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March 16, 2009

Engaged and Single

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I remember specific conversations that we’ve had about this. I remember being a freshman in college and thinking She’s crazyyyy! How could somebody already know thats the person you want to marry?! Just. Crazy.

Then, we went through four years of being roommates, and she didn’t seem so crazy. We took road-trips to visit him, he took road-trips to visit her. Them together? That’s just how it was, and how it should be. No questions about it!

We’ve looked at Bridal magazines ( nope, you certainly don’t need a ring to do that!), and talked about her wedding stuff, found dresses in said magazines that are So-Her (and fabulous), etc etc etc. We’ve complained together, vented together, and been like Ooooh BOYS together. Ah, the joys of girly things.

Saturday. I finally got that text that I’ve been waiting for: “I”M GETTING MARRIED!! Call you soon!”


A few hours later I had the full story, and had asked a million questions, and had this huuuge smile on my face for her. Even after four years of knowing this day would be here soon enough, it still seems so weird that she’s engaged! That for the next many many months we will be talking/planningĀ  wedding things. And loving it!

It also feels so weird for my Best Friend to be engaged after 5+ years of dating her guy, with me Single for the first time in 3+ years. We’re in two very different places, but we are both SO happy with life. That feels gooood.


October 19, 2008

A wedding weekend

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Is glamorous.

And way too much fun. Leaving me completely exhausted today from hours of dancing, free drinks, and being with people that I loooove.

I'm ready. Jack is not.

I’m ready. Jack is not.

When we checked into the hotel, we got a bag-of-goodies. Courtesy of the Bride & Groom. I thought this was so cute. And delicious.

This was our (the BMs) bouquet. It’s so lovely. I’m absolutely in love with the colors.

Yum. Isn’t it beautiful?? And So.Tasty.

favorite wedding moment: after being introduced, we (the bridal party + newlyweds) performed a dance to “Thriller”, which they taught us the night before. And it was awesome. And we wore plastic-fang-teeth. Yup.

memorable moment: when the game was over, and Penn State beat Michigan for the first time in 9 years, the DJ played one of our songs, and Every Penn Stater in the room (quiiiite a lot) startedĀ  chanting “P-S-U!!!”. and the photographer gathered up all the alumni and got a picture. Generations of us. Looove it.

Aaaaand back to reality. Oh, Monday.

October 16, 2008

Feeling all growed up

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Left work today all decked out in my “business casual”, and went to Target. Well, I would’ve gone home but I’d only have about ten minutes to be there and then I’d have to hit the road again. And, really, when do I not go to Target? Yah.

Anyway. It was all en route to pick up the boyfriend from the airport. Yessss! Airport reunions are fun. Plus it means I get to go into “Hudson News” and read People, Cosmo, Fitness, etc.

So Jack is here (yessss!!), with his suits all packed for this weekend (yum). He’s been helping me pick out which dress to wear to the Rehearsal/dinner, and I’m helping him pick out which tie to wear to go with my dress for Saturday. We’re going to a wedding together. Whoa.

I get to head out of work a little early so we can actually make it to the Rehearsal in Philly. Which is greeeeat, because 1) obviously, I should be at the rehearsal, and 2) it means I miss all that crazy-weekend/baltimore/this area is WAY too crowded-traffic. I’m just excited I get to wear a dress Friday night and Saturday night. And get all glammed up. And go to a wedding with the *best* date. And be in one of my best friend’s weddings!

Whew. I’m just feeling all grown up over here.

Hope you are all having weekends equally as fabulous! Even if that means enjoying some Ben & Jerry’s fro-yo and nice long movie night.

June 6, 2008

The First of Five

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The first wedding out of our “group” from highschool–the girls I was friends with then and still keep in touch with now–will take place on Saturday.

We’re to the point where none of us are home much, except for holidays here & there, and for about a week or two every summer (obviously I’m breaking the trend this summer….). Over the last four years we’ve really spread ourselves out. It ranges all the way from Kara at the University of Hawaii to me at Penn State. We’ve got each coast covered to the extreme. In the middle we’ve got Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.

But as of tonight, and just for the weekend, we are all in one place. I guess these are the things will start bringing us together, replacing the “holiday breaks” and “summers off”. It’s been almost two years since our last FULL reunion, which is so crazy. So fun. Soooooo Needed.

I just have to survive ten more hours of work, which doesn’t sound bad at this point. I’m liking the job so far–it involves people interaction as well as the computer stuff, so I’m good to go. Mixin’ things up a little bit. I’m catching on pretty fast, and am able to do most of it on my own. Plus, free food for lunch and um, yes, I think I mentioned…scrubs!! Yeaaa, still pumped about that.

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