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March 30, 2009

the good, the bad and the Gorgeous

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Monday morning brings reality with it every time.


The Good: I survived another 13.1! That story is over here → JASR Race Report!

I had Such a fun weekend with Em  – doing wedding things, watching ‘What Not to Wear’ for hours on end, drinking white wine in pajamas and watching old episodes of SNL (instead of going out like 22 yr olds?), browsing the mall for shoes, and hanging out with her Awesome 3 yr old neice while she strutted around in her ‘wedding dress’ and dress-up heels all day. Kids make everything funnier.

The bad: Today is Monday.

The Gorgeous: Sunday afternoon I drove through pouring rain and fog so thick that I couldn’t see five feet in front of me. Awesome. Then I got within a 30 mile radius of my apartment and suddenly the sun was bright and it was almost 70 degrees outside. I’ll take it!!!

I spent the afternoon on a bench reading a PEOPLE magazine and chatting away with my long-lost Mexican-adventuring family. They’re alive!!!

And the rest of the week doesn’t forecast anything less than 55. Helloooo Spring! I heart you.


February 25, 2009

Take me Back

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LB is in town; has been since last Thursday and will be until next Monday. Wheeeww.

Yes, this is why I haven’t been around these parts lately. Instead, I’ve been traveling to and from Annapolis, staying there, staying here, going bowling, having dinner fiestas, drinking & dining in Pubs…….ya know, the usual…?? Right.

I’ve had way too much fun in the past 5 days. LB and I lived together for more than the majority of our College lives, and this is all too familiar. Sunday night we cooked dinner at my apartment, watched the Oscars while browsing through People magazine, and did laundry. It was like we were right back in State College, doin our thing.

Ah, I wish.

My life will seem so boring next week! Aside from some serious work projects that I’d rather not think about right now.

In the mean time, you can find me with LB and AA (her Weinermobile drivin-partna’….aka the Texan ;)). I’ll just be gallivanting, not stressing about work/life/internship stuffff for the next few days. And I’ll be loving it.

(Don’t think you won’t be seeing pictures of this mobile either. There are many!)

October 29, 2008

I’ll choose to think it’s Thursday

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“‘The Godfather’ is the answer to all your questions.
What day of the week is it? ‘Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesdayyy‘.”
“you’ve got mail”-

I keep getting confused. I’m totally thrown off. With the parents here, homework and productivity in general was put on hold for about 4 days. I spent Sunday playing catch up, which really just resulted in getting about 1/2 as much done as I wanted to, because um, it was sunny outside. And that’s just not a good mix with homework. It was a very eventful 4 days, and I still have a little story for ya about watching an amazing PENN STATE victory (yes yes yes!!!) while doing some networking. But that’s a lot of typing for a non-thursday. We’ll do that later.

We usually have a “class day” on Monday, but this week it’s moved to Friday. This is also throwing me off. It means I’ve already been at the hospital two days, which is fine, but then usually that’d make tomorrow Thursday. Clearly, tomorrow is not Thursday. Ahhhhhh. It feels like it should be. Then I could watch “the office” and “30 Rock” (finallyyyyy) and pack for my trip this weekend. That sounds so much better than Wednesday. Which means nothing now that Project Runway is over. Gah.

Have my ramblings confused you yet?

Maybe if enough people think it’s Thursday we can just go with that. Like when Dwight thought it was Friday, but it was really Thursday, so Jim tried to keep him goin with that. I love that show.

Anyway. I guess it’s Wednesday. Which means I still have two days to pack. Or….two days to plan what I’m going to pack. And to wash those things before I pack them. And decide if I’m doing the Halloween custome thing.

In the meantime, I’m going to just going to say it’s Thursday. Join in if you’d like. Maybe it’ll make the work-day more enjoyable? Well, at least until tomorrow…..

July 10, 2008

Please don’t stop the Muuusic

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Rihanna knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

I did my last “long” run today, which is really the last real training I’ll do before the race (next weekend!). I set off for my 1 hr 30+ min of jogging business, and stopped dead in my tracks when I looked down at my iPod. It was about to go dead. Extremely low battery. Oooh no. This cannot happen.

Not only does my iPod provide my ‘jams’ to run along with, but it’s my timer. And these long runs are sort of (really) crucial to the training process. This being my last one before the race, I wanted to know that I ran the certain amount of time. Without the iPod, I have nooo idea how long I’ve been running. I don’t have a watch (weird, I know. they bug me.), and it’s not like there are huge clocks all over saying “hi heather! you’ve been running _____ this long. go you!”. That’d be pretty nice though….

Anyway. I stopped, turned right around, and charged her up. I gave it about 15 minutes, hoping that would charge it enough. I don’t really know how long it takes to charge 100%….anybody? I’ve never noticed. Hmmm. When I pulled it off it had about 80% charge. Works for me!

