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March 26, 2008

It’s like “No White” after Labor Day, right?

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So I’m sure that most of you have heard this “rule”…

You can’t wear white after Labor Day

This is in reference to white pants/shoes/shorts/skirts, not shirts. From what I assume, this is because these items tend to give off a ‘summery’ look that can seem inappropriate during the Fall/Winter months. Which I can understand, because in most cases it’s true. But rules are meant to be broken right? So people do it all the time. And I’m all for it! I love white and there are many-a-cute white outfits. As long as it’s tasteful and cute, do what you do! Even Stacy & Clinton agree (according to a sign pictured in the intro), that white IS permitted after Labor day.

I think there’s a different rule that needs to be put into effect, um, Now.

No Uggs after the first day of Spring!

Okay, first of all, it has taken me quite some time to get used to this whole “Uggs” thing. I have mixed feelings. I understand that they keep your feet warm, and are apparently really comfortable. In the cold, miserable, winter months, I am all for a shoe that is warm and comfortable. No, I don’t own Uggs, and never plan on it. But I see the logic. I gotcha.

Here’s what I will Never understand. Uggs + Leggings. Uggs + Mini-skirts.

These two combos have thrown all logic out the window. Why try to keep your feet warm if the rest of your body is freezing? Or, if it’s warm enough to bust out this outfit, you don’t need boots!! And you look a little ridiculous. Just so you know.

The high today was around 50º, and it was sunny (yes!). So, basically, it was a beautiful spring day. Want to know what looks ridiculous when it’s beautiful and springy and sunny? Ugg Boots. Your feet clearly don’t need them. Give it up. The “Ugg” season is over. Pack them up with the winter wardrobe and move on. In fact, maybe you have some white shoes you’ve been wanting to wear? And by shoes, I mean not-boots. That’d be great. I look forward to seeing them.

Oh, and did anybody else hear that “jellies” are coming back?!?! I’m speechless.

((Update: Apparently I have offended the masses. Just to clear it up, I have no problem with Ugg boots themselves. I just think they look winter-ish, and aren’t appropriate for Spring. Take it as you will. Oh, and they really shouldn’t be worn with mini skirts. I think we can all agree on that, right? Ehhhh. Do what ya do. ))


January 21, 2008

A Monday Dose of “Ew”

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 After four years of dorm/frat/apartment parties and nights out at the bars, there are few things that will surprise me or gross me out.  Yet, this student population continues to amaze me.  I have to say this one tops the “Did he seriously just do that?” list.

We walked into a bar called the “Den” on Friday night.  It was pretty packed, as usual.  There are tables scattered around that people can stand by to put drinks down, talk, etc. You have to get there pretty early to grab a table for the night.  Since we arrived  late, we bought our drinks and coveted “half” of a table.  The other half was occupied by a group of guys, their drinks and a lot of empty cups.

After a while they had all kind of wandered off, leaving one straggler.  He was standing sort of next to/behind me, just sipping his drink and minding his own business. Fine with me, no problem.

Only a few minutes passed before I hear a coughing/spitting/choking noise from behind me.  With some hesitation, I turned around.  I guess to make sure “kid behind me” is doin’ alright, or to see if it was even him? I don’t really know why I turned around. I could have gone without seeing what I did.

“Kid behind me” did not feel good.  In what I can only assume and hope was a last-minute decision, he had decided that the best place to vomit was the cup in his hands. Just standing right there. Behind me. At the table.


Just so you know, there are trash-cans and bathrooms in this bar.  It’s not a big place.  He had plenty of time to utilize one, or both, of these resources. But no, he chose a cup and a table full of people (who are now disgusted).

He proceeded to put the cup back down, on the table that we were still using, and walk away!! Yup, he just left his cup-o-vomit right there, fled the scene, and forever marked his spot on the list of crazy & disgusting things I have witnessed on a Friday night.

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