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March 11, 2009

Thinking ahead

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While this may be a “slow” week compared to the last three, its still far from it. Theme meal is tomorrow. Agh. Lately, I’ve just been thinking ahead…..

….to anytime after 2 p.m. tomorrow. Luncheon done and successful? Fingers. Crossed.  Then I’ll really feel closer to June, when this is Completely over.

…to St. Patty’s Day!! On a Tuesdayyyy. Uh, whoooo. I’ve never done anything celebratory for this holiday besides wearing green every so often. I wasn’t 21 to celebrate in college until Senior Year. And I can’t, for the life of me, remember what we did last year. Not because I was that drunk, I just….really, can’t remember. It was Monday, so my guess would be work or something? And it was probably still snowing so I was probably like ,wtf?! Hmmm….Who knows.

Last night I actually Googled “events”/”best bars” in Baltimore for this crazy Irish holiday. The results were pretty interesting! And the fact that I even did some research is saying a lot right now. Sooo…we’ll see where this goes…

…to March 20th. For no other reason than this: FIRST DAY OF SPRING. Even if the high is nothing more than 40 (well…. lets shoot for like, 50? how about that?), it will no longer be Winter. And I’ll just smile about that.

…to Cherry Blossom Season! Apparently this is gorgy in DC, so I’m excited for it. I don’t need an excuse to hop on the Metro and explore the streets of DC for an afternoon. I love it. If hundreds of pink blooming trees are thrown into the mix, I’ll love that too.

….to the last weekend in March. Half-marathon #4! In Pittsburgh, again! All of which means I get a half-day off of work, a road trip, and a weekend with one of my faaavorite college roomies. Good stuff.

…and….to bedtime. Like, now. I’m exhausted, and there’s a Big day ahead.


February 5, 2009


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I’ve been reading “Are you there Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea“, by Chelsea Handler. It’s Lol – hysterical.
The best part? It was a Mom-recommendation. Love.

I mailed my sister’s birthday package 9 days late. It arrived 10 days after that. This (along with everything else I mail) only continues to reinforce the notion that I cannot mail things on any sort of timeline. Nothing. At all.
But it did get there!

This song has become my obsession – Piano Man (Live version!), by Billy Joel.
Yes, its been around for decades. I, on the other hand, have not.

Thick and creamy yogurt (berry or strawberry) with chocolate syrup has become my favorite night-time addiction treat.

I started three countdowns:
Best-buddy from home in DC – 7 days!
LB in Maryland – 14 days!
Trip to the ‘Burgh’ – 22 days!

My Mom gave me this face lotion, and I’m completely obsessed. I consider it “grown up” lotion; a moisturizer that is actually really good for your skin. Amazing.

I have been trying to figure out why ‘The Police’ keep playing on my Pandora play-list. ??! I’m not complaining.  But I’m also not in agreement that they “sound like” Maroon 5. Or the Counting Crows.

Stress has taken over about 90% of my reactions to small situations. The freak-outs can come to an end anyyyy day now. That would be great.

I have behaved exceptionally well in the budget-area. I blame this on time spent commuting (therefore taken away from boredom) and homework-ing. I also blame it on the cold weather; I don’t want any more winter clothes. has basically become my home-page. The 10-day forecast is my morning read. I wonder if the temperature will read – “60 and Sunny. Just for you, Heather.” – if I stare at it long enough.
No luck so far.

I’ve been working in a Children’s hospital (just for two weeks). I absolutely LOVE it.

Coffee has made it’s way into my morning routine. Right along with the morning News.
I knew this day would come…..

I haven’t had anything too exciting to blog about. So, you got this instead.

*happy fridayyyy*

December 15, 2008

Citrus Delivery

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The roomie’s parents sent her a package today. Full of these little beauties!


A whoooole box full of Arizona citrus. I’ve never understood how an orange is more of a ‘winter’ fruit, because they just look so summer-y. Bright, and refreshing, and tropical looking. Right? Right. Yummmm.

“I think they named oranges before they named carrots.
‘what are these?’    ‘…..those are, oranges.’
‘what are these?’     ‘shit……Long pointies?!’  ”
demetri martin

I have four days left at the hospital, and then I’m done. Well, with that hospital. That’s a little weird to think about, it has been the bulk of the internship so far (10 weeks. whooaaa). I love who I work with, I love the work itself.  But, wow, it’s time for a break.  Saturday simply cannot come fast enough (countdown: 5 days!). So um, hurry up with that.

The weekend flew because I spent four hours driving to Pittsburgh on Saturday, and four hours driving back on Sunday.  Totally worth it. It felt normal to be there around Christmas, because that’s always the case. Emily is a saint and drives me to the airport at absolutely ridiculous hours of the morning, every year. It’s a running joke that I’ll buy her Starbucks for the drive. Because when we pass Starbucks, it’s not open yet. Um, oopssss.
Driving back here the next day, rather than be dropped off at the airport? Sucked. The only good part was that the Steelers beat the Ravens Sunday night. Thanks guys. Much appreciated!

