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May 3, 2009

when the balance is unbalanced

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Oh, hello.

It’s been a while!

So….I started that other blog, about Running. And I seem to be doing a lot of that lately (running). I’ve also started doing a lot of writing for other blogs and websites. And, well, those are my excuses.

This little blog has fallen out of the balance!

I ran another 13.1 last weekend, and another Race Report will be up in the morning. I wrote it before I finished unpacking and after I went to Target.

Ya know, Priorities.

On a completely unrelated note – It’s warm and I want to shop! Ah, I love Spring/Summer clothing so so much. If I could change whats “appropriate” for business-casual, I’d dress in a cute tee, fun necklace, shorts and flats every day.

Or, if I could actually shop right now, maybe something like this –> LAX styyyle.


KIDDING. That’s awful.


April 14, 2009

only so many words

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I did a lot of talkin’ about ME on the other blog today, soooo, I’m keepin it short.

‘Cause some days, there’s only so much I have to talk about.

It was Day 1 on the new job; we’ll be here for 6 weeks. This is the last major rotation before I’m doooone with this internship thing. And it feels So good to say that.

The next 6 weeks will be more office-work, more Resource searching/reviewing, and more web site stuff.
Likes: writing, reading up on current Nutrition news/studies/etc, working with computers and learning more about different programs.
Dislikes: sitting for 8 hoursssss, no people-interaction (besides coworkers, obviously. we’re not Completely ignored as the ‘interns’), no medical jargon (sometimes I feel smart just throwin it around), and more sitting.

I like to be on the moooove and I like chattin’ it up with patients/people/clients/whateva! I just do.

Another road trip is in the works for this weekend, and I am SO SO SO excitedddd. Remember how I cleaned my car yesterday? It’s so proud of me, and lookin sexy. Seriously. It’s a hott car.

For TV tonight? I’m totally addicted to “Real Housewives NYC Season 2”. Did anyone see the article about LuAnn in People last week???! Ah, sad day.  And I’m also watching TBL (The Biggest Loser), because that’s what I do on Tuesdays!

And that’s life for right now.

April 13, 2009

an Un-Monday

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I have today off, which is proving to be much more wonderful than I anticipated.

No “monday” for this week? AWESOME.

Instead, I’ve kept myself busy with productivity. I cleaned out my car, vacuumed my car (this is a First people….), went grocery shopping, picked up pictures, stopped by the bank, aaaand worked on my Resume.. All before noon. Whew.

I’m tired now.

On Netflix I added “Slumdog Millionaire” to my queue (is that even an American word? I thought it was British? Definitely sounds British.). Then, on the next page it shows you “Movies like ____ ” whatever you just added.

What did Netflix list as “movies like Slumdog Millionaire” ?

“The Office -Season 1”, and “Juno”.

Really?? That’s a head-scratcher to me. Although, if there’s any truth to it, that’s a clear sign that I’ll LOVE the movie.

Speaking of movies, we went and saw “I love you, man” this weekend. My thoughts? Freakin hilarious. Nothin’ like a movie full of awkwardness and weird quotes (‘totallyyyy…..totes mcgotes’ …… ‘ See ya Pistol!’ – ‘See ya Joeban!’…’ Joeban? I don’t even know why I said that.’ ) to fill up your mind and your Saturday afternoon.  And it had awesome previews!! I love funny people.

Now I’m couch-sitting and deciding how to spend the rest of my afternoon. I really should’ve spread out this productiveness. Or…..maybe I should consider unpacking from the weekend?? Gah.

April 9, 2009

Slowly making it through the week

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Thursday has made a vey commendable attempt to throw me off this morning. Normally, I’m so pumped that it means Good TV and almost-Friday that “thursday” is synonymous with “Greeeat Mood!”.  Today? I woke up wayyyy too early (4:12 a.m. to be exact), tried to work out (story over here), came back Exhausted, and decided to start my laundry.

What kind of morning is that?!?

Productive, sure. But wow, too much going on before it’s even light outside.

