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April 28, 2009

closet accumulations

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I have very few items of “work” clothing that match this 90 degree weather. This includes both tops and bottoms. The thought of wearing black pants right now seems equivalent to a sunburn. Hot hot hotttt.

After some debating, I  settled on grey pants and a black-almost sleeveless-shirt which I’ve never worn before. It was purchased last fall from the Target clearance rack (aka my never-ending love affair), and the tag was still on it. When did I become the person who has things in the closet with the tag still on???! This is a sign of too many closet items, right? Uh Ohhh.

I remember growing up my Mom had a friend with SO MANY THINGS in her closet (i.e. perhaps a little shopping problem). Freshman year of highschool I needed some shoes for some sort of event where I was to look “professional” (really?? Can’t remember exactly what this was for.). Our feet were/are about the same size, so she basically extended an open invitation to browse through her (huge, walk in, FULL) closet and see if I wanted to borrow any of hers.


Sure, I’ll come have a look.

As a young 15 year old I clearly had no clue what it meant to really SHOP (people don’t just buy clothes for school,summer and soccer? what?), and was completely Floored when I looked inside that closet. There were shoes everywhere, racks literally Stuffed with clothing, more belts than I had ever seen in my life, and… tags hanging off of items left and right.

The latter baffled me to no end.

In my experiences, I bought something because I HAD TO HAVE IT, and probably wore it within the next week after it had gone through the laundry. Why would you buy something and wait to wear it?!? Didn’t you want it so badly that you just had to put it on and flaunt your new find?! And also, why buy something if you Couldn’t wear it yet or didn’t Need it??


Anyway. I found some shoes, loved the fact that I was wearing “grown up heels”, and was probably never the same after that closet-shopping experience/discovery.

Now, I’m pulling out items from Target that I’ve owned for 6+ months, never worn, and completely love. I also have two dresses that I bought over the summer and haven’t worn yet (but can’t wait to wear!), and pairs of heels that have only graced my feet once or twice (must be preserved. love.them.).

…..where or where did that 15 year old philosophy disappear to?


April 2, 2009

target therapy

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For whatever reason, I was really craving a fun, Spring, flowy skirt this week. I saw some in the Target Weekly-ad on Sunday that I’m in love with. Then I found more online. Oooh.

And yesterday was not really my day.

So, last night I went to Target, and found a skirt. That I really Really heart.

Little things make me happy.

This is the first time I’ve ever worn a skirt to work. The morning was a little iffy (it’s weird to sit in skirts, right?). Then I went for a walk during lunch, and I was all super-comfortable and felt like Spring and remember why I love skirts.

And that’s that, about skirts.

OH. It’s also Thursday. Lots of “T” things going on here. Yesssss!

UPDATE: With Pics, because you asked…….

On the Left is the skirt I wanted (still might buy) but really couldn’t decide what I color I would/wanted to wear with it (that I wouldn’t have to purchase separately. budget budget). On the Right is the skirt I bought, and love, because it’s plain and I can wear whatever I want with it! Oh, options.


aaaand, this is how I wore it…..


White V-neck Tee, purple ‘Summer’ scarf, light Gold hoops and light-gold metallic Flats.

March 24, 2009

Wine and F21 Online

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I have made some serious progress in my quest to enjoy a nice glass of wine. A few weeks ago I went so far as to buy a bottle, for myself. Yes folks, this was huge.

At the liquor store I realized that I had NO idea whether or not we even owned a cork-screw (sad, I know). I wasn’t about to go all the way home with my First bottle of wine, and not even be able to open the damn thing. So, I purchased a cork-screw for $4.99 at the counter. Problem Solved. Uhhh, until I got back to the apt and found one. GAH.

It took me a few tries to get the cork outta there. See.

seriously. concentrating.

seriously. concentrating.