I also have a box full of fresh oranges and a bowl full of Chex-Muddy Buddies (aka, Puppy Chow) sitting on my table. That helps too. 🙂

October 7, 2008

Countdowns are taking over!

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This month is a little on the ‘crazy’ side, and I loooove it.

I also love countdowns. And thats about all I can think about right now. Many many countdowns to many many exciting things!! October, you’re spoiling me. Nice work.

::Race::4 days!!!

still a little upset about the no-music thing. but after run#2 sans iPod, I know I’ll survive. and there are much worse things they could force upon me. Like rain, or really hott weather, or not having water stations (well, thats probably illegal, but you know, thatd suck).

::Jack::8 days!!

Pickin him up from the airport right after ‘work’ on Thursday. Yesss.
There are few things that could make the end of a work day better than an airport reunion. Followed by a dinner date. And Jack. Here. Looove it.

::Wedding time::10 days!!!

I’ll be a bridesmaid for the first time, in a veryyyy special wedding.
A weekend trip to Philly, a rehearsal dinner followed by a night of a few drinks with gooood friends, a classy hotel room, and what will most definitely be an amazing reception. Yum.

::Parentals visit::16 days!

They’ll be here from Wednesday-Sunday. Exploring the area while I’m at work, hopefully picking out delicious places to eat and fabulous things they want to buy me. Just kiddinnn. Not about eating though. My Mom keeps saying she wants to ride the “train” into DC. Which we’ll definitely do, as long as we can get her to call it the “metro”. She loves trains, its cute.

::Halloween… HAPPY VALLEY!!!::23 days!!!!!!

I have not been to that wonderful place since May. There are no words. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 11, 2008

I think I forgot how to do my job

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I’m coming off a three day hiatus from work. After not having more than two days off in the last few weeks, I’m honestly sitting here wondering if I remember everything I’m supposed to do. Ehhhh.

That might be a liiiittle bit of an exaggeration, but seriously. Three days of no work, no waking up at 5:30 a.m. and no hospital talk…I feel like I’m out of the zoooone. Good thing I only have four days left, otherwise I’d be kinda worried for my career. It can’t be a good sign when 2 months in you think 3 days is a vacation and forget your name.

I did manage to clean out the study (check!), and get it ready for the new furniture. Pretty damn excited about that. And we went out Friday aaand Saturday night. Call me crazy, but it was a good time. I can proudly say I kept it to only 3 drinks at the bar and was only tired in the morning because of some excessive dancing. I may have been a little out-of-commission, but I still got my moooves. Don’t you worry.

I may have also made 2 trips to Target in 3 days. Just sayin’. I’ve impressed myself by this. And there’s no end to the streak.  A purchase was made every time.

And now it’s Monday. Four days left of this job and I’m done. And so starts the countdown…..

February 27, 2008

Just a Short Run

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13.1 miles to be exact.

LB and I decided today that we’re going to run the “Just a Short Run Half Marathon“. It takes place on March 29, about five minutes from Crazy’s house. Which translates to, road trip with the roomies! And a weekend in Pittsburgh! And running a little race with LB! Gooood stuff.

The course circles a lake as it loops through a golf course and a park. Which sounds perfect; not too many hills, pretty scenery, and minimal traffic. Aside from potentially getting hit by a golf ball, I think we’ll be good to go!

I have no desire to run 25+ miles for 4+ hours right now, but I just want a little challenge. The treadmill & talk-show-on-TV-above routine gets old. I’m bored of the loops around here, not that I’ve even been able to run outside in months. And every now and then, it just helps to have something you’re aiming for. Granted it’s not likely that I’ll get the perfect 60º-sunny weather that I looove, I’m hoping that a month from now we’ll at least be able to see the ground.

Since a typical run for me now is 4-5 miles, I’m hoping that the training wont’ be too bad. Things on my to-do list (so far) only include:

-Update iPod “Exercise” play list
-Purchase nicer socks (preferably without wear-and-tear on the heels)
-Find some local trails and pray that the sun comes out to play with me Soon

Oh, and Winter, now would be the perfect time to take a hint. It’s almost March, we get it. You have officially worn out your welcome. Please pack your things, and leave. Thanks.

Countdown: 32 days!

September 5, 2007

3 weeks from today

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The first countdown I started was during the Fall semester, freshman year. Approximately 8 weeks from the day my parents dropped me off, they were coming back to visit me as an official college student. Three years later, and three weeks from today…they’re comin’ back to the Valley. 🙂

Things that I have had a countdown for:

-Weeks/days until family visits

-Weeks/days until I see Alex

-Classes/exams until a semester ends

-Days until Grey’s Anatomy is on (yes, this is how we got through the weeks)

-Days until we turned 21

-Days of work left on jobs that didn’t tickle my fancy (YCC summer job anybody?)

…and the list goes on. Including anything and everything thatI’m excited for. Does it make the time come faster? No. Does it make me more excited for whatever is going to happen than I was to begin with? Probably not.

Where did I come up with this crazy countdown idea?? hmmmm.

On that note, 30 more minutes until I’m off my shift at the library. Very nice.

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