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April 28, 2009

closet accumulations

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I have very few items of “work” clothing that match this 90 degree weather. This includes both tops and bottoms. The thought of wearing black pants right now seems equivalent to a sunburn. Hot hot hotttt.

After some debating, I  settled on grey pants and a black-almost sleeveless-shirt which I’ve never worn before. It was purchased last fall from the Target clearance rack (aka my never-ending love affair), and the tag was still on it. When did I become the person who has things in the closet with the tag still on???! This is a sign of too many closet items, right? Uh Ohhh.

I remember growing up my Mom had a friend with SO MANY THINGS in her closet (i.e. perhaps a little shopping problem). Freshman year of highschool I needed some shoes for some sort of event where I was to look “professional” (really?? Can’t remember exactly what this was for.). Our feet were/are about the same size, so she basically extended an open invitation to browse through her (huge, walk in, FULL) closet and see if I wanted to borrow any of hers.


Sure, I’ll come have a look.

As a young 15 year old I clearly had no clue what it meant to really SHOP (people don’t just buy clothes for school,summer and soccer? what?), and was completely Floored when I looked inside that closet. There were shoes everywhere, racks literally Stuffed with clothing, more belts than I had ever seen in my life, and… tags hanging off of items left and right.

The latter baffled me to no end.

In my experiences, I bought something because I HAD TO HAVE IT, and probably wore it within the next week after it had gone through the laundry. Why would you buy something and wait to wear it?!? Didn’t you want it so badly that you just had to put it on and flaunt your new find?! And also, why buy something if you Couldn’t wear it yet or didn’t Need it??


Anyway. I found some shoes, loved the fact that I was wearing “grown up heels”, and was probably never the same after that closet-shopping experience/discovery.

Now, I’m pulling out items from Target that I’ve owned for 6+ months, never worn, and completely love. I also have two dresses that I bought over the summer and haven’t worn yet (but can’t wait to wear!), and pairs of heels that have only graced my feet once or twice (must be preserved. love.them.).

…..where or where did that 15 year old philosophy disappear to?


April 9, 2009

Slowly making it through the week

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Thursday has made a vey commendable attempt to throw me off this morning. Normally, I’m so pumped that it means Good TV and almost-Friday that “thursday” is synonymous with “Greeeat Mood!”.  Today? I woke up wayyyy too early (4:12 a.m. to be exact), tried to work out (story over here), came back Exhausted, and decided to start my laundry.

What kind of morning is that?!?

Productive, sure. But wow, too much going on before it’s even light outside.

On another note – I’ve considered myself to be on this side of “crazy” since Monday. I had a great weekend, which was honestly spent mostly with myself, and was honestly just what I needed. It’s pretty rare that I’m alone,  and this year I’ve really come to appreciate time when it’s Just ME in my head. But the rest of the week has been……just a little crazy. Up and down; job searching and pondering and working and commuting and planning for the next weekend. A lot has gone on over the past few months, and I’m still working on patience. It’s definitely not my forte and probably never will be.

But! Today it’s gorgeous outside, and it’s Thursday. Plus, after I head outttta here tomorrow I’m hittin the road. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen this friend, lots of catching up to do.

Anyway! I’ll be spending my day researching a certain form of “Avian Influenza”. If that doesn’t excite you, join the club. I’ll be spending my evening with Jim Halpert and a glass of wine. If that doesn’t excite you, that disappoints me.

Alright. One last thing;

*Happy Birthdayyyy Dad!!* Love you, so much.

March 16, 2009

Engaged and Single

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I remember specific conversations that we’ve had about this. I remember being a freshman in college and thinking She’s crazyyyy! How could somebody already know thats the person you want to marry?! Just. Crazy.

Then, we went through four years of being roommates, and she didn’t seem so crazy. We took road-trips to visit him, he took road-trips to visit her. Them together? That’s just how it was, and how it should be. No questions about it!

We’ve looked at Bridal magazines ( nope, you certainly don’t need a ring to do that!), and talked about her wedding stuff, found dresses in said magazines that are So-Her (and fabulous), etc etc etc. We’ve complained together, vented together, and been like Ooooh BOYS together. Ah, the joys of girly things.

Saturday. I finally got that text that I’ve been waiting for: “I”M GETTING MARRIED!! Call you soon!”


A few hours later I had the full story, and had asked a million questions, and had this huuuge smile on my face for her. Even after four years of knowing this day would be here soon enough, it still seems so weird that she’s engaged! That for the next many many months we will be talking/planning  wedding things. And loving it!

It also feels so weird for my Best Friend to be engaged after 5+ years of dating her guy, with me Single for the first time in 3+ years. We’re in two very different places, but we are both SO happy with life. That feels gooood.

March 13, 2009

Signing the list does you good

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Last week, while the hot-doggers were still around, we all hit up a “PSU Happy Hour Event” at a bar in DC. I joined the DC-area Alumni Association (sounds so adult-ish….) and let me tell you, these people are having events left and right! Whew.