Anyway. I’m not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed that bottle of Chardonnay. So, white wine and I get along quite well now. Bottle #2 was a Sauvignon Blanc (had to Google that spelling) , at the advice of my Mom. Browsing lane up on lane of wine bottles is ridiculously overwhelming. Asking my Mom what kind I’ll like is much easier. I have no idea what the difference is, but so far both of them taste just fiiine to me.

Monday was a long one. Our class lectures focused solely on Resume-editing, job-searching, interview etiquette, etc etc etc. The level of anxiety that built up gave me a headache. Well, that, on top of sitting in a room for 4 hours. Monday night, I decided a glass of wine was in order. It was 5 o’clock and my brain was tired. Sooo, I poured a glass, grabbed my comp and laid on my bed to read blogs and listen to Pandora and do pointless things online. Love.

Around 6 I was more than half-way through glass #2 and I thought “Oh, this is what a wine-buzz feels like. Sweeeeet.”.

I texted this to LB, knowing she would fully appreciate the fact that I was on a Monday-night whine high. Me, the official non-wine drinker of our former apt. She totally did. Then I thought about shopping. Random? Yupppp.

I haven’t shopped online in monthsssss. I don’t let myself go there anymore, it’s too dangerous. Being in a store and walking out before I spend money isn’t too bad. Staring at something online and browsing for hours while just sitting in my sweats? Not so easy to walk away from. Add wine into that mix and we’ve got trouble. Especially when it’s “Forever 21” and everything is a “FABULOUS Find”! Really. It is.

My “bag” quickly accumulated to somewhere around 9 items. I initially had no intentions of “Checking Out”, but ya know…..there were some pretty cute Fab-Finds in that bag. So, basically I let it sit there all night, just taunting me on a Tab in Firefox. “My Bag”. That stupid bag. Full of things I want, not things I Need. Full of fabulous tops and summer dresses and scarves. Oh, F21.

In my defense, I reduced it to “3 items” for less than $30 (ooooh, F21). I loved that S.B. and I love my new purchases.

December 10, 2008

My treat, to Me

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A new addition; an LBD.

For the past four months, I have only bought clothes on one condition (aside from silver wedding shoes): Can I wear this to work?? Because now that I have to dress in work-clothes 5 days a week, I am bored by them….about 4 days a week.

As mentioned earlier, we did a liiiittle shoppin’ on Sunday. I was only looking for black ankle boots, work-appropriate (of course. Gah). Which I found, and which are fabulous. Also which, it turns out, are not very comfortable for an entire work-day. I’ll get over it. Christmas gifts were on the agenda too, that’s a given.

Well let me wander into H & M and all missions/self control are lost. I don’t absolutely love everything in that store, but they do have some amazing deals. Like rows and rows of jewelry, most of which is less than $8. Plus, tons of scarves, and reallyyyy good sales. I thought to myself, maybe they have cute (cheap) holiday-ish dresses……

Finally! Something I’ve purchased that I certainly will Not be wearing to work. But might be caught wearing around the apt, just because I’m so excited that it’s not “business casual”. Nope. Instead, it goes right into my LBD – collection. Yessssss.

Behold. My “holiday” dress….at a beautiful $35. Thanksssss H & M. (paired with my favorite Little Black Shoes.)


Now, how to accessorize? That will be saved for shopping trip numero Dos.

December 7, 2008

Days of distraction

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Were much needed.

There’s a lot going on over here. A lot of thoughts pounding in my head, a lot of travel happening in the next few weeks, a lot of work to get done before that, and a lot of changes that will slowly feel normal…. I hope.

So! Distractions are in order.

Friday night the roomie and I went to rent a movie. Instead, we stopped at a Sports bar, had a drink(s), and chatted it up. Yes, we could’ve done this in the apt and saved $10. But woooow did it feel good to get “out”. When somebody else makes your drink, and brings it to you, with a lime, it just tastes a little bit better.

Saturday, we planned on a DC-day. We try to take advantage of living here, since who knows where we’ll be a year from now. To do that, we periodically take day trips to the Capital and check things off the list. Since they have finally re-opened the American History Museum, we decided hit it up.

