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April 21, 2009

Just stay Classy, Happy Valley

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I try to keep things classy at all times.

Except when I’m lounging in my sweats or running clothes, or at the gym. Yes, those are exceptions.

How do I exude class?

I avoid outfits where the inside-my-head-reaction to somebody else in the same clothes would be “Omg – not cute”. I have realized in the last 5 years (hello, East coast weather) that tank tops are not Always the way to go and sometimes open-toed shoes look ridiculous. Just sayin’. And hey – if it’s nice outside – do what ya do.

I also aim for the “don’t chug….. Sip” idea. I’m not guaranteeing anything here…..but! it’s not classy to be carried home, blacked out and/or puking on the way. Ew. Thankfully I’ve avoided (most of) that, but a chug has made it’s way in here and there. Just bein’ honest.

Last, but of certain importance, keep the dance floor friendly. You know what I mean.

These are three simple ‘rules’, right?

Happy Valley, sometimes you add too much into the mixxxxx.

Friday night may have included an extra pitcher (or two) of Bacardi & Diet that we certainly didn’t “need”. But it also included a goooorgeous 50 degrees and seats on the patio, people watching, and chattin’ it up. Love.

Saturday night…..

Might have been a few $1 drink specials, which might have been preceded with a cup or two from the Keg (apartment parties?? when was the last time you did That? yup.). I took the Roomie to a club we Frequented (that could be an understatement) as classy PSU seniors. By “we” I mean my college Roomies. Ah, I miss them.

It was surpringly slow until around midnight, which I attributed to all those craaazy day-drinkers who probably had a little too much fun during the Springy afternoon. Who knows! But my girl that we were visiting had to work and didn’t meet up with us til around midnight anyway. Worked out pretty well.

Let’s just say – it got crowded and hotttt (really, sweating. not attractive) very quickly! Suddenly being up and dancing (i.e. actually moving!) makes those $1 sips go right to the head. Whew.

Let’s also just say that some randoms were breaking up the girl-circle. Which is cool, but keep it classy, right? Ehhhh.

Out of nowheeeere one homeboy went IN for the kill (by kill, I clearly mean lips). NO NO NO. This is not okay!

Now. Let me just say – that will quickly sober you up, and feel very Un-classy. Gross.

We got lucky – “Last call!” announcement promptly followed this, which signaled us “Time to Peeeeace”.

He goes, “Oh, you’re heading out?”

I go, “haha! …Uh. YEA.”

Gotta stay classy, random dude.


April 5, 2009

a weekend with Me

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For whatever reason, I was all into hanging out with “me” this weekend. Sometimes time with yourself is just needed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – if you ignored the 40 mph winds on Saturday – and I was in Exploration mode.

My adventures started off a little rough. Ah, Saturday. Long story short – I drove in bumper-to-bumper traffic down to the Metro station around 1:00 and wondered “Holy F what is going on in DC today?!!”, because the parking lot looked the same as the highway. Cherry blossoms? Oooh yah. Apparently those are the crowd pleasers these days. Anyway. I parked, and walked all the way to the gate only to realize I had left my wallet sitting on my dresser. AWESOME.

I hopped back in the car, picked it up, and decided to drive up North to Baltimore instead. After a lot of trial and error with parking I ended up back in Fells Point, mainly because it would save me $15 for the day. All I wanted to do on Saturday was sit in a chair and Read. Seriously, thats it. My hopes were set on the HUGE Barnes & Noble in the Inner Harbor, but I did not have my hopes set on paying $20 to do that (i.e. parking cost).

Anyway. It all worked out, because I saw this sign and took full advantage.


It was a classy little place. There was room at the bar, it was 3 in the afternoon, and I thought “Perfect.”. So I plopped down for two hours, read my book, and sipped some OJ Bubbly.


Then I walked over to the Inner Harbor and did a liiiittle shopping. A flowy Spring dress from the LOFT capped off the afternoon. It’s lovely. And I have my Mom to Thank for that one. She’s awesome*


Lesson learned, I woke up and headed out early on Sunday to soak up the 70 degree Sunshine in DC. With my wallet, double check. I got off at Chinatown – an area I’ve only been in once before, which was Friday – and just wandered. All day. I read on a bench along the Mall for about an hour, walked up to Dupont, read outside for about two hours, lunched and listened to live music at a deli (love), and wandered some more. It was a lot of time with just Me, and it was awesome.

I took 95 pictures. Which is, um, a Lot. Clearly this is no space for that many pictures. So, here are a few highlights.

dc-035 dc-034

dc-047 dc-083

dc-0792 dc-045

Well. This could go on for a while. In short, I have a total crush on DC right now. And I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with Me, my book, and my wandering feet.

March 27, 2009

Just another ‘Short Run’

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It’s time to hit the roooooad, for a long weekend get away.

It’s time to go back to the ‘Burgh, it has definitely been tooooo long.

It’s time to finally see that Ring and give her a big hug and “omg yayyyy!”.

