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April 15, 2009

Call me the ‘crafty’ one

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My sister and I have many many things in common.

We both quote movies like it’s our job. Once we start, all hope is lost. It’s an all out battle, and we laugh, and usually we’re the only ones who are amused. Last night? I get this text: “I’m watching Tarzan! hahaha” (she’s referring to the Disney version. um, ’cause it’s Awesome) and I said “Lol. “tarzan….ohiSee!”, and she said “Moooommm, are you sure this water’s sanitareeee, looks questionable to meeee”, and I fell asleep before that one, so she wins. Gah!

Seriously though, back in the day we watched that movie a lot. It’s pretty funny.

Then we have greeting cards! Great segue way, I know. She finds some pretty f-ing hysterical greeting cards. If something catches her eye, she’ll buy it and literally wait the entire year to send it on the Perfect occasion. It’s amazing. A quick example – I received this little beauty from her a few days ago:

Inside: "Somehow it seems a lot less creepy when Santa does it."

Inside: "Somehow it seems a lot less creepy when Santa does it."

Maybe it takes a certain sense of humor, or the right mood, but I Laughed. So hard.  And she wrote ” Haha! I could not resist this insanely creepy card!” Of course you couldn’t pretty, you have a gift!

Then there’s my kind of greeting card. I don’t buy them, I make them. Sometimes because I refuse to justify spending $4 on a card that says something kinda cheesy and/or weird and/or not really what I wanted to say anyway. Sometimes because I’m feelin crafty. Most of the time, because of both of those reasons!

So, tonight I had to make some ‘Thank You’ cards. They are much less creepy, and look like this:




This is what Wednesday night does to me. And I actually feel pretty productive.


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