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April 21, 2009

Just stay Classy, Happy Valley

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I try to keep things classy at all times.

Except when I’m lounging in my sweats or running clothes, or at the gym. Yes, those are exceptions.

How do I exude class?

I avoid outfits where the inside-my-head-reaction to somebody else in the same clothes would be “Omg – not cute”. I have realized in the last 5 years (hello, East coast weather) that tank tops are not Always the way to go and sometimes open-toed shoes look ridiculous. Just sayin’. And hey – if it’s nice outside – do what ya do.

I also aim for the “don’t chug….. Sip” idea. I’m not guaranteeing anything here…..but! it’s not classy to be carried home, blacked out and/or puking on the way. Ew. Thankfully I’ve avoided (most of) that, but a chug has made it’s way in here and there. Just bein’ honest.

Last, but of certain importance, keep the dance floor friendly. You know what I mean.

These are three simple ‘rules’, right?

Happy Valley, sometimes you add too much into the mixxxxx.

Friday night may have included an extra pitcher (or two) of Bacardi & Diet that we certainly didn’t “need”. But it also included a goooorgeous 50 degrees and seats on the patio, people watching, and chattin’ it up. Love.

Saturday night…..

Might have been a few $1 drink specials, which might have been preceded with a cup or two from the Keg (apartment parties?? when was the last time you did That? yup.). I took the Roomie to a club we Frequented (that could be an understatement) as classy PSU seniors. By “we” I mean my college Roomies. Ah, I miss them.

It was surpringly slow until around midnight, which I attributed to all those craaazy day-drinkers who probably had a little too much fun during the Springy afternoon. Who knows! But my girl that we were visiting had to work and didn’t meet up with us til around midnight anyway. Worked out pretty well.

Let’s just say – it got crowded and hotttt (really, sweating. not attractive) very quickly! Suddenly being up and dancing (i.e. actually moving!) makes those $1 sips go right to the head. Whew.

Let’s also just say that some randoms were breaking up the girl-circle. Which is cool, but keep it classy, right? Ehhhh.

Out of nowheeeere one homeboy went IN for the kill (by kill, I clearly mean lips). NO NO NO. This is not okay!

Now. Let me just say – that will quickly sober you up, and feel very Un-classy. Gross.

We got lucky – “Last call!” announcement promptly followed this, which signaled us “Time to Peeeeace”.

He goes, “Oh, you’re heading out?”

I go, “haha! …Uh. YEA.”

Gotta stay classy, random dude.


January 29, 2009

Homework in the kitchen

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Not my greatest idea. But, I just can’t do anymore work in my room. Distractions are inevitable either way, but there is not enough space on my desk. So, I usually just spread my stuff out on my bed. I prop up my pillows and sit with my lap-top lap-pad (aka, my thighs’ best friend. it takes away from the ridiculous lapt-top-bottom heat, ow ow).

Turns out that after a few hours of this, I’ve only finished about half the work I intended to do. The bed? Not the best place for home-work doing. I want to sleep, I want to curl up with my covers, I want to turn on my heater because it’s freezing in my room and then get frustrated because Whoa that air gets really hot, and I want to …… do anything except homework.

So, last weekend I tried something new. The last resort here will be actually leaving the apartment, but ugh, so much effort. Last weekend I relocated to the kitchen. There’s a nice dining table, the heater actually works out there, I can refill my coffee very quickly…….

Seriously,why did I not do this earlier?!

I will admit, I am much more productive out there. For whatever reason it’s not as exciting doing internet time-wasting things when I’m sitting at a table with my books and notes right within my reach (rather than spread all around my bed). But, somehow I let one little detail slip my mind…..

The Kitchen is holding all my snacky foods! They’re right there. So close. So easy to get to. Dangittttt.

It takes a little bit Lot of will-power to sit and work and not get up every 15 minutes for a ‘stretch’ and um, also grab a handful of this and that. And not set out the ice-cream to melt a little bit so I can go do more work and then enjoy the melted deliciousness in….another 15 minutes. Oh, man.

SO. I may have to get super creative, and find somewhere else to sit and write about nutrition and antibiotics and diet therapies. Or just accept the fact that apparently I have an upper-limit for productivity and avoiding distractions.

Yup. That’s cool too.

October 27, 2008

This is my treadmill theory

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After two weeks of nothing but treadmill-running, I finally ventured outside again. Because it was absolutely gorgeous, and I have to take advantage of it while i can. Plus, I sweat like a crazy person in that gym, and it gets a little tiring.

Treadmills have their assets. You always know how far you’ve gone, even if it is just a little bit off. You know how long you’ve been running, and you can even make some hills if you want (which I never do, because thats too hard. but ya know, if you wanted to….). But the best part, you always know your pace. For interval training, I think this is awesome. There’s no doubt that you’ll keep that 7:23 minute/mile pace because if you don’t, well, you’ll fly off the machine. Which will probably hurt a lot more than the last lap of that fast mile. And that’s more than enough motivation for me.

But then there’s that whole running-inside thing. And when it’s still 60º and sunny, and the leaves are changing into their gorgeous oranges and yellows, and it’s just that perfect fall day…..there’s absolutely no reason to be inside. I’m ooout.

As soon as I got started I looked down to see Garmin reporting a “8:06 min/mile” pace. My thoughts: Uh whaaat? Sweet. I’ll take it.

I felt awesome, I knew I was going fast, but it was natural. I wasn’t pushing it, just goin’ with it. And I actually kept the pace between 8:00-8:25 for the entire run, which may have only been 4 miles. but thats a pretty quick 4 miles for me. I easily could’ve run 4 more. Except I was getting sweaty and the parents were picking me up for dinner in about half an hour. Must. Stop. and Shower.

I don’t know if it was the feeling of freedom; not being confined to that rotating belt and that number telling me how fast/slow I’m going. Or the 60º sunshine in late October (omg, please don’t go anywhere.). Or just the fact that for almost 3 weeks I’ve been running in a way that I’ve been forced to keep a pace, so that’s just where I’m at. I just don’t know, but I love it.

A treadmill might not give you the hills and turns and sunshine and scenery, but it definitely still gives you a workout. Along with a little threat to keep your pace. I like it.

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