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May 5, 2008

One Down

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Helloooo Finals week.

I just finished what was supposed to be my “hard” final, and it’s only 9 in the morning. It started at 8 (ughhh), and I was done within an hour. I’m notorious for being the first person done, and I haaate it. So sometimes I just sit there and wait until somebody else gets up. Actually, I do this every time. Who knows why.

Anyway, that puts me at: 1 down, 1 to go! Seriously. ONE final Exam, and then I’m done with college! Weird feeling. It shouldn’t even be that bad because our teacher writes the study guide after  she writes the exam. It’s perfect. She basically gives us the test. Lovely.

After I work today me and LB are goin’ down to grab a Margarita and celebrate my desert heritage (ehhh, or something like that) and Cinco de Mayoooo. I’d say there could be an argument as to why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in this country, but then again, why do they celebrate the 4th of July in Cancun? And on that note, how do I know they celebrate the 4th of July in Cancun? My family was there last summer. Ponder that one. And I guess we don’t really “celebrate” it, so much as use it for an excuse to eat more tacos and have festive drinks. No complaint there.

Anyway! I think it’s a pretty awesome way to start off the week. I’m pumped for some Mexican comida (food) and bebidas (drinks). Yummyyy.

((also, hop over and visit LB. She’s got a lot going on over there, and some really cute pics 🙂 xoxo))


May 1, 2008

Oh, Hello Friday

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After four days of surviving off of Motrin, and wondering around in a Dayquil-induced buzz…..I finally feel better. Just in time. Today is my last day of class as an undergrad at Penn State. Whoa.

To say that this ‘snuck up on me’ is an understatement. I have no idea where this semester went. I have no idea how all of a sudden it’s May, and I’m done with school in 5 days. Oooh man. My attention has been turned to finding an apartment in another state, a job this summer, and where the hell I’m going to store the insane amount of crap stuff I have accumulated in the last four years. Oh yah, and the route I’ll take back home. Ehhhh.

But I’m not thinking about any of that. Nope nope. I’m thinking about the good stuff. The fun stuff. The stuff that needs to be taken care of in the next two weeks, and the stuff that we have to look forward to. Stuff like….

-taking (only!) 2 finals!!! My college record LOW. Except they are both at 8 a.m. (on different days, of course). Gah. Thanks penn state. Much appreciated. I have not had an 8 a.m. final since Greek Mythology freshman year. Yes, I’m a nutrition major and I took a Greek Mythology class (honors option too. I’m dumb.). Whew. That was interesting. The only good part was that Em was in there with me. We survived together.

-being done with everything by Wednesday next week! Which means I have 10 days after that to do absolutely Nothing. My only responsibility will be picking up the siblings at the airport the next Tuesday. And showing up to the “Commencement” ceremony the following Saturday. Hmm, life is hard good these days.

-buying detergent. The laundry basket in my closet is screaming at me. Random, yes. Necessary, double yes (yes).

-going out to dinner to celebrate those lovely birthdays discussed below. Location-their choice. Delicious food and the best company around. Mmmmm, can’t wait.

-surviving “Senior week”. Aka-the week after finals, where the only people left in this college town are seniors and citizens (Not senior citizens). Which translates to ridiculous amounts of time spent at the bars taking advantage of $1 drinks and Happy Hours all around for as long as we can. And hopefully lounging at the pool (get warm! get warm!!!!) and using the Grill for some tastyyy food. Yesssss.

Yup. That’s all I got on my plate. And maybe some studying that should, but probably won’t, consume my life until Monday morning. We’ll see…..

*Happy Fridayyyy*

April 29, 2008

Apartment Searching

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Alright, all you “real worlders” (aka, non-college-ers), I might need some advice.

As mentioned below, I finally found out where I’ll be living/learning/working next year. Which is awesome, and a huge relief, and *whoa*. For the first time in my life, I have to find an apartment, live with people I don’t really “know”, in a city that I’m totally unfamiliar with. And I’m SO exciteddddd.