As I started running, I wondered how long it’d last. During the first race I did, it was fully charged and it crapped out on me with about 2 miles to go. I wasn’t expecting that, but figured it had to happen eventually. So, today I realized that without a full charge, around 1 hr 15 min or so, it’d probably do the same thing. Eh, Dangit. Didn’t think about that.

My quick fix was to just turn it off for a little while. I’d much rather have the music keep me going at the end of the run, and have the clock alive to tell me how long I’ve actually been goin’ around. So for the first few miles I ran in silence….


….Wow. Haven’t done that in a looong time. I wasn’t dying or anything, but it was just weird. So quiet. And I could hear the cars zooming past me. And I could hear myself breathing….Ehhh, I hate that.


I went on like this for about two miles. And I thought of Rihanna, and what a good point she has. Then I finally turned up those jaaaams. Ah, so much better.

All for nothing, really. At the end of the run, over an hour and a half later, there was plenty of charge left to spare. Who knew. My little iPod is quite a trooper. Still goin’ strong after three years. Yessss.

Oh, and now I totally want to go download “please don’t stop the music”. It’ll go right onto my “running” playlist.

June 10, 2008

Three Days of…Busy!

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Whew, I survived my first three day weekend. And I think I still remember what I’m supposed to do at work tomorrow. Good, right? Right.

The wedding on Saturday was GORGEOUS. It was held at an “Event Center” that is literally located in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful mountain state. It was outside, which I was not anticipating. So…um, I left my sunglasses in the car. And for the 6 o’clock ceremony, with the sun setting slowly to the left, they would have been much appreciated. But I surivved. sans sunburn-which is truly the amazing part.

It was relatively small, and completely beautiful. It’s SO weird to watch one of your friends say her vows and get Married….but it apparently means you get to see all sorts of friends you haven’t talked to in the last four years and catch up and take lots of pictures and have some wine with and allllll that good stuff.

Four of us got a hotel room in the near-by “mountain town” that’s about 45 minutes from home.  Oh, and apparently so did about half of those in attendance. We showed up to a bar, still in wedding gear (i.e. dresses, heels, looking snaazzzzyyyyy) and within about an hour the place was packed with wedding people..including the bride & groom themselves! FUN Fun fun.

Anywayyyyy. Sunday was spent driving home, catching up on sleep, eating good Mexican food (oh. YUM.), and getting sunburned while taking an afternoon walk with Mom. You know, good day. Ending with a movie and sleepover with my buddy from Hawaii whom I haven’t seen in like 2 years. The kind of friend that you just have to stay up with for hours talking, and catching up, and laughing, and looking at ridiculous pictures from high school….commenting on  the horrible choice of clothes and the laughable, but somehow still enjoyable, choice of CDs. These are the nights…..

And now it’s Tuesday and time for my work week to start. Back to the schedule, back to the money-makin’, and back to waitin’ for Friday night.

June 1, 2008

Traveling with Owen

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I put my bag over-head and plopped down in my coveted aisle seat. Yet despite my position, I found myself sandwiched. Mom & baby by the window, man with a cat across the aisle. And I’m thinkin…hmmm, this could be a loooong four hour flight….

As we took off, the cat took her position under the seat in her little cat-carrier (that thing better be comfortable, because awww pooor kitty!). We didn’t hear from her for the rest of the flight. Impressive.

What’s more impressive? Owen didn’t cry once, not once!, the whoooole flight.

Who’s Owen? The 14-month old traveling in the window seat next to me. Actually, traveling in his mom’s lap & the middle seat & the floor between me and his mom. All the while plotting an escape under my legs and into the rest of the plane-world. Sorry Owen, not gonna happen.

But seriously? Barely over a year old, and probably a better traveler than half of the adult-people on the flight. He was perfectly content with his “Count the ladybugs” and “Dino puzzles” books, and his race car, and my iPod headphones, and pushing the on/off button for the overhead light, and repeatedly handing me the seatback magazines (always curious to see the new(?) things in the Skymall, right? ehhh) so that he could take them out and put them back in.


He had staring contests with me and he was relentless. Those big baby blue eyes did not blink once. Not once! Nice work little man.

Before we took off I was mentally preparing myself for a few screams, some tantrums, some ewwww smells from the diaper, etc. I was not expecting the little guy to make my flight much more entertaining. I also wasn’t expecting him to stick my headphones in his mouth, but we had to compromise.

May 27, 2008

I will always want Ruby Red slippers

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And are they really slippers? I think they are ruby-red pumps, and Dorothy was just a little ahead of her time..

