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December 24, 2008

No dreaming here, it’s definitely White

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The snow is piling up over here! For the first time in the last four years, there is more snow here at home, than the East had when I left. Reallyy?? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?! Shouldn’t I be coming home to the mild winter temperatures of the desert-y Southwest?? Geeze.

Despite this, I have no complaints. The snow is still comin’ down in spurts, and the temperatures have no intention of rising. We wont’ have to dream of a “white” Christmas. It is mostly certainly here.
a white blanket on the porch

a white blanket on the porch

Anyway. Next week I’ll be in Pasadena. Where the temps are predicted to be 70-73. Sunny. And I’ll be watching Penn State Football. Soo, Life is Good.

*Merry Christmas Internets!*


December 10, 2008

My treat, to Me

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A new addition; an LBD.

For the past four months, I have only bought clothes on one condition (aside from silver wedding shoes): Can I wear this to work?? Because now that I have to dress in work-clothes 5 days a week, I am bored by them….about 4 days a week.

As mentioned earlier, we did a liiiittle shoppin’ on Sunday. I was only looking for black ankle boots, work-appropriate (of course. Gah). Which I found, and which are fabulous. Also which, it turns out, are not very comfortable for an entire work-day. I’ll get over it. Christmas gifts were on the agenda too, that’s a given.

Well let me wander into H & M and all missions/self control are lost. I don’t absolutely love everything in that store, but they do have some amazing deals. Like rows and rows of jewelry, most of which is less than $8. Plus, tons of scarves, and reallyyyy good sales. I thought to myself, maybe they have cute (cheap) holiday-ish dresses……

Finally! Something I’ve purchased that I certainly will Not be wearing to work. But might be caught wearing around the apt, just because I’m so excited that it’s not “business casual”. Nope. Instead, it goes right into my LBD – collection. Yessssss.

Behold. My “holiday” dress….at a beautiful $35. Thanksssss H & M. (paired with my favorite Little Black Shoes.)


Now, how to accessorize? That will be saved for shopping trip numero Dos.

December 2, 2008

Now that December is here

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I’ve got things to do!

My “to-do” list has become a little bit daunting. It’s not even on paper yet, just swarming around in my head, intimidating me in theory.

Don’t worry, it’s not stressful (ehhh, maybe a little bit. but I’m sick of that word. sooo, No).

It’s just….December. As in, the end of this year. As in…..whoa.

I have to start Christmas shopping. This is always a little bit tricky, since I have to pack all the extra things I buy and bring them home with me. And this year, I have to think a little bit harder. For the past 4 years there was at least one person that got Penn State stuff. Yup, it’s a cop out. But people looove it. So it’s a good excuse. And by ‘people’, I mostly mean my parents. They’ve got quite a collection of paraphernalia now, and not one complaint. The siblings have also received their fair share, but only upon request! And I ask for their stuff in return. Who wouldn’t love to sport some home-state love on the other side of the country, right? Right.

I have to prepare for my first ‘office’ Christmas party. Not that I work in an office, or even with the same people on a monthly basis. But there are 8 of us interns, and we have all been invited to the Director’s casa for some holiday celebrating. This gives me an excuse to buy a cute holiday dress, which would be the first non-work clothing item I’ve purchased in quite some time. Yesssss.

I have one more topic of homework to turn in, which is currently about 75% done. I couldn’t begin to tell you how good that feels to type. Almost.DONE !!!! Then I have a Major-Case study to do after the break. Which is next year, so we won’t think about that just yet.

I have to mentally prepare myself for the ROSE BOWL. Because, um, we’re going! I don’t just mean Penn State, because obviously Penn State is going. I mean WE ARE GOING. My dad bought tickets moments after the Michigan State victory (not even 100% sure yet that the Lions would be there, but um, 99.99999% sure. and hoping.). This means on January 1, 2009 I’ll be sitting in row 77 with my family (decked out in their gear. see above, re: Christmas presents πŸ˜‰ ) watching my team play in the National Championship. Life is good.

There. Now my to-do list is typed. Well, the big things are. Hello December, I’m excited to see you.

November 25, 2008

Off to the land of troubled car people

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I’ll be leaving straight from class this afternoon, flying out of BWI and landing in Detroit, MI.

Arriving at 10 p.m. , marking the beginning of a 5 day Break. Yesssss!

This is one city in Michigan I’ve definitely never been to, not even in the airport. This surprised me, because I’ve been through a Lot of random airports. All I know about it is that Eminem lived on 8 mile and the car factories are pulling their hair out right now. Not good. Luckily, I’ll be in and out very quickly. It’s just en route to the final destination (more central MI), where I won’t be with family, but will be with some special people.

I’m thankful for a little escape from this busy life.