I’ve done all of the above, just never all at once. I’ve lived in Orlando (internship), and had no idea where I was going for about a month. I knew how to get to and from work, and to and from Target (obviously). That’s about it. But I lived there with LB, and our apartments were provided. Oh, the good life.

I’ve lived with people I don’t know, but someone I did know was always there too (see above). In fact, we lived with 6 other “someones” that we didn’t know. 8 girls, 1 apartment. Yes, I’m crazy. But it turned out to be amazing, and I still love them and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not to say I’d do it again, if I don’t have to, but we live and we learn.

I’ve lived in an apartment for two years (also with LB, and Sally, and Em, hi!). However, I had nothing to do with the selection process. LB said “Hey we have an extra space, want to be our roommate?”, and I said (omg, YES YES YES) “Sure! That’d be awesome!”, and then I made sure that Em could come too. And that was settled. And two years later I refuse to accept that I have to move out in three weeks. We are not talking about that. Oh, college.

Anyway. Now I have to exit this “bubble” of a town and enter the real life. I’m searching for apartments online and hoping that the picture I see isn’t cropped to avoid displaying the rotting property next door, or shot from an angle that makes the “beautiful park in front” look spacious and inviting, instead of the 10 ft square of grass that it actually is.

No, I’m not actually that pessimistic about this process. But this is definitely quite the task to take on while finishing up classes, studying for finals, and packing (which we are not thinking about). Plus, I won’t be able to go down there to actually visit any of these places, which is also hard. Because I happen to be driving across the country in the other direction. Of course. Alas, on goes the apartment search!

Any advice, throw it out there. I’m all ears! (or reading eyes)

April 28, 2008

Classes on Monday

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Monday is easily my longest day of the week. I have three classes, meetings, and work. Ehhhhh.

Sitting through my 9 a.m. this morning was ridiculously tiring. My eyes were constantly falling, and I could not have been less interested in the lecture. Not one bit.

The only thing getting me through this rainy Monday is knowing this is the LAST Monday of the semester. Whoa. And a few other things I have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks…..

Graduating (oh man….)….I’m going to be an Alumni. How old does that sound?? Weird.

Family Vacation….to the happiest place on Earth!

with some Roller-coaster action….I could seriously ride this over & over. All day.

Followed by some cross-country drivin’….Roooooad Trip.

Ending with a summer full of sunsets like this.

I guess I can handle this rainy campus for one more Monday. Gah.

April 21, 2008

As “fate” would have it….

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The class only met once a week, on Monday, from 4:30-5:30. There was little motivation to ever attend, aside from having to sign in. It was usually nice and sunny outside, the perfect time of day for a run, or laziness on the couch.

It had been three straight weeks of Informational presentations, each one featuring a different Internship program. We had begun to hear the same thing over and over; clinical rotation, food-service rotation, community rotation, 10-month program, etc etc etc. There was no reason to think this one would be any different. On top of that, it was in Maryland. I wasn’t looking to live in MD. I never thought I would live in MD (especially not after this disaster, ehhhhh). In fact, I thought I was ready to be back on the West coast. Therefore, MD would clearly be a step in the wrong direction. Right?

Using my better judgement, I went to class….

And it’s a good thing I did! I learned that this particular program had a special rotation. This set it apart from the norm, and would be the deciding factor in becoming my #1 Choice. For 6 weeks the Interns learn about Information Management & Communication. They get to take technology classes to learn how to be super savvy in this ever-evolving world of computers, html, CSS, Microsoft Office, etc. Basically, these people realize that without the knowledge to use technology as a tool for education, you will fall behind in this web-based society. Hello, perfect match!

