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January 20, 2009

keep in touch

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I have two dates this week.

An old friend, and a new friend.

Friend #1? I’ve known since freshman year of college, basically since Day 1. She graduated early, moved to MD in February. I’ve lived here for 5 months, and have not seen her once. Um, I suck.

In fact, we haven’t even had a conversation since October, when we had planned a potential Christmas Shopping adventure. Clearly, this didn’t happen. Instead I spent my weekends traveling and doing homework and……renting movies? Gah. She works six days a week, is married, and lives an hour away. But! No excuses!

We have finally decided on dinner this Saturday, and I. Can’t. Wait. Let’s ignore the fact that I shouldn’t exactly be planning dinner dates, since the budget is forever tight. Because this? Is much needed.

Friend #2? Also lives in the area, and is also about an hour away (thanks traffic). Haven’t seen him since October, also for No. Good. Reason. I only know him because he stayed in our PSU apt twice with other friends of friends for the spring football weekend. Confusing, yes. But thats the shortest way to put it. Anywayyy. This week the Roomie and I are working close to where he lives, so we’ve decided to meet up tomorrow. Not sure what the plan is, early drinks? early dinner? early um, sit and chat? Who knows. We’ll see!

Usually our week-days and weekends are pretty uneventful around here. We’re tired from ‘work’ or ‘class’, or both. IT’s not technically a job, so we still have things to do when we get home. And when Friday rolls around? We usually keep things $-friendly, which doesn’t usually include bars/restaurants/going out. Every now and then we have a visitor and ‘go-all-out’. And every now and then I remember that, Yes, I do know a good amount of people in this area. But never actually see them.

Gotta switch it up over here. Trying to keep in touch.

Hmmmm, on a completely unrelated note…..I just realized there are a lot of bloggers in this MD-DC area. I know, because I read a few.

Blogger meet up???

Think about it.


January 13, 2009

Not a lover….yet

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Jack drove down to visit last week, and spoiled me by showing up on Wednesday.

We had a lot of fun, as usual, just doin the ‘normal’ things. Because they’re things that we don’t always get to do.

A Long distance relationship makes grocery shopping together ‘fun’. How ’bout that.

Saturday we went out to dinner. I’m still not really sure what restaurants are in the are, because Hi I have no extra spending $, so when I do spend, it’s usually on drinks/bars/traveling. Food? I can make that myself.

Anyway. There’s this place really close to our apt that has been recommended by 3 separate people. None of whom live even within 20 minutes of me, sooo I’m thinkin’ it must be good. Italian always makes for a good date right? Yesss.

I’m not a wine – lover. I want to be. It seems classy. When somebody has a “glass of wine” before (or with) dinner they look sophisticated. When I order a Vodka-tonic before dinner, I feel like I’m 22.¬† This place didn’t give me much of a choice though. Beer of wine, what will it be? Beer with bread and pasta¬† just seems like I’m just asking to be bloated all night. Ehhhh. Ew. So……Red wine? Gah. Sure.


To the first time I’ve ever ordered wine with dinner.
To the first time I’ve finished a glass of wine, on my own.
To the first time I haven’t made a face after the last few sips.
Aaaand, to the first time I actually got a little wine-buzz. Yessssss.

Date was a success! I’m still not a Wine-o, or even close. But hey, baby steps. I’m getting there.

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