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April 14, 2009

only so many words

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I did a lot of talkin’ about ME on the other blog today, soooo, I’m keepin it short.

‘Cause some days, there’s only so much I have to talk about.

It was Day 1 on the new job; we’ll be here for 6 weeks. This is the last major rotation before I’m doooone with this internship thing. And it feels So good to say that.

The next 6 weeks will be more office-work, more Resource searching/reviewing, and more web site stuff.
Likes: writing, reading up on current Nutrition news/studies/etc, working with computers and learning more about different programs.
Dislikes: sitting for 8 hoursssss, no people-interaction (besides coworkers, obviously. we’re not Completely ignored as the ‘interns’), no medical jargon (sometimes I feel smart just throwin it around), and more sitting.

I like to be on the moooove and I like chattin’ it up with patients/people/clients/whateva! I just do.

Another road trip is in the works for this weekend, and I am SO SO SO excitedddd. Remember how I cleaned my car yesterday? It’s so proud of me, and lookin sexy. Seriously. It’s a hott car.

For TV tonight? I’m totally addicted to “Real Housewives NYC Season 2”. Did anyone see the article about LuAnn in People last week???! Ah, sad day.  And I’m also watching TBL (The Biggest Loser), because that’s what I do on Tuesdays!

And that’s life for right now.


April 1, 2009

Usually I’m a Big fan of Rollercoasters

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Seriously, I Love them. Show me any crazy, looping, 100-ft dropping, twisting, turning Rollercoaster….and I’ll hit it up. And enjoy every second.

But this rollercoaster I’m on right now? Not a fan. At all.

The ride started in August, when I decided to jolt a 3 year Relationship at the same time I was moving to a new state and starting off the 10-month-unpaid-internship Life. Let’s add unparalleled levels of stress (so far….), adjusting to life on a Budget and trying to salvage the long-distance relationship into the mix. Sure, that sounds rational.

Between work, homework, training, traveling, adjusting, and trying to stay within the budget while still enjoying city-life…..I think I lost a few things. Like, um, my sanity. Honestly. Some days I feel like a completely insane version of myself.

Then, somewhere in the middle of all of that, I realized I love this field (good thing too; a Useful Degree is a happy degree).  I really love living in a city.  I love that there are Ridiculous amounts of Penn Staters around here, and I’m excited at the possiblities of New things (i.e….a job, apartment, happy hours….).

I miss having my best friends (i.e. my Roomies) around. When I do get to spend time with them, I dread going back to my new Reality. There are people around here I like too, but, I just want to feel “settled” somewhere.

I miss being 100% Sure (100% of the time) that the choice We, and then I, made was the right one. This comes and goes, in large waves. Sometimes they’re manageable, and sometimes I have no idea how to handle it. There are days when the whole being “single” concept is exciting and a little refreshing, and some days when I miss that happiness more than I know how to deal with. I guess three years of memories, friendship, and fun random adventures together will do that. And I guess being even a little bit patient with the whole situation would help immensely. I’m working on that.

On the up-side, I’m completely in love with working in downtown DC right now. We walked about a mile yesterday during lunch and were greeted with the White House and strings of blooming Cherry Blossoms. Then we walked half a mile in the opposite direction after work and met up with some people for Happy Hour in Dupont Circle. Ooooh city life. I heart you.

Oddly enough, the day is ending on a little high. It certainly didn’t start that way, but thats the excitement of a rollercoaster. You go up and down and never know when the turns are coming, but eventually you get to the end….and think ‘Ah, what a riiide.’

March 11, 2009

Thinking ahead

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While this may be a “slow” week compared to the last three, its still far from it. Theme meal is tomorrow. Agh. Lately, I’ve just been thinking ahead…..

….to anytime after 2 p.m. tomorrow. Luncheon done and successful? Fingers. Crossed.  Then I’ll really feel closer to June, when this is Completely over.

…to St. Patty’s Day!! On a Tuesdayyyy. Uh, whoooo. I’ve never done anything celebratory for this holiday besides wearing green every so often. I wasn’t 21 to celebrate in college until Senior Year. And I can’t, for the life of me, remember what we did last year. Not because I was that drunk, I just….really, can’t remember. It was Monday, so my guess would be work or something? And it was probably still snowing so I was probably like ,wtf?! Hmmm….Who knows.

Last night I actually Googled “events”/”best bars” in Baltimore for this crazy Irish holiday. The results were pretty interesting! And the fact that I even did some research is saying a lot right now. Sooo…we’ll see where this goes…

…to March 20th. For no other reason than this: FIRST DAY OF SPRING. Even if the high is nothing more than 40 (well…. lets shoot for like, 50? how about that?), it will no longer be Winter. And I’ll just smile about that.

…to Cherry Blossom Season! Apparently this is gorgy in DC, so I’m excited for it. I don’t need an excuse to hop on the Metro and explore the streets of DC for an afternoon. I love it. If hundreds of pink blooming trees are thrown into the mix, I’ll love that too.

….to the last weekend in March. Half-marathon #4! In Pittsburgh, again! All of which means I get a half-day off of work, a road trip, and a weekend with one of my faaavorite college roomies. Good stuff.

…and….to bedtime. Like, now. I’m exhausted, and there’s a Big day ahead.

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