So, we ventured out on a Thursday night (sounds so college-ish….) and joined them. It was fun! They even had name-tags for us. See….

me&lb.psuhappyhourUh. Anyway. There were a lot of those advertising people walkin around; the people who promote certain drinks, or “sign the happy hour raffle list!!”, or Boxing Classes in Georgetown (wait, whaaat? )….you know, those people.  Well since I was the only one in attendance who actually lives anywhere close to the place, they shoved that list at me and I said “Sure!” I’ll sign it. Why not?? Who doesn’t love getting Spam e-mail from random bars, right? Ehhhh.

Well, well. I got that Spam e-mail yesterday, which I almost didn’t check because who cares whats in the Spam box? But, it was a lone ranger. And I hate seeing that ” (1) ” next to the Spam. It’s annoying. So I clicked it to clear it.

What do I see? “Congrats! You’ve won a FREE OPEN BAR at ___________  !!” So I clicked that. I hesitantly responded to get the “details” and found out that I drink for Free, and my “friends” get drink specials from 7-9. I’m sure there are like anywhere from 5-10 “winners” per night/weekend/week/whatever. But hey, I won!!

So. I’m pretty pumped about it. And pretty glad I signed that list, because it gave me a Friday night of Free drinks! Which I’ll go ahead and say is well deserved after this week.  Good stuff.

March 1, 2009

Meeting the ACE

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I have a small announcement to make.

Tomorrow, I am meeting THE Ace of Cakes. Duff. From Charm City Cakes.

!!!!!!! O…M…G !!!!!!!!

So. As I mentioned, I took LB and AA (wienermobile-ers) to see the famous Cake shop last weekend. This was the second trip in a month for me. Yes, you can only stand outside and sit and stare. But, totally worth it. I looove that show and it’s so cool that the shop itself is just Right there.

Anyway. We went, took pictures, marveled, and got ready to go. LB had her business cards with her and somebody had an idea: write Duff a note on the back! Somewhere along the lines of…..”Hey, we drive the wienermobile and would love to come meet you, and we’ll bring the 27-foot long hot dog car!! Sincerely, LB”. Yea that’s not exactly what it said, but you get it. She left her cell # and we thought “Omg it’d be so cool if he called!”

Oh. He called.

A few days later I’m on the way back from work, and I get a call from a very excited LB. She had this message for me: THEY CALLED! WE’RE GOING TO THE CAKE SHOP MONDAY AT 11 !!!!!

Nevermind the fact that I have a huge presentation tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. It’s just a little project I’ve been working on for about 4 months. Which I’m very ready to get out of the way!

After that, I’m meeting up with those crazy hot-doggers and getting my camera ready!!

Just be patient. Pictures are coming.

February 2, 2009

A dose of Sweeet Mexico

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It’s a constant fake-battle between my Sister and I; the Southwest vs the East coast. Obviously I live in the latter, now. And most of the time when I get carded in a bar, or tell somebody where I’m “from”….I get some crazy reaction and/or an expression that reads; “How did you get here?!”. Or, “How do you speak English so well?!” Uh, yah.

So. The battle. She usually wins, especially around this time of the year. I’m up against sunny day after sunny day, and high-temps around 70. Plus, she has authentic Mexican food that’s served with fresh green chile. I mean, really?! I don’t even try.

Three years ago (living in FL), during a random dinner trip with LB, we wandered over to EPCOT Mexico. They have this amazing fake-Mercado, that sells all the fun “authentic” mercado type things. You know – somebreros, ceramics, tequila, chips, salsa. Yup, just like the real Mexican mercados. Well, guess what else they had?! These delicious little peanut-sugar candies, for like $0.25 a piece. I don’t pass up candy for a quarter. I just don’t.


I was addicted. I love them. They’re the perfect size and they crumble and they taste like peanuts and sugar. Because, that’s all they are. Ah, the simple things! As soon as I headed home for the summer, I discovered that they actually sell these in the Old Mexico, and the NEW Mexico. YES!!!!!

This means three things; I constantly ask the Sis to send me packages of them, I stock up on them when I can (i.e. about twice a year), and it’s one more thing she adds to the list of “Why Heather should move back”.

And when she brings this into the mix, I’m like “Okay, you win.”


The Roomie and I were out and about, and passed a Mexican Market squeezed in between Verizon Wireless and some old Barber Shop. Obviously, I had to go in. What if they had THE candies?! Chances were slim. But! I had to check.

I obviously wouldn’t be telling you this story in the excited fashion that I am (caps-n-all) if it ended badly. THEY HAD THE CANDY! And I was in heaven. I texted the Sis (in all caps) immediately and she was equally Shocked. I freakin stocked up on those little things and the woman at the counter was excited like I was the first purchasing customer of the whole day. Which made me feel a little guilty, because I was buying 25-cent candy. Oh well. I’ll be back!