Last night Jack & I watched “The Wizard of Oz”.  It was one of my favorite movies growing up, and my halloween-turned-dress up costume for yearssss. The dress came fully equipped with those famous slippers and a basket that perfectly fit my mini-Toto.  Seriously, it was fashionable. I even had arm-candy to trick-or-treat with; my mom’s best friend’s daughter (10 years older) went as Glenda the (good) witch of the North. Good times.

It’s amazing what I still remember from the long lost days of watching that movie every single morning. I know the lyrics to (almost) all the songs, and will gladly give you the sing-along experience.  I remember the munchkins popping out of the eggs and walking out of the hut doors that even they had to duck to go through (um, weird).  I remember the poisonous poppy plants and the snow that woke Dorothy, and I remember the “horse of a different color” along with the classy Salon that pampered the famous four-some. I still get creeped out by the flying “monkeys” and the guards wearing two-ft tall furry hats with the deaths spears.  I still love the opening scene where they are on the farm, and the closing scene where you realize that her friends from Kansas made up the characters in Oz.  And I still want my own pair of Ruby-Red slippers. 

What do I not remember? Surprisingly, quite a few things. I don’t remember her friends (“Hunk”, “Zeke” and “Hickory”) talking about things in the first scene that will define their characters in the world of Oz.  For example–Hunk is the Scarecrow in her dream, the guy who wants his own brain. While Dorothy is complaining about the neighbor disliking her little dog, he says (something along the lines of) “If you had a brain, you would just avoid her house on your way home”.  Ooh, so clever. 

I guess as a 5 year old you don’t pick up on little clues like that, you are much more concerned with that evil witch and the fact that Glenda keeps showing up in a bubble. And learning the words to all the songs so you can make your little sister play along while you get to be Dorothy (of course) and she will play all the other characters to even things out. 🙂  

April 7, 2008

Out of Hibernation

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We are finally starting to see (a little bit of) warm weather!! This means one thing…..

The spring clothes get to come out of hiberation! Yay!!

I am a sucker for shorts. I love khaki, plaid, white, denim, black (more for “dressy”)….the list goes on. I Love them All. Except the kind that barely stop short of showing, um, too much. As Stacy & Clinton would say, those are not “age appropriate”. Or any kind of appropriate.

I think the Bermuda short is growing on me. Largely thanks to the fact that J Crew can make anything grow on me….but really, they can be cute.

These are risky…..

These are Classy…..

I’m also getting into bold prints. I want skirts, and I want them flowy and beautiful and full of print.
Like this…..

And I’m on the search for spring/summer shoes. I have just decided that I like wedges (yes, I’m behind the times. But ya know what, I like what I like). Correction: Love them. Want to own lots of them. I want to wear them with said skirts, and cute shorts, and cropped pants. And with some help from this girl I also love the “gladiator” style that’s coming in. 🙂 I also need to restock the flip-flop collection, as these tend to wear out in season. Which is fine, since I might pay $2 (hi Target, I love you!) or I might pay $15 (fine AE, I’ll step it up).

In my opinion, the best thing about the warm seasons is shedding the coat!! Yes, Stacy & Clinton, we know-a structured jacket is the key to everything. But what about the cute top that it covers up?! And what about when the cute top needs to stand alone and be admired?! And what about how I’m tired of carrying my jacket around in bars because it’s hot once you’re inside??? In comes warmth to the rescue. *breathe*

Oh, Spring, I am soooo ready for you.

March 4, 2008


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8:30 a.m. Going for a morning run before a phone interview to relax. It’s pouring outside, so I head down to the gym. I’m thinking a nice little 30 minute jog, nothing too crazy, just to get the legs going.

What my brain failed to inform me this morning was that it was going to go ahead and have a little ADD today.

Once I get to the gym, I notice that the treadmill I usually use is “Out Of Order”. Great. Considering what we had to do to get our apartment office to change our carpets, after 3 weeks, am I surprised? Of course not. The only other two treadmills available are right in front of a mirror. I hate that. I can’t ever decide where to look, and when I watch myself I get dizzy because my brain tries to process that I’m running, but not going anywhere. Weird. Guess what this leads to…..Gym ADD (aka, not being able to think about one thing for more than 2 seconds. Thus making a 30 minute run feel like houurssss.)

Start off at a slow pace. Warm it up. Prepare the sore thighs.

Girl next to me is wearing a sweatshirt. On a treadmill, what’s that about?