On another note – I’ve considered myself to be on this side of “crazy” since Monday. I had a great weekend, which was honestly spent mostly with myself, and was honestly just what I needed. It’s pretty rare that I’m alone,  and this year I’ve really come to appreciate time when it’s Just ME in my head. But the rest of the week has been……just a little crazy. Up and down; job searching and pondering and working and commuting and planning for the next weekend. A lot has gone on over the past few months, and I’m still working on patience. It’s definitely not my forte and probably never will be.

But! Today it’s gorgeous outside, and it’s Thursday. Plus, after I head outttta here tomorrow I’m hittin the road. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen this friend, lots of catching up to do.

Anyway! I’ll be spending my day researching a certain form of “Avian Influenza”. If that doesn’t excite you, join the club. I’ll be spending my evening with Jim Halpert and a glass of wine. If that doesn’t excite you, that disappoints me.

Alright. One last thing;

*Happy Birthdayyyy Dad!!* Love you, so much.

March 26, 2009


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I had about 3/4 of a post written, was typing up the last paragraph, did something crazy and somehow deleted the entire thing.

Oh really WordPress?? It’s gonna be one of those days?! Fine.

The title should make no sense unless I decide to delve back into my story. We’ll see.

Today is my Friday, so I’m finding nothing can make me even Want to complain. Not even the fact that it’s pouring outside for the first time in what feels like months, and I have no idea where my Umbrella is.

Can we just appreciate the fact that I Don’t Know where that thing is?? Because for the last four years, it rained So much that I religiously kept an umbrella by my bag and brought it with me if there was even a hint of cloud-cover. And now? I can’t remember the last time I had it with me, and consequently have no clue where I put it. Even if I did get a little wet walking to the Metro this morning, and a little soaked walking across the street from the Metro to work. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and 60. That’s soon enough for me.

My family has been in Mexico all week, and I haven’t heard anything since they flew out of Phoenix on their way down. I  just keep hoping they didn’t go down in one of the many plane crashes that seem to be plagueing our skies lately, or try any Narcotics and/or get gunned down in the drug war. 

That might be a little dramatic. But. I’m serious about hoping they don’t get gunned down. It’s craziness there right now!

Their return is scheduled for this Saturday, so about every five seconds of the race I’ll be thinking ‘I hope they’re baaack!”. An entire week without texting my Sis the random things that I find hilarious is killing me! I bought a card the other day at Target (the purchase itself says a Lot. I NEVER buy cards.) and can’t begin to explain how badly I needed to call her and tell her about it. She is the Queen of hilarious random cards, always finding them for the perfect occasion.  This one had Fat baby (rolllls-n-all) sitting on a training-toilet with the Determined look of constipation on his face. Inside read: “Oh POOP, another birthday.”

I almost started crying from hysteric laughter in the middle of the Target card aisle. Omg.

Why doesn’t Microsoft Word have some sort of T-9 ish feature? I’ve been working on a document all morning and have to keep typing the same words and, ugh. So much work. Word recognition?! That’d be awesome.

Last night we joined the masses in Business Casual for a post-work Happy Hour in Georgetown. Nothing says Wednesday like $2 drafts and absolutely zero worries on the mind. Just sayin’.

On a closing note -I have tomorrow off to driiiive to Pittsburgh. Just another reason that the rain outside and spending the day in front of a computer doing work and having a post deleted on accident will not alter my I-love-Thursday!!! mood.

March 24, 2009

Wine and F21 Online

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I have made some serious progress in my quest to enjoy a nice glass of wine. A few weeks ago I went so far as to buy a bottle, for myself. Yes folks, this was huge.

At the liquor store I realized that I had NO idea whether or not we even owned a cork-screw (sad, I know). I wasn’t about to go all the way home with my First bottle of wine, and not even be able to open the damn thing. So, I purchased a cork-screw for $4.99 at the counter. Problem Solved. Uhhh, until I got back to the apt and found one. GAH.

It took me a few tries to get the cork outta there. See.

seriously. concentrating.

seriously. concentrating.

