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April 19, 2009

my first love on the East coast

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A very successful road trip back to Happy Valley over the weekend left me with lots of pictures and an ever growing appreciation for that University in the middle of nowhere, PA.

Not to mention a new hair style, fewer dollas in the bank, and some new unnecessary fun purchases from the Bookstore. Yes, I got the magnet for my dad. And yes, I bought myself one too. I’m contemplating putting a sticky note on my dashboard “washing the car? TAKE OFF THE MAGNET”.  I think it would be effective. And that little Lion’s paw looks so cute, definitely worth it!

Walking around campus I was armed and ready with my camera and flat shoes. It’s absolutely gorgeous, as the trees are working towards Green again and flowers are in full bloom everywhere you look. This lovely campus is, by far, the very first reason I fell in love with the East coast……



An afternoon of wandering around and snappin’ pics ended at the Tap Room above. Sit at a table near the open end (floor-to-ceiling window thats open during the “nicer” days), sip a few beers during the afternoon sunshine, people watch, and take it all in. Looooove.

I’ll save a “real” post about the weekend, in all its classiness and alumni-styyyyle, for another night – when I’m functioning off of more than 5 hours of sleep and road-trip-lag!


April 5, 2009

a weekend with Me

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For whatever reason, I was all into hanging out with “me” this weekend. Sometimes time with yourself is just needed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – if you ignored the 40 mph winds on Saturday – and I was in Exploration mode.

My adventures started off a little rough. Ah, Saturday. Long story short – I drove in bumper-to-bumper traffic down to the Metro station around 1:00 and wondered “Holy F what is going on in DC today?!!”, because the parking lot looked the same as the highway. Cherry blossoms? Oooh yah. Apparently those are the crowd pleasers these days. Anyway. I parked, and walked all the way to the gate only to realize I had left my wallet sitting on my dresser. AWESOME.

I hopped back in the car, picked it up, and decided to drive up North to Baltimore instead. After a lot of trial and error with parking I ended up back in Fells Point, mainly because it would save me $15 for the day. All I wanted to do on Saturday was sit in a chair and Read. Seriously, thats it. My hopes were set on the HUGE Barnes & Noble in the Inner Harbor, but I did not have my hopes set on paying $20 to do that (i.e. parking cost).

Anyway. It all worked out, because I saw this sign and took full advantage.


It was a classy little place. There was room at the bar, it was 3 in the afternoon, and I thought “Perfect.”. So I plopped down for two hours, read my book, and sipped some OJ Bubbly.


Then I walked over to the Inner Harbor and did a liiiittle shopping. A flowy Spring dress from the LOFT capped off the afternoon. It’s lovely. And I have my Mom to Thank for that one. She’s awesome*


Lesson learned, I woke up and headed out early on Sunday to soak up the 70 degree Sunshine in DC. With my wallet, double check. I got off at Chinatown – an area I’ve only been in once before, which was Friday – and just wandered. All day. I read on a bench along the Mall for about an hour, walked up to Dupont, read outside for about two hours, lunched and listened to live music at a deli (love), and wandered some more. It was a lot of time with just Me, and it was awesome.

I took 95 pictures. Which is, um, a Lot. Clearly this is no space for that many pictures. So, here are a few highlights.

dc-035 dc-034

dc-047 dc-083

dc-0792 dc-045

Well. This could go on for a while. In short, I have a total crush on DC right now. And I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Me, my book, and my wandering feet.

December 30, 2008

Pictures instead

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In less than 6 hours we’re off – an all out family road trip! Which means my mind is a little blank. All I can brainstorm is what I forgot to pack and how the heck I’m going to entertain myself in a car for 12 hours (with No Internet. oh man). In other words…still blank.

Anyway. I got a new camera for X-mas, and have had fun experimenting with it. So, in lieu of a real post….I give you this. Life (for the past week) in a few photos……

*Cheers! to the big bro and his MBA*

*Cheers! to the big bro and his MBA*

um, failed 'princess' gingerbread castle. so we did this instead. then ate the candy.

um, failed 'princess' gingerbread castle. so we did this instead. then ate the candy.

the trio, lookin' classy for xmas eve

the trio, lookin' classy for xmas eve

christmas eve cocktails

christmas eve cocktails

Red-velvet cake, holiday styyyle

Red-velvet cake, holiday styyyle

sitting on the fresh Clean sheets....but how can you be made at that face?

sitting on the fresh Clean sheets....but how can you be made at that face?

big fan of the quilt....not of the flash

big fan of the quilt....not of the flash

testing your quick-thinking and persuasive skills.

testing your quick-thinking and persuasive skills.

Next time? I’ll be in sunny California. See you then….

November 10, 2008

While things are still alive

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I’m going to take pictures of them. And use them as an excuse to cease homework-doing for the afternoon.

The roomie and I took a little walk on Sunday because it was 55º, sunny, and goooorgeous. There’s no way I can let a day like that slip by, so I did this instead…..






Soo, I might finally love that this is where I live. I mean, just for now. Yuppp.

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