We’ll call her “sweatshirt”.
Girl on the elliptical is texting. Seriously? I would fall off. I’ll call her “text”.
I can’t run to this song without wanting to speed up. Which is really annoying on a treadmill.
I wish I could see what’s on the TV. Can I run and turn my head at a 90 degree angle? Ah! Nope, let’s not try that again.
Why have I not taken this song off my exercise list? I always skip it.
Text seems to be looking at me. Annoying, please stop.
There are 3 bikes, and none of them are the same style. Whats up with that?
I’m so f-ing happy they finally replaced our carpets. I need to wash my sheets.
Why do people bring their phones to the gym?
Why do people wear sweatshirts while they’re running? Oh, the mystery.
Running outside on Sunday really spoiled me. This is not fun. Not fun.
On that note….Hey, Winter. We get it. That’s enough.
Spring, Hurry up!!!!
Going home in 3 days! Sweeeeet. 
Eh, I have to pack. I need to make a packing list. 
I should probably call J to make sure he’s still picking me up. 
Weather Forecast: Sunny and 70º. Gooood stuff. I can handle that.
Time check: 12 minutes left. ehhhhhh.
iPod: Find a song that lasts longer than 2 minutes. Settle. Deal. Keeeep goin’.
Final line-up: The Queen & I. Take Your Mama Out All Night. Amsterdam. Free & Easy.

February 16, 2008

Gym Wars

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Elle Woods (aka Reese Witherspoon) said it herself:
“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.
Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.”
Well happy-people exercisers may not shoot their husbands, but watch out. They might be after you instead.
Let me start from the beginning…
I’m at the gym. I have a small blister on my foot from running the other day, so I decided I’d rather do the Elliptical. You know when your mind is just set? Well, my mind was set.
Somebody was using the machine when I got down there (no big surprise, our gym is super small, only one Elliptical). Normally I would just think, “Ehhh fine, I’ll run instead.” Tonight, I didn’t want to run. Hmmm, I’ll just lift weights until she’s done. I stood there, lifting the huge 5-lb-ers (the next one up is 20-lb. Not happening.) in various ways for a good 20 minutes.
In the meantime, somewhere around minute 15, another visitor pops in. She walks over to the Elliptical and stands next to it. Takes off her sweatpants and jacket, and just stands there.
My thoughts:

Agh, hopefully she’s not waiting for it too. Maybe she’s getting on the bike (next to it). Huh, nope she’s just standing there. Wow, that’s really rude. I mean, I want that girl to get off, but I’m not gonna stand there and make it blatantly obvious. You gotta let someone enjoy their workout. Not nice, chick. And she better not plan on fighting me for that damn thing. Clearly I’m not actually here to lift weights…. I’m curling 5 pounds.

She is giving me the stare-down. Oh, this will be interesting.
Whatever. I’ve been here for 20 minutes. I don’t feel like running. No, I’m not going to. She can wait for me. I will be stubborn.”
Girl-1 gets off the Eliptical. This is it.
I grab my coat and walk over. She makes a move. I reciprocate.
Me: “Hi, I’ve been waiting for this for a while now.”
Girl-2: “Well I was down here earlier when she had 30 minutes left and just came back down.”
Yeah? Hmm, too bad.
Me: “Yea, I don’t know? I mean, I’ve been waiting, sooo….”
Girl-2: (giving me the death-stare, ah!) “Uh, OK. Yah, I guess I’ll just RUN or something.”
Oh, she’s mad. I’m proud of myself, I would usually back down in that situation. I mean, who really cares? But for some reason, that was not gonna happen. I climbed on and started it up.
Over at the treadmill….

She slams her jacket down on the floor and yells: “F*CK!”

.WHOA.whoa whoa whoa
I glance over at Girl-1 and we exchange looks. Both thinking… “Um, did she really just do that??”
Girl-2 has lost her mind. I decide that if she’s taking it as far as having a tantrum at the gym, she can have it. This is crazy! I take my stuff, walk over to the Treadmill and tell her just that (minus the, “You are psycho.”). I give her the “Hey, look, it’s not that big of a deal to me.” She proceeds to tell me that she can’t run, because of her knee. So, Whatever, she’ll just walk. And she has work tonight. And. UGH. Death-stare. She stays on the treadmill.
Alright girl, now I’m amused. You stay on that treadmill. She turned it up to 9.0 and started sprinting, and looked over at me. Then she stopped. Then she looked at me again and says this,
“I mean, are you gonna be on it for like a f*cking hour or something?!”
Me:(What?!?) “Uh, no. I’ll be on it for 30 minutes.”
Turning off the machine, grabbing her stuff and leaving, she says:

“Well when you get off, make SURE I get it.”

And she’s gone.
Girl-2 (aka Psycho): 0
Me: 1.
Meanwhile, the entire time I’m in there I fear her return. I think about how I’m going to blog about her, because this is hilarious. And I get out of there as soon as possible when I’m done. There are many weird/random things that happen in the gym, this one tops the “CRAZY” chart.
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