And then we visited the Christmas Tree. Followed by the Lincoln Memorial. Followed by the WW II memorial. Goal–picture by every state I’ve lived in…..

The roomie is a good sport. And a lovely photographer.


Whew. Long day. Ending with a snow-storm chasing us back to the Metro Station and a waaaarm cozy night IN.
Good stuff.

Today, we had a new mission…..Christmas Shopping!

…..ummm, of which little was done. It’s somethin the good people call Retail-Therapy. Yessss. New black shoes, new Little Black Dress, new Banana-Republic jeans–50% off (omg. yummm)–and a cute new sweater. Successful.

Aaaand, 3 Christmas presents purchased, check!

December 2, 2008

Now that December is here

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I’ve got things to do!

My “to-do” list has become a little bit daunting. It’s not even on paper yet, just swarming around in my head, intimidating me in theory.

Don’t worry, it’s not stressful (ehhh, maybe a little bit. but I’m sick of that word. sooo, No).

It’s just….December. As in, the end of this year. As in…..whoa.

I have to start Christmas shopping. This is always a little bit tricky, since I have to pack all the extra things I buy and bring them home with me. And this year, I have to think a little bit harder. For the past 4 years there was at least one person that got Penn State stuff. Yup, it’s a cop out. But people looove it. So it’s a good excuse. And by ‘people’, I mostly mean my parents. They’ve got quite a collection of paraphernalia now, and not one complaint. The siblings have also received their fair share, but only upon request! And I ask for their stuff in return. Who wouldn’t love to sport some home-state love on the other side of the country, right? Right.

I have to prepare for my first ‘office’ Christmas party. Not that I work in an office, or even with the same people on a monthly basis. But there are 8 of us interns, and we have all been invited to the Director’s casa for some holiday celebrating. This gives me an excuse to buy a cute holiday dress, which would be the first non-work clothing item I’ve purchased in quite some time. Yesssss.

I have one more topic of homework to turn in, which is currently about 75% done. I couldn’t begin to tell you how good that feels to type. Almost.DONE !!!! Then I have a Major-Case study to do after the break. Which is next year, so we won’t think about that just yet.

I have to mentally prepare myself for the ROSE BOWL. Because, um, we’re going! I don’t just mean Penn State, because obviously Penn State is going. I mean WE ARE GOING. My dad bought tickets moments after the Michigan State victory (not even 100% sure yet that the Lions would be there, but um, 99.99999% sure. and hoping.). This means on January 1, 2009 I’ll be sitting in row 77 with my family (decked out in their gear. see above, re: Christmas presents 😉 ) watching my team play in the National Championship. Life is good.

There. Now my to-do list is typed. Well, the big things are. Hello December, I’m excited to see you.

November 27, 2008

Sweaters, soup, and full-frontal snogging

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This whole ‘break’ thing is amazing. Nothing on the agenda, for 5 whole dayysss. Love.

Even after almost 5 years of life over here where it snows all winter, I have never purchased or owned snow boots. I’m stubborn, and have somehow survived 4 winters without them, so why stop now. Right? Ehhh.

I show up in Michigan and the snow is all over, unlike MD. Here I am, proud that I was able to restrict myself to packing only 3 pairs of shoes (ankle boots, black flats and running shoes), and realizing the ones I should have packed…I don’t even have. Gah. Soooo, guess what that means….

Shoe shopping!

The only other thing on our plan for the day was to buy groceries to make a New-Mexican dinner. It was my way of saying “Thanks for feeding me holiday food and letting me stay at your house all week!!”, without having to carry flowers or a bottle of wine on the plane with me. Instead, I’ll take over the cooking for one night and bring in the green chile. Who can complain about that? That’s what I’m sayin.