I’m thankful that I’m flying, not driving. Even with gas prices constantly dropping (keep going!!), I have no desire to brave the snow that is drenching that state right now.

I’m thankful that I have parents who can, and gladly do, help me out in times of tight-budgets, and still want me to have a fun holiday, home or not.

I’m thankful that despite a very recent change of status, we can still be good friends. And still want to spend this holiday together.

I’m thankful that his parents love Green Chili enough that I can cook them a New-Mexican dinner on Wednesday night, and that will be my “thank you” for giving me lots of delicious holiday eats on Thursday. Flowers just wouldn’t travel well, and food is always better…….right? Right.

I’m thankful that I somehow convinced myself to only pack 3 pairs of shoes. Well, technically 2, since one pair will have to be on my feet. And also amazed at the space this opens up in my big ol’ suitcase.

I’m thankful that when I come back, I have 3 weeks of clinical left, and then I’m flying hooooome for the most wonderful time of the year.

And I’m thankful that I finally have a laptop (not really “new”, but 5 months later it’s still a novelty to me!), and I can travel with my life and entertainment in one little 5- lb bag.

To the rest of you traveling today, be safe!! And just sing in the car if traffic makes you want to ram into the person next to you. It helps, trust me.

October 9, 2008

Always excited with the pumpkin socks

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As I’m moving in…..the conversation went a little something like this…..

Mom: “I guess I don’t need to send you holiday packages anymore, since you aren’t ‘technically’ still in college….”
Me:”Um…whaaat?? I’m kind of still in college…. I’m not making money, soooo thats like ‘student’-ish! No. You definitely still have to send me holiday packages. I will have nothing else to look forward to! I’ll only get cable bills, and electrical bills, and grocery adds for the 100000 stores that surround me but cost $$$$, and the occasional Kraft magazine. But then my (always Super EARLY) holiday packages will come, and I’ll be excited.”
Mom: “………(whoa). Ha, okay. Okayyy. Maybe you’ll still get them. We’ll see….” (such a tease)
Me: “(*sigh*) Good. I really love my collection of holiday socks. That cannot be discontinued…yet.”

Yess!! I loooove me some Mom-mail. This package was on my doorstep after our “class day” on Monday. Could not have been more perfect timing. Coming out of two 3 hr lectures, traffic, a day that nearly killed my feet (see below:heels. gah.) Seriously, I am constantly amazed at how early these show up. And there’s absolutely no way I’m waiting until ‘halloween’ to open it. Psh. There’s candy in there. Which I know will include peanut m&ms (it’s just her styyyle). Not. Happening.

What else is always included in these little packages? Socks. Holiday themed socks. Who needs holiday socks? Nobody. But I love them. I have socks with pumpkins, easter eggs, hearts, more pumpkins, purple butterflies (might have been easter? not sure….)…..umm, yah.

You also see a dishtowel (another collection in the works….), oven mitts, Flips!!, gum, and……

Look closely, in the right corner, out pokes a brand new Toothbrush. Yup, she knows that candy is goin fast.*yum*

July 7, 2008

Hangin’ at Havana Beach

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LB’s friends have this expression “______’s (insert name) in London!!”
They use this to describe somebody who is faaaar gone. Meaning drunk. Veryyyy drunk.
You have left the sober world, and entered, uhhh London?
You get it, right? Right.

We had a 4th of July party on Friday at our casa. Lots of family friends, food, drinks, water-balloon launching off our deck…you know, the works.

And where was I on Friday night? Oh, I was hangin’ at Havana Beach.

((Recipe: Rum, pineapple juice, and a splash of ginger ale))

After about five too many drinks, it was definitely an interesting fiesta. And an interesting day at the hospital on Saturday. Ehhhhh. I had to take a 20 minute nap in a “meditation room” (how appropriate, I know), because I barely had the energy (coordination, balance….) to walk from room to room. Seriously, Not Good.

According to my sister, when you wake up saying “Omg, I’m never drinking. Ever. Again.”…..that’s when you know you had a good night! Ha. Not so sure I agree, but we’ll roll with it…. πŸ˜‰

Even though I wasn’t allowed to hold a sparkler, it was a fun little party. It’s kind of a tradition around our house to have a ‘summer’ party-whether it’s at the beginning, for the 4th, or in August. This is the first time in a few years that we’ve all been able to come home for this weekend, so we went all out. Unfortunately I was also working every day, but I survived.

Yes, this last one is juuust in case you were wondering what exactly a ‘water balloon launcher’ is. Um, it’s exactly what it sounds like. And what is the boy’s faaavorite activity at dinner parties? Launching water balloons. Yup. Actually, it’s really entertaining to watch. Sometimes they go about two feet and get them all soaked. Sometimes it goes about 300 yards and we are all like “oooooh”. Sometimes it hits the target they are aiming for (shed at the park, down below), and then we’re Really impressed.

p.s. I’m in the white, the Sis is in green. Yes, we look alike.

