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April 8, 2009

Even if it’s Just for this week….

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I’d love a commute that’s anything less than an hour and a half.

I’d love to move on, not just be “the Intern”.

A sunrise before 7 a.m. would be great, so the gym isn’t my only option for a morning run.

I’ll take the rain, with a lot of sunshine to follow.

Meet me in the middle; I’m doing things your way and that’s not a lot to ask.

Put Pandora on my iPod. That’s be Aaaawesome!

Skip Wednesday and Thursday……and the traffic on Friday.

Easter candy will be consumed in copious amounts, since I have two baskets full of it. Yummm.

No frozen-meals, fresh is the way to go. Use up all that food in the pantry – you bought it at one point for some reason.

I mailed out two cards in a timely manner! Whew, feels goood.

Take just a minute (or two…or five…)  to step back and recognize the small things – good phone dates with the sis and mom that make me smiiiile, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (oooh….), reading a good book for the first time in a whiiile, a night with PSU alumni, lots of jobs to search through (overwhelming – but good sign), and a roadtrip comin up soon enough.


March 13, 2009

Signing the list does you good

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Last week, while the hot-doggers were still around, we all hit up a “PSU Happy Hour Event” at a bar in DC. I joined the DC-area Alumni Association (sounds so adult-ish….) and let me tell you, these people are having events left and right! Whew.

So, we ventured out on a Thursday night (sounds so college-ish….) and joined them. It was fun! They even had name-tags for us. See….

me&lb.psuhappyhourUh. Anyway. There were a lot of those advertising people walkin around; the people who promote certain drinks, or “sign the happy hour raffle list!!”, or Boxing Classes in Georgetown (wait, whaaat? )….you know, those people.  Well since I was the only one in attendance who actually lives anywhere close to the place, they shoved that list at me and I said “Sure!” I’ll sign it. Why not?? Who doesn’t love getting Spam e-mail from random bars, right? Ehhhh.

Well, well. I got that Spam e-mail yesterday, which I almost didn’t check because who cares whats in the Spam box? But, it was a lone ranger. And I hate seeing that ” (1) ” next to the Spam. It’s annoying. So I clicked it to clear it.

What do I see? “Congrats! You’ve won a FREE OPEN BAR at ___________  !!” So I clicked that. I hesitantly responded to get the “details” and found out that I drink for Free, and my “friends” get drink specials from 7-9. I’m sure there are like anywhere from 5-10 “winners” per night/weekend/week/whatever. But hey, I won!!

So. I’m pretty pumped about it. And pretty glad I signed that list, because it gave me a Friday night of Free drinks! Which I’ll go ahead and say is well deserved after this week.  Good stuff.

March 9, 2009

Hello Detox, I need you

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The hot-doggers are gone, and life here is back to ‘normal’. Hm, sad day.

On the other hand, my body went ahead and Demanded a detox week. I woke up this morning feeling like craaaaap, popped some Motrin and tried to survive 5 hours of “class”. Gah. That was rough.

I know that three weeks of going out, happy hours, driving, less sleep, more running, work and class…’s catching up to me.  Not that I would’ve changed a single thing. It was too fun!

As much as I’d love to say this week is devoted to “relaxing”, it’s far from true. This week we’re finally executing our “theme meal” (one of a few Big projects we have on the agenda throughout the Internship). It’s been 4 weeks of planning and working on it, and now it’s time to decorate, make the food, serve the food, and get it overwith! I know that the event itself will be fun. I also know I can breathe easy on Fridayyyy. Lookin’ forward to that.

So, I’m off to begin my “more sleep, less drinks” week. Hopefully the running will stay intact and the achy-sick feeling will Not.

January 12, 2009

oh, I wish

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*that the weather of this crazy city wouldn’t tease me with 45 degrees, only to throw a cruel 23 at us on Friday. Reallyy?

*that it wasn’t winter at all. anymore.