Knowing me too well, he took me to DSW.  With my budget-style shopping, and not-buying-shoes-for-fun attitude, this required all sorts of self-control. I went straight back to the ‘clearance’ section….um, because thats where Snow Boots will be….right? No. I tried on a beautiful pair of beautiful maroon, round-toed pumps. Why did I do this to myself? I’m still wondering. Because I’m still thinking they belong to my feet.

I did not buy snow boots. But we did wander over to some other stores where I got a great deal on some sweaters for work. Words do no justice to how bored I am with my ‘work’ clothes. Anything new to throw in the mix makes me happy for days. And since I didn’t buy warm shoes, I bought warm soup for lunch instead. Compromise people. It totally hit the spot.

And on a completely random note, have you heard of “Angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging“?

No? I’m not surprised. But if you’re looking for an extremely easy read (really, we’re talkin like 6th grade level), go get it! I’m a little bit obsessed with the series. I own 4 out of the 6 . They’re simply the inner-ramblings of a 14-yr old British girl, and omg, they’re Hilarious. You just have to take my word for it.

Uh, anyway. Apparently Nickelodeon teamed up with a group of British tween actors, and they have brought this book to life. Jack found it online, streamed it, and surprised me with it as a joke…sort of. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about this. But…..turns out that tween actresses just can’t do justice to this author’s witty character. The movie was unbelievably corny, and the funny-factor was nowhere close to the books. Hm, sad day. But, we tried.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 5, 2008

Remaining on the card

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When it comes to gift cards, I basically hoard them. Give me a gift card, and it’s likely it will be at least 6 months before I even think of spending it. Why? I have No. Idea. It’s almost like I think it’s ‘special money’, that can only be spent on the very best. And I will wait until I find those things. Never mind the things I need, that I could spend the card on. No, no. It must be the extravagant things. Apparently that’s what gift cards are for, according to me.

Thanks to my little running habit, a very good family friend got me a gift card for Lady Foot Locker. The card said “this should help with your new hobby!”. Until then, I had never thought of running as a hobby. Scrapbooking? That’s a hobby. Blogging? That could be considered a hobby. But running….? Hmm. Interesting. Running is my hobby. And let me tell you, it can be a very $costly$ hobby.

So I have this money at my disposal, and I’ll give you one guess as to what I’ve done with it…….


I’ve had it since July, and done nothing with it. Mostly because I’m saving it to buy new shoes, which I can’t do online. Because that’s a nightmare. And the closest store could be anywhere from 2 miles to 50 miles away for all I know. I know what you’re thinking, and Yes. I googled it. And, um, they aren’t close.

So I’m browsing online, under Track & Field/XC, to see what I can find. The variety of “running gear” that a website can make you think you need is quite surprising. If you’ve been to a “Running Expo” before a race, you probably know what I mean. I walk around those going, what’s that for?? Clearly not an elite over here. I don’t even know what my Garmin does besides tell me a time, a pace, and a distance. Don’t bother me with the instruction book, those things are confusing. Oh, I also know how to race my virtual running buddy. But it took me two months to figure out how to get the backlight to come on. Gah.

With all of the money still on the card (guessing a shoe cost, and subtracting. Cause, seriously, I need those shoes), I could get……..

A “Storm” Jacket. Which comes with a new attitude…Bring it on, winter! I’ll be fiiiine


…Or a “Pastry” boot. Seriously, it’s a “Fab Cookie Boot”. Clearly.


They are purple. Which is pretty sweet. But they’re also high-tops and metallic silver. Which is a little crazy.

What I really want is a running singlet that has a pocket in the back for a key/iPod/ID/cell phone/whatever won’t bother you bouncing against your back. I honestly think that’s a cool concept. And it definitely beats taking my key off the keychain and stuffing it in my armband every time I run. Because putting it back on the keychain always hurts my finger. I also want a waist-band (I refuse to use the word “fanny pack”) so when I start doing the long ones I can actually bring “nourishment”. Which basically means I can put in a baby water bottle and a bag of gummy worms. Yummmm. Not so into those gel-ish protein/caffeine flavored things. Sugary candy? Yes, maybe I’ll spend the rest of my gift card on that.