Now our candy-corner in the kitchen is swarming with my favorite Sweet Mexican treat. Love.

January 25, 2009

Let’s talk about: Midol

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Are there guys who read this blog? I don’t know. You may or may not have input into this discussion, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Every Single Day somebody gets to this little blog by typing in a Google search about Midol. EVERY DAY. Yes, I wrote about it once….not too long ago. I love the stuff. Really, I do. Which is the problem. I have to keep my distance because there’s something in there that does not agree with me. I always get sick, there is no avoiding it (not even with the generic kind. I’ve tried. More than once).

So, I put it out there for you readers. And came to realize, I’m certainly not the only one that wonders about that magic little pill. Take a look at these searches (again. every day. seriously, it’s a little ridiculous)……

midol and coke” ……Uhhh what!? Do you mean Coke, like “coca cola”?? Please say yes. But also, please have a Really high tolerance for caffeine! Otherwise you might want to look into a sleeping pill. Although, that’s probably not a good combo either. I’m at a loss.

can you get high off of midol“…..I hope not. They’ll take it off the market. That can’t happen.

midol makes me feel weird“……Amen!! Gah. I hear ya. And if this isn’t a good weird, I have no advice for you. Because, like I said, I always get sick. But uh, sometimes I take it anyway. I’m not condoning this!! Just sayin.

midol and a hangover“…..Hm. You might just want to go with a cup of coffee on this one. Like, a big one? Brew it extra strong? Or maybe Midol gave you a hangover? Ew….ya got me on that one.

And they are basically all some version of any of the above. And I’m sure there is much more to say about it.

If you have any advice/input for these folks, personal experience/preference, etc……throw it out there!

January 18, 2009

the End of the Streak

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It had been 3 years since this happened. I saw him sitting in the median as we passed; lights off, on the lookout.  I knew he would come for me.


I may not have the best driving record…..but! in my defense, there was Cop  that specifically targeted high school students when I first got my license. I was quickly pulled over twice before learning my lesson; don’t speed on the way home from school. Got it.

Then I went to Florida for a semester, and worked at the Happiest Place on Earth. Who gets pulled over, driving to their first day of work in Disney World?!?! Oh, that would be me. Not to worry, even the cops are Happy there (no, they aren’t Disney cops). He was nice and warned me, “We’re out here a lot. It’s easy to speed on these roads.” Yes, yes. Very true.  It’s certainly not fun to be stopped on your way to work. Especially on your way to make some Magical moments.  I had to set my cruise control every day, just to be safe.

That was three years ago, and the last time I had any encounter of the sort. Until last night.

No big drama or mug shot or anything like that. I was going about 15 over on a highway at 1:30 in the morning, being the beloved DD for my buddies. The cop was basically hiding in the grass, as usual. But he was super nice, even telling us “Ladies” to “roll up the window and try to stay warm”. Okayyyy. Will Do. He was thoroughly confused by my NM license, the TX license plate (driving Roomie’s car), and the fact that for some reason we were between Annapolis and Baltimore. Short explanation, “Well, we’re Grad students.”. Ooooh.

I was lucky and got off-the-hook, but wow I forgot how much that experience freaks me out. Here’s to driving safely and right on the speed limit.

January 8, 2009

Behind the times?

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I’m at a new hospital for the next two weeks. Yesterday, I asked one of my new co-workers if he knew where the Charm City Cakes store is. Have you seen Ace of Cakes?! I looked it up online and you can’t go inside the bakery, but I’m not deterred. I still want a picture of Duff and his crazy store!

Anyway. This led to a Google-maps search, which led to the discovery that it’s a short 30 min. drive from the apt (even shorter from the hospital….afternoon field trip!? ). Then he goes, “Click on the google-man, and we can see what it looks like.”

And I go….”Um, what??”

Did you know about this??!! You can see an actual image of any place you search!! AND you can look around!

Obviously the next thing I did was look up my house, thinking there’s NO WAY that some little town in NM was part of this massive project (and by massive, I mean probably some satellite floating around up in space) that allows us to see Anywhere in the US. Well, guess what I saw? My house! My mom and sister’s cars hangin out in the front. Joined by one her friend’s car. And green trees. And our neighbors house. And the park we can see from our deck.

This is CRAZY. And a really fun!! But, a little creepy.

Some of the pictures from downtown Baltimore had actual people in them. Like they just happened to be chillin on the day this satellite just started shootin pictures all over the place. Can you imagine searching somewhere and seeing yourself there on the screen, completely oblivious to the fact that – in a way – you’re being watched?? Yah. Creepy right? Right.

Anyway. At the end of the day I had to tell the Roomie about my amazing discovery and she was all like “You didn’t know about that??” and I’m like – Damn, I’m behind the times.

So if you guys know about this, how long has it been there?? I use Google maps All The Time and never even noticed that little dude on the side! If you didn’t know about this, you’re about to go waste an hour of your time messing around with it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

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