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November 23, 2008

Couldn’t procrastinate if I tried

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I’m coming off of a Penn-State-weekend-with-the-roomies (and tailgating + FOOTBALL!!!) high.

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But. Tomorrow is Monday. Which means it will be promptly deflated.

It also means I have to pack, again. Usually I procrastinate with packing, and make lists, and do laundry, and bring out the suitcase to let it sit empty in my room for at least one night before I think about stuffing things into it.

Well. I just unpacked, put things away, made a new pile for laundry, made a new list for the next trip, and will re-pack in 24 hours. This time in a real suitcase (instead of my little duffel bag), and for a real trip (meaning more than 2 days). All of which will have to be done after an 8-hour “class” day. Everything has to be ready to jet by Tuesday morning, because I’ll be leaving that evening, coming straight from yet another “class” day. Ehhhhh.

I’m definitely ready and excited for a break. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving!! But that can only be a good thing. Right? Yes. That means in 3 weeks I’ll actually be able to go HOME. And nothing sounds better than that right now.

Because guess what I’ll be doing over my “holiday” break…….


((Did you see that WIN on Saturday?!?! Gooooo State!))

To watch Football, cheer on my Lions, see Joe Pa, and spend a few days in Cali with the fam. Oh, yesssss.

Clearly there is too much on my mind to think about packing. And this time, I couldn’t even procrastinate if I tried. That’s rough.


August 18, 2008

Just hopin I don’t hit the 50 lb mark

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Every time I pack to come home or go back, I’m holding my breath…hoping that each suitcase is under that 50 lb limit. I’m usually within ounces. Seriously, ounces.

So here I am, ready to head back East again. Spending the summer in my beloved desert has spoiled me…oh so much. Dry air, sunny skies, no rain. What’s not to love? Aside from 100 degree heat, but we’ll let that slide. I have no idea what kind of climate I’m heading into. All I know is that you can’t get much worse than central/northern Pennsylvania. And if it does get worse than that, please don’t ever take me to that place.

What I do know is that I’m not going back to Happy Valley. I’m not going back to my roomies. I’m not going back to a random class schedule. I’m not even going back to my library job.

Nope. Instead I’m going to a new state, with a new apartment & roomie, a new ‘school’ (or type of schooling), and NO job. Ehhhhh.

But….I will also be joined by a new computer, a new phone, and a new GPS system so I don’t end up wandering around the East coast like a headless chicken. Yessss. Nothin’ like some new beginnings, right? Right.

Let’s just hope these beginnings don’t start off with a $50 fine reminding me that I have too much of my life stuffed into each suitcase. *fingers crossed*

July 18, 2008

Makin’ a list…

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We’re hittin’ the road around 1:30, and of course I have yet to pack. I did make a list though, last night.  It’s no surprise that for only two days, I have allll kinds of things I want to bring. Mostly because…a) we don’t know exactly what we’re doing Saturday night yet. Nice restaurant? Casual dinner & beer? Casino?? A girl has to be prepared you know….and b) I don’t know what kind of accomodations our hotel-cabin-thing will have. I’m thinking I need to bring stuff for breakfast, since most ‘continental’ breakfasts don’t start at 4 a.m. Will they have a little coffee maker? Should I pack a toaster? Ehhh, that’s definitely never been on the ‘list’ before. Hmmm.

I have my running out fit all set out. I’ve worn the same thing for the last 3 long runs, after discovering what works/what doesn’t. Last time I was training it was about 35-40 degrees outside. That made it pretty easy to decide what I didn’t want to wear. Now, I’m in 80º dry air…things have changed a little bit. After some trial and error, I figured it out.

A few days ago at the hospital I was looking for something to read while I took a little break. People donate magazines all the time, so basically every waiting-room/lounge area is full of quite a variety.  I picked up a “Runner’s World” from Sept 07 (whoa, old).  Why have I not read this before?! I love it!! I do remember scanning through one a looong time ago and not being too interested. Sure, I liked to run, but since it focuses mostly on training and marathons…I think it was a little out of my league at the time.  I thought I’d save it to read in the car, but I started looking and proceeded to pretty much read every page. Uh, oops. A trip to the store to grab the latest issue might be in the plans today.