*that the time is at least two months from now, and we have a little bit more figured out. about us. about what’s in store.

*that I didn’t have to worry about money spent for cover, drinks, tips, and parking just for a night out. Geeeze.

*that I could start looking for jobs. Now.

*that there were more Holiday-Oreos in the box. they um, disappeared, so quickly. yum.

*that I didn’t have 3 books on my night-stand. All started, all unfinished, all interesting, and all waiting.

*that it wasn’t going to be ridiculously hard to get to the Inauguration. I just want to see some history! And I suppose so do about 3 million other people. Allll at the same time. Crazy.

*that magically I could run the 13.1 miles, without the training, but with the satisfaction. Just a few 4-5 miles runs every week would be sufficient. maybe a long run or two, just for kicks.

*that “People” magazine would just magically showed up in my mailbox. Yum.

….accompanied by Glamour. And InStyle. And Vogue. Thanksss.

*that my music could just put itself into iTunes. and then make a few fabulous playlists.

*that the Drycleaner people could just come pick up my clothes, and bring them back for me.

*that the Steelers make it to the Superbowl! Aaand, it’s not too far off……yes yes yes.

*that it was Friday. Obviously.

hey, I survived Monday. So a girl can wish, right? RIGHT.


November 5, 2008

Remaining on the card

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When it comes to gift cards, I basically hoard them. Give me a gift card, and it’s likely it will be at least 6 months before I even think of spending it. Why? I have No. Idea. It’s almost like I think it’s ‘special money’, that can only be spent on the very best. And I will wait until I find those things. Never mind the things I need, that I could spend the card on. No, no. It must be the extravagant things. Apparently that’s what gift cards are for, according to me.

Thanks to my little running habit, a very good family friend got me a gift card for Lady Foot Locker. The card said “this should help with your new hobby!”. Until then, I had never thought of running as a hobby. Scrapbooking? That’s a hobby. Blogging? That could be considered a hobby. But running….? Hmm. Interesting. Running is my hobby. And let me tell you, it can be a very $costly$ hobby.

So I have this money at my disposal, and I’ll give you one guess as to what I’ve done with it…….


I’ve had it since July, and done nothing with it. Mostly because I’m saving it to buy new shoes, which I can’t do online. Because that’s a nightmare. And the closest store could be anywhere from 2 miles to 50 miles away for all I know. I know what you’re thinking, and Yes. I googled it. And, um, they aren’t close.

So I’m browsing online, under Track & Field/XC, to see what I can find. The variety of “running gear” that a website can make you think you need is quite surprising. If you’ve been to a “Running Expo” before a race, you probably know what I mean. I walk around those going, what’s that for?? Clearly not an elite over here. I don’t even know what my Garmin does besides tell me a time, a pace, and a distance. Don’t bother me with the instruction book, those things are confusing. Oh, I also know how to race my virtual running buddy. But it took me two months to figure out how to get the backlight to come on. Gah.

With all of the money still on the card (guessing a shoe cost, and subtracting. Cause, seriously, I need those shoes), I could get……..

A “Storm” Jacket. Which comes with a new attitude…Bring it on, winter! I’ll be fiiiine


…Or a “Pastry” boot. Seriously, it’s a “Fab Cookie Boot”. Clearly.


They are purple. Which is pretty sweet. But they’re also high-tops and metallic silver. Which is a little crazy.

What I really want is a running singlet that has a pocket in the back for a key/iPod/ID/cell phone/whatever won’t bother you bouncing against your back. I honestly think that’s a cool concept. And it definitely beats taking my key off the keychain and stuffing it in my armband every time I run. Because putting it back on the keychain always hurts my finger. I also want a waist-band (I refuse to use the word “fanny pack”) so when I start doing the long ones I can actually bring “nourishment”. Which basically means I can put in a baby water bottle and a bag of gummy worms. Yummmm. Not so into those gel-ish protein/caffeine flavored things. Sugary candy? Yes, maybe I’ll spend the rest of my gift card on that.