I put my package together, wrote a kick-ass cover letter (seriously, it was pretty awesome), and had a good feeling about everything. I got the call, scheduled the interview,-and even bought a fabulous pair of shoes-all in one day. I drove there, did my thing (did NOT get lost!), and felt good about the interview. I talked about blogging (clearly I love technology!), writing, etc. I loved it. They loved it.

On February 15 it was all set in stone. Applications were in, and now we could only do one thing: Wait.


Yesterday felt longer than the last 2.5 months of waiting combined, and multiplied by 100. As of 1:01 a.m. we could sign on to the website and learn our fate.


At 1:25 a.m. I still couldn’t get on because the server was too busy. Cue-Crazy Panic Attack.


At 1:30 a.m it let me through. I signed on. I clicked on “View Match Results”.

“You have been matched with _____ in MD.”

Cue- rapid heart beat and HUGE relief and numerous phone calls and jumping around!!!!


And to think, I wasn’t even going to go to class that day……

April 10, 2008

We Are…Steppin’ it Up

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Last Fall, the ratings came out; PSU had dropped to the #6 “Party School” in the country. There was an article about it in the campus paper, and one student was quoted saying…..

“I think everyone just needs to step it up.”

Oh, how right you are my friend. And that is exactly what we are doin’ around here. Don’t you worry!

The realization came last week; this semester has flown by, and will be over so very soon. This is not good! We have yet to officially taken our seat at the senior table. Instead, we have been reserving nights “out” for the weekends, and being productive during the week. Clearly this is why PSU is dropping in the ranks.

So, Mr. Penn State, this week we took some action. Last night (wednesday) the executive decision was made; We’re going Out. There was absolutely no reason not to. All semester the goal has been to start going out on weeknights, just because we can should. Obviously we have classes and things to do on Thursday, but why should that stop us? We’re SENIORS. This is our LAST semester to do stupid college things!!

Lucky for us the weather has been beautiful the last few days, so we went to the “Café”, where you can sit outside and people-watch and enjoy your drinks. And that’s just what we did. It was the perfect temp for jeans and a light jacket, and we sat there for hours sipping, chatting, laughing, and wondering why we hadn’t done this sooner. We headed back around midnight (I know. we’re Crazy) and basked in the buzz of a few good drinks and good friends.

Today, we took things one step further.

It was a gorgeous (and sunnyyyy!!!) 65° outside and everyone was floating around on a spring high. I was at work in the lab when I got a text from Em:

Café at 2:30.

See, the agreement all semester has been this-The first day it’s nice outside, drop everything and meet at a bar where we can sit outside (there are a few). No matter what. No excuses.

Well of course the first day it’s nice, my only class is mandatory. I must compromise. I reply that I’ll be there ASAP. At 3:30 I called, and since the Cafe was completely packed (no surprise), they had a table at “Pickles” on the patio. Yesssss.

We sat, and sipped, and talked, and people-watched again alllll afternoon. And it was everything we hoped it would be; a nice afternoon buzz from beer & sunshine. No, this is not the craziest thing any of us have ever done. But it is something we have all wanted to do since Freshman year, after passing these bar patios day after day and longing for our IDs to read “21”.

LB kept the trend going and headed out tonight. As much as I would have loved to join her, I have weekend plans that require me to be on the road & driving by 8 a.m. Not the best mix.

Not to worry, next week I’ll be all refreshed and ready to go again.

Happy weekending readers!! I hope that you too, are stepping it up!

April 6, 2008

Back to School….

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Last Tuesday night I decided I was ‘quitting’ school for the week. I had been at work all afternoon, and could Not focus on a single thing. Not one. All afternoon. I had an online test that night right after my shift was over, so I was trying to look over the notes. I would read about 2 sentences and start doing something else. Check e-mail. Look around on Facebook. Target. E-mail. Aghhhhhh.

So after a few minutes of deep thought, because apparently that’s all I could handle, I came to a realization. I was Excited! I didn’t want to do work. My buddies were going to be there in less than a day, and then I got to be in “weekend mode” until Sunday!