Well, I’m off to actually put the things on the list into a bag. With my packing habits (ehh, I get so distracted, I haaate packing), I should be done within the next four hours before we leave.

I’m soo ready for this. I hope Utah is too 😉

Happy weekending*

May 6, 2008

Pile by Pile

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Confession: I am a huge pile-maker.

I don’t make huge piles. I just make them over and over. I clean them up, and I make them again in the same spot. They mainly take over two places: my desk, and the space next to my bed. Well, plus the bookshelf above my desk. But that’s going to take a whole day of devotion. Because then I’d have to also go into how I save EVERYTHING from my classes. Which I proceed to NEVER look at again. Until I throw it away. Gah.

Knowing that I have to pack up my room next week means that these piles need to be gone. They consist of pretty useless stuff, so this isn’t a big problem. However, I have to look at everything before I throw it away, because the theory here is that I saved these things for a reason. “Theory” being the key word in that sentence. Why do I have the syllabus from last semester’s class? Why do I have grocery receipts from February? Why do I have notes from my Elective sophomore year?! This could go on for a while….

Tonight I cleared off my desk and nightstand. Tomorrow I might move up to the bookshelf, but that is a daunting thought. Maybe I should study for that last final instead? Ehhhh, I’ll take the non-existent option 3 please.

I did finally put away the laundry I did on Friday. We’re making progress.

January 11, 2008

Packin’ Up

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Packing is always a challenge for me. I never know what to bring and what not to bring. I always bring too much. I’m always worried that my suitcase(s) will be over the 50 lb limit when I fly home. I never plan ahead and leave some space, despite the fact that I always have more stuff going back due to shopping, gifts, etc.

The long breaks are harder, obviously because I pack a lot more. I want to have everything with me when I’m home, so I always over-do it. The first thing I do when I get home is UNpack, because there’s nothing I hate more than living out of a suitcase. Even if I’m only here for a few days, everything is out of the suitcase and into the closet right away! Then I put my suitcases where I can’t see them. Then, I can relax.

Today, I have load it all up again. Between Christmas, traveling, shopping and more shopping….I have accumulated a lot of things. All of it has to fit back into the two big suitcases I brought with me, that were full to begin with. Ehhhhh.

Then there’s the question of what will be my “carry-on”, and what to pack in that. As a frequent flier and victim of the new regulations on what is allowed/not allowed in your carry-on bag, these are what I consider essentials:

  • Ipod
  • Wallet (don’t forget that ID!!!)
  • Gum
  • Magazine(s)
  • Lotion (that now has to be under 3 oz, and in a plastic bag. Because clearly plastic bags will protect us from the terrorists)
  • A good book

I used to always bring a bottle of water to avoid having to buy one for $3, but that’s not allowed anymore. No liquid over 3 oz, and like I mentioned above, all liquids have to be in a small plastic bag. I have yet to figure out how this is protecting us from anything. Any insight into this?? I always wonder….

I do have some buddies around here that like to “help” me pack. We have 3 cats that all love to climb into a bag or box of any form, whether they fit or not. Then they peek their cute little heads out and purr. 🙂 They are always so proud of themselves for finding a way into this new contraption. When I pull out empty suitcases to start the packing process, they have a new playground. They immediately climb in, lay down, and look up at me like “Hey can I come too??” Personally, I would love to bring them back to school with me. But they definitely would not fit, or be any help towards meeting that 50 lb mark (they are a little large, in LB‘s words “WHOA! big ass cats”. haha)



Alright, back to the disaster that is currently my room. This is an all day task, not fun. Only to unpack it all tomorrow. Which is actually really fun around our apartment, because we all run around showing off our New stuff and trying on each other’s clothes/shoes. That is the only thing that makes this process exciting. 🙂

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