Hope you all had a funnnn holiday weekend!

July 4, 2008

Easy as 1-2-3

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We always have a ‘desert’ around the kitchen. It’s dangerous, really, but mmmm So good.

I’m not a huuge fan of brownies, just because I get sick of the chocolate taste. Really, just a liiittle too much. So I’d rather mix it up a little bit. Peanut butter on top? Walnuts? Caramel drizzle? It all works. It’s all delicious.

Little did I know, hiding on the back of the Betty Crocker Brownies box….is the most amazing recipe brownie recipe everrrr (sick of hearing the word ‘brownie’ yet?). Just sitting right there in front of me, all this time. I never noticed it, until last week……

Cookies n’ Cream Brownies

Click here to get the recipe. Basically, it goes like this….

1) Mix and Bake the brownies as directed. (Only exception: use a 13 x 9 pan)

2) Cover the top with vanilla frosting. Go crazy, use as much as you want.

3) Top it off with crumbled “chocolate cream-filled sandwich cookies”. Aka: Oreos!!!! Gah, I love Oreos. They can seriously do no wrong. If a recipe involves Oreos, it should come with a warning::watch out, get what you want now! Because Heather will consume ALL of it.

Looking for a quick and easy desert for a 4th BBQ…here ya go! Who doesn’t love brownies? And really, who doesn’t love Oreos?

Happy 4th of July!

Now, go make a drink and have a brownie. Yummm.

May 5, 2008

One Down

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Helloooo Finals week.

I just finished what was supposed to be my “hard” final, and it’s only 9 in the morning. It started at 8 (ughhh), and I was done within an hour. I’m notorious for being the first person done, and I haaate it. So sometimes I just sit there and wait until somebody else gets up. Actually, I do this every time. Who knows why.

Anyway, that puts me at: 1 down, 1 to go! Seriously. ONE final Exam, and then I’m done with college! Weird feeling. It shouldn’t even be that bad because our teacher writes the study guide afterΒ  she writes the exam. It’s perfect. She basically gives us the test. Lovely.

After I work today me and LB are goin’ down to grab a Margarita and celebrate my desert heritage (ehhh, or something like that) and Cinco de Mayoooo. I’d say there could be an argument as to why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in this country, but then again, why do they celebrate the 4th of July in Cancun? And on that note, how do I know they celebrate the 4th of July in Cancun? My family was there last summer. Ponder that one. And I guess we don’t really “celebrate” it, so much as use it for an excuse to eat more tacos and have festive drinks. No complaint there.

Anyway! I think it’s a pretty awesome way to start off the week. I’m pumped for some Mexican comida (food) and bebidas (drinks). Yummyyy.

((also, hop over and visit LB. She’s got a lot going on over there, and some really cute pics πŸ™‚ xoxo))

December 21, 2007

Mi Casa para Los….Holidays

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(Anyone who knows how to say “holidays” en Espanol??)

Finals are over, and the semester is done.
I’ve traveled afar, to a place that sees sun.
Back in the Southwest with my family and friends,
to celebrate the holidays and bring the New year in.

It feels wonderful to finally be back in New Mexico for a nice loooong break from school! With no homework or tests to think about I can actually relax. Since arriving last night I have unpacked, finished Christmas shopping, and baked S’mores brownies. My sister is always baking something, so these were the first of many delicious desserts that I’m sure will be made over the next three weeks. She is a freshman in college this year, but already plans on getting a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, and then going on to Culinary School to specialize in Pastry Arts. Basically, we always have good desserts on hand. We love to go through magazines like Cooking Light (be weary of the cookies, but everything else is usually So good!), Kraft (of course!), and Bon Apetit. The recipes in Bon Apetit are usually a little more complex, but she’s learning and every time I’m home she is making something more and more complicated. Yummyyyy.

Today we went with something simple, the S’mores Brownies. This recipe can be found on the side of the box of Brownie Mix. As usual, we added a little “twist”. Obviously if you love s’mores, it doesn’t get any better than this! Except for the fireside golden-brown marshmellow melting the chocolate on the graham cracker. BUT, since most of us are spending out time inside during the winter, these make a perfect match!

S’mores Brownies

1 box Brownie Mix
3 cups Mini-Marshmellows
5 Honey Graham Crackers (crushed)
1 cup Peanut Butter Chips

Prepare the brownies as directed on the box. Bake for the time designated in the recipe (Or, if you prefer your brownies a little “soft” like we do…bake for about 3 minutes less). After they have baked and are still warm from the oven, add the marshmellows and peanut butter chips on the top. Place the browneis back in the oven for 2 minutes. Top with the crushed graham crackers.

Eat & Enjoy!!! πŸ™‚

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