Anyway. I’m not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed that bottle of Chardonnay. So, white wine and I get along quite well now. Bottle #2 was a Sauvignon Blanc (had to Google that spelling) , at the advice of my Mom. Browsing lane up on lane of wine bottles is ridiculously overwhelming. Asking my Mom what kind I’ll like is much easier. I have no idea what the difference is, but so far both of them taste just fiiine to me.

Monday was a long one. Our class lectures focused solely on Resume-editing, job-searching, interview etiquette, etc etc etc. The level of anxiety that built up gave me a headache. Well, that, on top of sitting in a room for 4 hours. Monday night, I decided a glass of wine was in order. It was 5 o’clock and my brain was tired. Sooo, I poured a glass, grabbed my comp and laid on my bed to read blogs and listen to Pandora and do pointless things online. Love.

Around 6 I was more than half-way through glass #2 and I thought “Oh, this is what a wine-buzz feels like. Sweeeeet.”.

I texted this to LB, knowing she would fully appreciate the fact that I was on a Monday-night whine high. Me, the official non-wine drinker of our former apt. She totally did. Then I thought about shopping. Random? Yupppp.

I haven’t shopped online in monthsssss. I don’t let myself go there anymore, it’s too dangerous. Being in a store and walking out before I spend money isn’t too bad. Staring at something online and browsing for hours while just sitting in my sweats? Not so easy to walk away from. Add wine into that mix and we’ve got trouble. Especially when it’s “Forever 21” and everything is a “FABULOUS Find”! Really. It is.

My “bag” quickly accumulated to somewhere around 9 items. I initially had no intentions of “Checking Out”, but ya know…..there were some pretty cute Fab-Finds in that bag. So, basically I let it sit there all night, just taunting me on a Tab in Firefox. “My Bag”. That stupid bag. Full of things I want, not things I Need. Full of fabulous tops and summer dresses and scarves. Oh, F21.

In my defense, I reduced it to “3 items” for less than $30 (ooooh, F21). I loved that S.B. and I love my new purchases.

March 1, 2009

Meeting the ACE

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I have a small announcement to make.

Tomorrow, I am meeting THE Ace of Cakes. Duff. From Charm City Cakes.

!!!!!!! O…M…G !!!!!!!!

So. As I mentioned, I took LB and AA (wienermobile-ers) to see the famous Cake shop last weekend. This was the second trip in a month for me. Yes, you can only stand outside and sit and stare. But, totally worth it. I looove that show and it’s so cool that the shop itself is just Right there.

Anyway. We went, took pictures, marveled, and got ready to go. LB had her business cards with her and somebody had an idea: write Duff a note on the back! Somewhere along the lines of…..”Hey, we drive the wienermobile and would love to come meet you, and we’ll bring the 27-foot long hot dog car!! Sincerely, LB”. Yea that’s not exactly what it said, but you get it. She left her cell # and we thought “Omg it’d be so cool if he called!”

Oh. He called.

A few days later I’m on the way back from work, and I get a call from a very excited LB. She had this message for me: THEY CALLED! WE’RE GOING TO THE CAKE SHOP MONDAY AT 11 !!!!!

Nevermind the fact that I have a huge presentation tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. It’s just a little project I’ve been working on for about 4 months. Which I’m very ready to get out of the way!

After that, I’m meeting up with those crazy hot-doggers and getting my camera ready!!

Just be patient. Pictures are coming.

February 5, 2009


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I’ve been reading “Are you there Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea“, by Chelsea Handler. It’s Lol – hysterical.
The best part? It was a Mom-recommendation. Love.

I mailed my sister’s birthday package 9 days late. It arrived 10 days after that. This (along with everything else I mail) only continues to reinforce the notion that I cannot mail things on any sort of timeline. Nothing. At all.
But it did get there!

This song has become my obsession – Piano Man (Live version!), by Billy Joel.
Yes, its been around for decades. I, on the other hand, have not.

Thick and creamy yogurt (berry or strawberry) with chocolate syrup has become my favorite night-time addiction treat.

I started three countdowns:
Best-buddy from home in DC – 7 days!
LB in Maryland – 14 days!
Trip to the ‘Burgh’ – 22 days!