July 30, 2008

Facing the facts

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The closest thing I’ve had to a facial is the paste that my sister & I somehow created using a mix that came in a package that looked like a foot, from Target (of course). That was probably about….8 years ago? Yah, something like that.

I’ve been doin’ some thinking (Dwight styyyle, if you will)…:

Fact: I’m no longer 15 years old. Neither is the skin on my face. Yet for some reason I still use the same Cleanser now that I did then.

Fact: My pores have apparently grown since those days. I’ve realized that they are more noticeable.  I mean, maybe that’s only if you’re inches away from my face….but they’re there.

Fact: I have never spent more than $6 on any facial cleanser, makeup remover, etc. Ever.

Fact: I have no idea when it’s appropriate, or necessary, to start using anti-wrinkle cream. Any ideas? I don’t have them, yet. I’m just sayin’. You can never be too prepared for these things.

I’m facing the facts here; I need to step it up. I need to start taking real care of my skin. I still love my Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser (really really love it), but I have to accept that it may not always do the trick. It smells all fresh and minty and makes my skin tingle. And I love that. But it does nothing for pores, wrinkles, etc. It’s just a plain ol’ face wash. And my face deserves better than something I call “plain ol’…” anything. Right?? Right.

So, while at Target yesterday I browsed the shelves for something new. We’re starting with the “pore” problem.  I picked this up….

Olay Definity’s Pore Reducing Scrub

It’s a whopping $8.50, and honestly….it was the only “scrub” (cleanser, wash, whateeever) that said anything about Pore-Reducing. Everything is anti-wrinkles these days! Guess that answers my question…start using now!! Because you really have no other choice. Hmmmm.

So far, so good! I’ve only used it twice, but I like it. My face feels clean, and fresh, and I can just feeel the pores shrinking away. That’s a lie… but I figure I’ll see if it works soon enough.

April 23, 2008

My Hair-cut Crush

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Starting around age 8 and continuing through high school, there had only been one person who cut my hair. Once we started going to her, we never stopped. She did a few things I wasn’t crazy about, but that never changed the fact that I trusted her and only her. Just because.

Then came college.

I chopped it off right before I left home, just for something different. It was kind of a shocker, but I figured at least it would give me time to grow it out. I knew I wouldn’t find somebody I liked as much as her to cut my hair in this little town, so I didn’t really try…..Aside from one disaster freshman year…we won’t get into that. So, I just waited 4 months at a time. My poor locks probably hated me for it, but that didn’t stop me. Plus, what college freshman has the $$ to pay for a decent haircut?  NOT me. Nope nope. The stubbornness set in, and that was that.

Then came Junior year.

SJ’s (roomie) parents had moved to the town officially over the summer.  Her mom was trying to get settled in and figure out her ‘places’. You know, where’s the gym? what will be my favorite grocery store? who will cut my hair?! These are very important priorities. Well, she found a cute little Salon that was only about half a mile up the street from our apartments. We never even knew it was there. It’s hidden in an office building, in a first floor suite.

I had really been wanting/needing a trim.  As much as I did love the lady from home, I finally accepted that she really wasn’t the best.  I trusted her, and was comfortable with her, but sometimes I really didn’t like how it turned out. It was time to step out of the zone, and try something different. SJ’s mom loved this place, so I thought I’d give it a try.

For the first time in my LIFE, I had a guy cutting my hair. He just happened to have an opening the day and time that I wanted my appointment to be, so that’s who I was scheduled with. Obviously I had no preference, since I’d never been to the place before. I thought it would probably be awkward, and that it probably wouldn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it, so I went with a simple “I just need you to even things out”.

Well, well. I could not have been more wrong. He was from Georgia, with a lingering cute little Southern accent. He knew exactly what I wanted once I actually opened up a little bit. He knew exactly how to cut my hair so it would do what I wanted it to. I sat in his chair for almost an hour, as he cut-trimmed-dried-admired-dried-trimmed-perfected. I was in awe.