It’s time to strap on my running shoes for another “Short Run“. Round 2, one year later. SO EXCITED.

It’s time to peace out. See ya on Mondayyy!!

March 13, 2009

Signing the list does you good

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Last week, while the hot-doggers were still around, we all hit up a “PSU Happy Hour Event” at a bar in DC. I joined the DC-area Alumni Association (sounds so adult-ish….) and let me tell you, these people are having events left and right! Whew.

So, we ventured out on a Thursday night (sounds so college-ish….) and joined them. It was fun! They even had name-tags for us. See….

me&lb.psuhappyhourUh. Anyway. There were a lot of those advertising people walkin around; the people who promote certain drinks, or “sign the happy hour raffle list!!”, or Boxing Classes in Georgetown (wait, whaaat? )….you know, those people.  Well since I was the only one in attendance who actually lives anywhere close to the place, they shoved that list at me and I said “Sure!” I’ll sign it. Why not?? Who doesn’t love getting Spam e-mail from random bars, right? Ehhhh.

Well, well. I got that Spam e-mail yesterday, which I almost didn’t check because who cares whats in the Spam box? But, it was a lone ranger. And I hate seeing that ” (1) ” next to the Spam. It’s annoying. So I clicked it to clear it.

What do I see? “Congrats! You’ve won a FREE OPEN BAR at ___________  !!” So I clicked that. I hesitantly responded to get the “details” and found out that I drink for Free, and my “friends” get drink specials from 7-9. I’m sure there are like anywhere from 5-10 “winners” per night/weekend/week/whatever. But hey, I won!!

So. I’m pretty pumped about it. And pretty glad I signed that list, because it gave me a Friday night of Free drinks! Which I’ll go ahead and say is well deserved after this week.  Good stuff.

March 6, 2009

Adventures with the hot-doggers, Round 2!

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Almost three weeks later, they’re still here!


Turns out that in the process of being re-located (ah, the life of the Weinermobile)- Annapolis, MD → McLean, VA – they are just about the same distance away (actually a little closer), in a different direction. This area continues to amaze me. So, in the meantime, the adventures have continued.

As you can read about below, DUFF (from Ace of Cakes!) called LB and was all for the Weinermobile making an appearance at the famous Cake Shop. This rendezvous was all set for Monday at Noon. WELL. Let’s just say, I spoke too soon. Rather than continuing the pattern towards warmer weather and hopes of Spring, the Maryland sky decided against our little date. Instead, it dumped 8 f-ing inches of SNOW all over the state on Sunday night. Subsequently, I didn’t give my scheduled presentation Monday morning, the 27-foot hot dog car couldn’t make it out of Annapolis, and even my “work” day was cancelled. Whaaaat?! It snows like twice this entire winter. Where did this come from?! Nobody knows. Gah.

Uh. Anyway.

After rescheduling 3 times (whoa, those bakers are busyyyy), it ended up that I couldn’t make it. Instead I was sitting in a Maryland State Senate meeting listening to debates. Random? Yup. But LB and AA had a greeeeat time, and I think you will enjoy these pics!

ccc.weinermobileCharm City Cakes and BIG BUNNN.

hotdogcakeLB: Master Hot-dog cake maker!!! Aaaand, next addition to the CC-Cakes team?
Love that cake.

They’re Awesome and did get me a little card signed by Duff, and provided tons of pictures. They Also captured the famous peeps on camera: Weinermobile Chats with Ace of Cakes
Check. It. Out.

Other adventures? Look and see.

bowlingMe: Lowest score x 2 games in a row. Yea. I gots skilllllz.

Before the party, it’s the hotel lobbyyy. Or bar.

meandLB.Just Love. Another night in the cittyyyyy.

Now, I get to hang with these people for at least one more weekend before they jet-set to their next destination. See ya when normal-life resumes!

March 2, 2009

Adventures with the Hot-Doggers, Round 1

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The visitors have left MD and moved on….to VA. Yup, still close! Love it.

But, the past 10 days have been packed with photo-ops and good times. So! Here are a few glimpses into the Life of a Hot-Dogger, and us tour-guides/roomies that gallivant around with them!

Me, LB and Ash. Too. Much. Fun.

bigbunThe Wienermobile…..Inside. Front….


bigbun.3…and Back. Yes. This thing is huuuuge.

From the outside……JUST AS FREAKIN BIG.

We headed up into Baltimore and around Fells Point again. LB loves the water, and I love the cityyyy.


Oh, there’s water in Annapolis too. Yup, we love that too.


Exploring adventures were cut a little short by the fact that it was chillyyyy over the weekend.
But we saw a lot during Round 1!

February 25, 2009

Take me Back

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LB is in town; has been since last Thursday and will be until next Monday. Wheeeww.

Yes, this is why I haven’t been around these parts lately. Instead, I’ve been traveling to and from Annapolis, staying there, staying here, going bowling, having dinner fiestas, drinking & dining in Pubs…….ya know, the usual…?? Right.

