.

In reference to fashion faux pas; as long as the weather is ignoring that it’s Fall, I will too. I will continue to wear my shorts, tanks, dresses, sunglasses, and open-toed shoes. However, I do plan on embracing the colors of the season. I love the shades of black, brown, burgundy and maroon that are filling the pages of clothing sites like Banana Republic. I also love the boots and coats, but they will just have to wait…

For the time being, I’m going to enjoy these warm, sunny days. ๐Ÿ™‚

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