At home my appointments were never more than half an hour, and she was usually running late. So it was always a little rushed. She even answered her cell phone while cutting my hair one time. Um, yah. Enough said.

When he was finished doin’ his thing, he gave me a mirror and asked my opinion. I LOVED IT. And that’s all I had to say. It’s perfect! Thank you! I love it! I left on a hair-cut high. I was so happy. You know when you can’t stop fondling your own hair? I totally had a hair-cut crush. I couldn’t wait for my hair to grow out a little bit so I could go back again! Plus, I finally knew what it was like to have a quality hair cut. So professional and stylish and faaabulous.

Obviously we now have a hair-cut affair. All of my roomies have gone to him since, and are equally in “love”.   I have an appointment tomorrow, and it will be our last rendezvous, *sigh*. For the first time ever I plan to sit in the chair, and say “Do what you want. I trust you”. Mostly because I just want something different and won’t ever actually go for it, and also because I really do trust him. We’ll see what he comes up with…..

April 7, 2008

Out of Hibernation

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We are finally starting to see (a little bit of) warm weather!! This means one thing…..

The spring clothes get to come out of hiberation! Yay!!

I am a sucker for shorts. I love khaki, plaid, white, denim, black (more for “dressy”)….the list goes on. I Love them All. Except the kind that barely stop short of showing, um, too much. As Stacy & Clinton would say, those are not “age appropriate”. Or any kind of appropriate.

I think the Bermuda short is growing on me. Largely thanks to the fact that J Crew can make anything grow on me….but really, they can be cute.

These are risky…..

These are Classy…..

I’m also getting into bold prints. I want skirts, and I want them flowy and beautiful and full of print.
Like this…..

And I’m on the search for spring/summer shoes. I have just decided that I like wedges (yes, I’m behind the times. But ya know what, I like what I like). Correction: Love them. Want to own lots of them. I want to wear them with said skirts, and cute shorts, and cropped pants. And with some help from this girl I also love the “gladiator” style that’s coming in. 🙂 I also need to restock the flip-flop collection, as these tend to wear out in season. Which is fine, since I might pay $2 (hi Target, I love you!) or I might pay $15 (fine AE, I’ll step it up).

In my opinion, the best thing about the warm seasons is shedding the coat!! Yes, Stacy & Clinton, we know-a structured jacket is the key to everything. But what about the cute top that it covers up?! And what about when the cute top needs to stand alone and be admired?! And what about how I’m tired of carrying my jacket around in bars because it’s hot once you’re inside??? In comes warmth to the rescue. *breathe*

Oh, Spring, I am soooo ready for you.

February 22, 2008

This is What I Need

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:: for it to Stop snowing and being freeeezing outside.

:: high-heel pumps that don’t make my feet hurt.

:: tall black boots, with a point, that don’t pinch my toes all day.

:: a DJ that doesn’t turn my favorite JT song into techno. Not nice.

:: a No-limit budget for my shopping trip with the roomies next weekend!

:: a What Not to Wear marathon. Accompanied with beer, snacks, and my favorite company.

:: the apartment devils to replace our carpet so that it doesn’t smell like a wet-dog in here anymore. gross.

:: not to live 8 hours and 3 states away from Jack.

:: sunshine. Right. Now.

:: somebody to go wash my car, fill it up with gas, and change the oil. Oh, and maybe vacuum the inside? Yes, that’d be great. Gracias.

:: to spend the $20 Target gift card I have on things that I don’t Need. Accessories perhaps? We’ll see.

:: a nice, long, relaxing weekend not filled with quickly-approaching deadlines.

:: Spring break, family, home, traveling, warm weather.

:: to watch and fully enjoy “Step up 2: The streets” tonight with Crazy. With candy.Yessss.

Happy weekend!

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