I’ve had way too much fun in the past 5 days. LB and I lived together for more than the majority of our College lives, and this is all too familiar. Sunday night we cooked dinner at my apartment, watched the Oscars while browsing through People magazine, and did laundry. It was like we were right back in State College, doin our thing.

Ah, I wish.

My life will seem so boring next week! Aside from some serious work projects that I’d rather not think about right now.

In the mean time, you can find me with LB and AA (her Weinermobile drivin-partna’….aka the Texan ;)). I’ll just be gallivanting, not stressing about work/life/internship stuffff for the next few days. And I’ll be loving it.

(Don’t think you won’t be seeing pictures of this mobile either. There are many!)

February 18, 2009

We have room for the wiener!

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!! Newsflash: LB will be in Maryland!! With the WIENERMOBILE!!

She gets in tomorrow, early-afternoon-ish, and I’m So Damn Excited. I haven’t seen my roomie since before Thanksgiving, and that trip to Happy Valley was far too short (which will always be the case). The only plan thus far is a weekend in Annapolis, which needs no real “plan” because there’s always Something to do.

I asked what they were doing Thursday evening – thinking … “Office/30 Rock” partyyy (just like the apt days!) ?? Might be an option. I got this response – “Oooh, is there Parking for us??!!” – meaning…is there anywhere in my apt complex to park a 27-foot long Hot dog?!

And my answer “Ha oh yea, we can fit the wiener in!”

Which is true. But wow, that Mobile can make any sentence slightly inappropriate.

Anywayyyy. Rather than driving back and forth between the apt and Navy-central, I’ll actually be staying there. Yesss. No travel crises allowed. The hotel is lookin’ gorgeous, and way out of my student-budget price range. It’s good to have friends with jobs. It’s like a mini-getaway! A much needed adventure.

I’m not enjoying the fact that it’s only Thursday (….uh, almost). I need Friday, and a half day at work, and a Mini road trip, and a PSU Reunion. Now now and Noowwww.

February 10, 2009

playing tourist!

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What to do – when a good friend comes to visit on a whim and the weather graciously cooperates???

Play tourist, of course.

Usually this means a trip down to DC – museums and monuments and all. But! The North side of this state deserves some attention too. So, we decided to go see things that were even new to Me.

I live very close to the Charm City. Guess what that means?? I live near CHARM CITY CAKES! Oh, we went. And the Food Network has a huge hold on this place. The windows are covered in black tarps (nope, can’t even peak at the cake-making), and the door opens to you “By Appointment ONLY”. Psh. We’ll just enjoy the view from outside, thank youu.

27-002 27-005

Moving on…..

To Fells Point, MD. An old (old!) neighborhood in the Baltimore Harbor, home to many many bars, restaurants, shops, theaters, hotels and….more bars. It’s all historic and brick with cobble-stone roads and places like “The Horse You Came In On Saloon”. I want to come in on a horse! And then have a drink!

Anyway. I took a lot of pictures, because it’s just one of those places. You want to capture it, and you love it.

27-0081 27-011

The Bond Street landing.


My buddies. Happy by the water.

27-0141 27-021

Stand by the sea.

27-016My view at lunch. Yum.

27-0251 27-020

Cool door. Cooool window.

We had a blast, and every time I do stuff like this I appreciate this area that I live in more and more. Even if I’m out of this area by the end of the year – I lived here once. And – budget or no budget – I’m experiencing that as much as I can!

December 15, 2008

Citrus Delivery

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The roomie’s parents sent her a package today. Full of these little beauties!


A whoooole box full of Arizona citrus. I’ve never understood how an orange is more of a ‘winter’ fruit, because they just look so summer-y. Bright, and refreshing, and tropical looking. Right? Right. Yummmm.

“I think they named oranges before they named carrots.
‘what are these?’    ‘…..those are, oranges.’
‘what are these?’     ‘shit……Long pointies?!’  ”
demetri martin

I have four days left at the hospital, and then I’m done. Well, with that hospital. That’s a little weird to think about, it has been the bulk of the internship so far (10 weeks. whooaaa). I love who I work with, I love the work itself.  But, wow, it’s time for a break.  Saturday simply cannot come fast enough (countdown: 5 days!). So um, hurry up with that.

The weekend flew because I spent four hours driving to Pittsburgh on Saturday, and four hours driving back on Sunday.  Totally worth it. It felt normal to be there around Christmas, because that’s always the case. Emily is a saint and drives me to the airport at absolutely ridiculous hours of the morning, every year. It’s a running joke that I’ll buy her Starbucks for the drive. Because when we pass Starbucks, it’s not open yet. Um, oopssss.
Driving back here the next day, rather than be dropped off at the airport? Sucked. The only good part was that the Steelers beat the Ravens Sunday night. Thanks guys. Much appreciated!

I also have a box full of fresh oranges and a bowl full of Chex-Muddy Buddies (aka, Puppy Chow) sitting on my table. That helps too. 🙂

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