I took my stupid test (actually did pretty well, surprisingly), headed back to the apartment and made an executive decision right away. As of around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, I was “done” with school for the week. Oooh, good stuff. Instead of studying for my quiz the next morning, I made sure everything was ready to go, cleaned up, and I made a birthday card for my Dad (arts & crafts, always the solution).

After my Wednesday morning class I headed off to pick up the girls at the airport, and was officially in weekend-mode for the next 5 days. I went to 2 out of the 3 classes I had on Thursday and Friday, and quite frankly, consider that pretty impressive.

It was definitely a successful weekend. Starting Wednesday night with drinks & a trip down ‘memory lane’, laughing about stories from high school and catching up. Thursday & Friday were spent around campus and downtown, going out, movies, and eating. Saturday was our day to relax, recoup, and watch KU beat UNC!!! And this morning we were up and on the road by 5:30 a.m. I drove there & back, six hours total, walked straight to my bed and crashed for the next 3 hours.

And now the weekend is over, and it’s back to school….

April 1, 2008

Airport Role Reversal

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I’ve only had one role at the PIT International Airport: fly home.

I am usually dropped off graciously by Em. At six in the morning. Which, by the way, is before any Starbucks in the area is open, despite my continuous promises that I’ll at least buy her a coffee for the road. Ehhhhh.  But she’s amazing, and she takes me anyway. I get there just in time, because apparently everybody has flights that depart at 8 a.m., and the lines are ridiculous. I know the routine: shoes off, jackets off, everything in a plastic tub, walk slowly through, always have ID and boarding pass. Seriously, I’m a pro.

Today my role is reversed! The tables have turned. I’m not flying anywhere. In fact, I’ll even be parking the car. And patiently waiting at the baggage claim. Picking up two of my best friends from home!

We’re heading straight back to PSU for a full 4 days. Luckily the weather is supposed to be sunny and ‘warm’, so they’ll be fooled (at least for a day) into thinking that we’ve caught up with the rest of the world and ventured into the Spring season. I can only hope that it doesn’t pour down rain for the next 3 days, but uh, well, you just never know. We won’t get our hopes up here in central PA……

Like I said earlier, I can’t wait to show off this beautiful campus. Warm/sunny/spring weather or not, this place is Awesome. And I love it. And I know they will too!

March 30, 2008

I Survived!

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13.1 Miles. I survived. I made it. I loved it!

We (me + roomies) all piled into the Suburban and hit the road on Friday. We got to Em’s house around 8 and started cooking! Time to load up on carbs. On the menu: pizza and pasta. We couldn’t decide between one or the other, why not make both? Mmmm, delicious.

I could barely sleep, probably a little nervous/excited. I woke up before my alarm went off at 6:30, fixed my breakfast and was ready to Go.

Things started off a little rough. With the high for the day being an expected 45º accompanied by clear blue skies, I thought I’d be fine in my usual stretch-pants and a cute (New!) sleeveless running top from Target. I thought, despite the freezing cold morning temps, that it would warm up. Or at least I would warm up while running. Wrong.wrong.wrong.

LB and I turned out to be the only not-so-smart ones in the bunch. The only ones who weren’t wearing long spandex pants, or thin zip-up jackets, or even long sleeves, and gloves/hats/head warmers/etc. Ehhh, oops.

Luckily, LB had a light sweatshirt that she decided to wear, and gave me her little mittens so I didn’t lose my hands by the end of the race. Which definitely would have happened. No doubt.

Before we started, I realized my iPod was so cold that the touch-pad wasn’t working. I couldn’t select a playlist. Therefore I wasted time creating an Awesome ‘Exercise’ list that was over 3 hours long to keep me running running running.

Luckily, at the last minute it cooperated and let me scroll down to my songs. Starting off the race with a little Beyonce and some “Check on It”. Yeaaaa.