My Mom gave me this face lotion, and I’m completely obsessed. I consider it “grown up” lotion; a moisturizer that is actually really good for your skin. Amazing.

I have been trying to figure out why ‘The Police’ keep playing on my Pandora play-list. ??! I’m not complaining.  But I’m also not in agreement that they “sound like” Maroon 5. Or the Counting Crows.

Stress has taken over about 90% of my reactions to small situations. The freak-outs can come to an end anyyyy day now. That would be great.

I have behaved exceptionally well in the budget-area. I blame this on time spent commuting (therefore taken away from boredom) and homework-ing. I also blame it on the cold weather; I don’t want any more winter clothes. has basically become my home-page. The 10-day forecast is my morning read. I wonder if the temperature will read – “60 and Sunny. Just for you, Heather.” – if I stare at it long enough.
No luck so far.

I’ve been working in a Children’s hospital (just for two weeks). I absolutely LOVE it.

Coffee has made it’s way into my morning routine. Right along with the morning News.
I knew this day would come…..

I haven’t had anything too exciting to blog about. So, you got this instead.

*happy fridayyyy*

January 25, 2009

Let’s talk about: Midol

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Are there guys who read this blog? I don’t know. You may or may not have input into this discussion, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Every Single Day somebody gets to this little blog by typing in a Google search about Midol. EVERY DAY. Yes, I wrote about it once….not too long ago. I love the stuff. Really, I do. Which is the problem. I have to keep my distance because there’s something in there that does not agree with me. I always get sick, there is no avoiding it (not even with the generic kind. I’ve tried. More than once).

So, I put it out there for you readers. And came to realize, I’m certainly not the only one that wonders about that magic little pill. Take a look at these searches (again. every day. seriously, it’s a little ridiculous)……

midol and coke” ……Uhhh what!? Do you mean Coke, like “coca cola”?? Please say yes. But also, please have a Really high tolerance for caffeine! Otherwise you might want to look into a sleeping pill. Although, that’s probably not a good combo either. I’m at a loss.

can you get high off of midol“…..I hope not. They’ll take it off the market. That can’t happen.

midol makes me feel weird“……Amen!! Gah. I hear ya. And if this isn’t a good weird, I have no advice for you. Because, like I said, I always get sick. But uh, sometimes I take it anyway. I’m not condoning this!! Just sayin.

midol and a hangover“…..Hm. You might just want to go with a cup of coffee on this one. Like, a big one? Brew it extra strong? Or maybe Midol gave you a hangover? Ew….ya got me on that one.

And they are basically all some version of any of the above. And I’m sure there is much more to say about it.

If you have any advice/input for these folks, personal experience/preference, etc……throw it out there!

January 12, 2009

oh, I wish

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*that the weather of this crazy city wouldn’t tease me with 45 degrees, only to throw a cruel 23 at us on Friday. Reallyy?

*that it wasn’t winter at all. anymore.

*that the time is at least two months from now, and we have a little bit more figured out. about us. about what’s in store.

*that I didn’t have to worry about money spent for cover, drinks, tips, and parking just for a night out. Geeeze.

*that I could start looking for jobs. Now.

*that there were more Holiday-Oreos in the box. they um, disappeared, so quickly. yum.

*that I didn’t have 3 books on my night-stand. All started, all unfinished, all interesting, and all waiting.

*that it wasn’t going to be ridiculously hard to get to the Inauguration. I just want to see some history! And I suppose so do about 3 million other people. Allll at the same time. Crazy.

*that magically I could run the 13.1 miles, without the training, but with the satisfaction. Just a few 4-5 miles runs every week would be sufficient. maybe a long run or two, just for kicks.

*that “People” magazine would just magically showed up in my mailbox. Yum.

….accompanied by Glamour. And InStyle. And Vogue. Thanksss.

*that my music could just put itself into iTunes. and then make a few fabulous playlists.

*that the Drycleaner people could just come pick up my clothes, and bring them back for me.

*that the Steelers make it to the Superbowl! Aaand, it’s not too far off……yes yes yes.

*that it was Friday. Obviously.

hey, I survived Monday. So a girl can wish, right? RIGHT.


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