October 12, 2008

I was well behaved, considering…

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Considering we were at an Outlet mall.

Considering I went into TJ Maxx for the first time in a whiiiile.

Considering said mall is only about 15 minutes from the apt. This is dangerous….

Considering we were among stores like Banana Republic, H&M, J. Crew, Guess, Nine West…..yah, you get it.

In search for some shoes that I need for this weekend, I had to look up the closest mall in the area. It was a little strange to realize I’ve lived here for almost 2 months and have not even thought about where a mall might be. Or bought a new pair of shoes!! Whoa.

Well, today we did a little shopping. I may have bought some jewelry, a few shirts, and a pair of silver shoes for the wedding. But thats where it ends. I avoided some stores, knowing very well what would happen upon entering. Like, um, Nine West? No way. Yup, self-control is winning over here.

I almost forgot how great it is to buy things without paying for shipping & handling. No online shoppin necessary here! Yet another reason to love how close things are on this crazy East Coast. It might not always be ‘budget friendly’, but what can ya do.

just a few things

just a few things

Oh aaand yes I survived the race. It was a gorgeous 75º, not a cloud in the sky. The course is pretty hilly, but lined with some amaaaazing supporters (Favorite: guy in a Tiger suit…dancing, car windows/doors open, stereo blasting “eye of the tiger”. good stuff). Not even sure I could’ve heard the iPod if I did have it on (which some ppl totally did, cheaters). Also not sure I’m in love with the “big” race concept, but it was an experience, and the after-partyyyy is definitely much more exciting. More like a mini-carnival to celebrate the fact that your legs are about to fall off. But yay running!

(pics courtesy of the roomie! the second is obviously a cropped version, but ya know what…post-13.1 miles is not glamorous. I just love the medal, it has a crab!! sweeet.)

17,500 runners.

17,500 runners.

Lovin the Baltimore Crab Medal. And being done with the race.

Lovin the Baltimore Crab Medal. And being done with the race.

September 29, 2008

Shopping might need to be reconsidered

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At the end of my first month, I did pretty well with the budget. I even have some $$ left over that I “didn’t” spend, but could have spent. Yes, very impressive. I know.

After adding everything up and looking it over, I need to make some adjustments. I also need to remember that while my mom was here to move me in, I stocked up on the things I could. Yup, in some ways…I’m totally operating in college-mode. Or, I was. For that weekend. Sooo, toiletries are taken care of for quite a while. That could’ve been X-ed out of the budget for this month, but I threw it in there. Maybe just to feel great about the fact that I spent $0 in that department. Even if it is a false positive, and money will certainly be spent there soon. Dangit.

I also might need to reconsider the ‘shopping’ allowance. I may have overspent…a little bit. And by a little bit, maybe it was about twice what I thought I’d spend. Ehhhhh.

BUT, I definitely held back. I have not bought a single pair of shoes since I left home. Um, that is progress. Riiiight?! Yes. Still, I guess my idea of “holding back” wasn’t quite what I thought it’d be. I got restless with my “business casual” wardrobe a lot faster than I predicted. Not good, since that’s what will make up my daily attire basically until June. Except weekends, when I wear my football jersey all day…for now. I need Stacy & Clinton to give me $5,000 and send me to Ann Taylor and Nordstrom’s and Banana Republic. I should probably get on that; incorporate sweat pants frequently and go to the grocery store in pajamas. They always help those people.

Anyway. I shopped, and I like what I purchased. Most things practical and ‘needed’ (I needed gray pants with a light teal pinstripe right? Yessss). I’m not disappointed with the overspend-age. But I do need to step it up on the whole “I’m on a budget” front. It’s a slow process, but I’m learning. And in the meantime, I’m absolutely Loving this late birthday present from Em. It’s soo very “Fall”. And fabulous.

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