The trail started off with a big hill, and with each step up my left sock slid a little bit lower. I tried to stop and pull it up (this has never happened before, why today? why why why!), but it just slipped right back down. Fine, sock, have it your way. I ran the next 12 miles with a sock right below my heel.

Luckily it didn’t fall all the way off. And surprisingly, after about 5 miles it didn’t bother me.

I could feel my pace settle in and get comfortable. Right around 8 min/mile and content. A few songs always make me giddy and I speed up a little bit. Like “Can’t Stop the Beat” (Hairspray!), “The Queen & I” (Gym Class Heroes), “Romeo’s Tune” (Keith Urban) and “Glamorous” (Fergie). That gives you a small glimpse into the random-ness that is my ‘Exercise’ playlist. I loooove it. The music died right in the middle of the new Miley Cyrus song, and I had been waiting for that one. Gah.

Luckily, it lasted about 12.5 miles before that happened. For the last stretch I was left to my own thoughts.

It went by pretty fast. I never felt too tired, never had the urge to walk, and never wondered how soon it would be over.

The goal had been set the night before. I had no idea what would be a “good” first 1/2-marathon time. I wanted to have a goal, but it had be something reasonable so I wasn’t too disappointed if I didn’t get it. I decided on just finishing under 2 hours.

Coming around the last turn, the timer came into focus. 1:48:40. I got so excited. I made it in 1 hour and 49 minutes!

Then, after two bottles of water, two bananas, and grabbing bagels for the road, we headed off. We got in the car and drove right back to good ol’ Happy Valley. I slept a little in the car, and was excited for a shower, getting ready, and going Out. And that’s just what we did!

March 25, 2008

High School meets College Life

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One week from today I’ll be picking up two of my best friends from high school, A and L. They are traveling all the way from the Southwest to the lovely Pennsylvania…for the very first time. It’s always been one of those things, “You should definitely come visit me some time, it’d be So Much Fun!” The kind of things you don’t ever actually think will go through, because it requires…well, a lot of effort. Planning. Money. Time. But they’re coming!!

I am SO excited to have them here. Out of about five of us who were friends in high school, we all still keep in touch, see each other on holiday breaks, and always pick up right where we left off. I don’t talk to them regularly while I’m at school, maybe once a month or so, but as soon as we’re together it’s just as comfortable as it always has been. I love that.

Everyone but me stuck around the general area after we graduated, going to school in-state or at least within driving distance. I ventured over here, and missed out on the random weekend get-togethers at dorms/apartments/houses throughout the last four years. It’s quite a trip to get all the way up here, so while I have visited them and them in their “College life”, they’ve never been here. It should be interesting….

Of course we’ve all changed, or grown-up, or whatever, in the last few years. I know that my life here is very different than what it would have been had I stayed closer to home. I was generally the “shy” one in the group during high school, and for whatever reason, I decided to come over here on my own and experience the East coast for 4 years. I know it has changed a lot about me, all for the better.

I changed in ways that all college freshman do. I realized I had to be outgoing to meet people, and I had to get involved to make 40,000 students not seem like 100,000,000. I learned that it’s easy to strike up conversations with strangers with just a few simple questions. When my next door neighbor walked in my room and said “Hi I’m Em, are you going out? Can I come with you?”, I said “Sure!”. And from that night on we were never alone. And she’s been my roommate and best friend ever since. Then I decided to do an internship and live in Florida for a semester. And that’s how I met LB, and our other roommate S.

And this is my PennState life.

I can’t wait for them to see it. I want them to see Beaver Stadium, and Old Main, and brick sidewalks, and the downtown area full of bar-after-bar and a few restaurants and shops in between. I’m fully prepared for a weekend of ‘touristy’ PSU stuff, mixed with plenty of drinks, food, lounging around, pictures, a few more drinks, and lots of stories.

Oh, State College, I hope you’re ready. The desert girls are takin’ over.

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