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April 16, 2009

Because Dad needs a new car magnet

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Yup, there’s another road trip on the agenda! I realized this is the last “free” weekend for at least a month, and I realized it’s been WAY too long since I’ve been back to Penn State. This happened to be a great combination.

Destination: Happy Valley!

The weather could not be more cooperative, which means I have one thing planned – drinks at the Cafe. Immediately upon arrival, and after we battle the line that will no doubt have accumulated by 6 p.m.. Oh, also after I stop by the Lion Shrine and give it a little loooove. Ya know, priorities.

I lied, there’s one more thing planned. A visit to the famous Crush, for a little styyyylin’! Yes I’ve lived in MD for 8 months. Yes I still get my hair cut in State College. Because I Love it. And because, clearly, I don’t get my hair cut that often.

After I informed my Mom of our weekend plans, she texted me this;

“Will you get Dad a new PSU magnet for his car? his cracked thanks”.

Ha, can’t go without those car magnets!! I’m not allowed to own them (personal-rule) because I always forget to take it off before a car wash. That stupid water hose knocks them off with all it’s water power, and then weeks later I notice that I’m magnet-less and that I wasted yet another $5. Gah.

But the parents loooove ’em.

In other news, it turns out Michael Scott is quite the businessman! Thursday night TV and packing seems to have become my routine lately. Back to it!


December 22, 2008

A pleasant airport surprise

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It’s usually my Mom and/or sister that are at the airport waiting until my usually-delayed flight lands.  So, they know the drill.  My Dad? He’s new to this. The flight was scheduled to land at 1:25, we didn’t actually land until about 1:30, and we didn’t get off until around 1:45. Not too late by my standards. But when I had permission to use my Cellular device, I already had a voicemail from him….

“Hey, it’s Dad…It’s about 1:40 an there are a lot of people here and I’m waiting but just wondering if maybe I missed you because I haven’t seen you yet and, ya know, just making sure I didn’t miss you, so…just let me know. Love you bye”

Haha. So cute. First of all, if I were to just wander down to baggage claim without finding him, where exactly would I go after that? I’m kind of relying on him for the transportation thing.

I called him back and said, Not to worry! I’m not off the plane yet, that’s why you haven’t seen me. I’ll find you!

When I finally got there, he had a big smile and a big hug waiting for me. He was also holding these……


He’s awesome.  After the last few weeks, I needed nothing else but to see my family, sit around, and reeeelax.  But this?  Made me smile so big and realize…..I’m *home*. Yessss.

October 23, 2008

If I’ve said it once

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I’ll say it again…..

This dinner is.amaaaazing.

Green Chile-Chicken Casserole

Green Chile-Chicken Casserole

Best part, it’s from Cooking Light. GO!
Down in the South-WEST, we know do green-chile. And we do it So well.
It’s spicy, it’s tasty, and it makes all things wonderful.

Tonight we decided to cook dinner in the apt, so after work the parents took me to Target and the grocery store. Which means I stocked up, and we also got a few items to make a nice little dinner with.  I picked this recipe, that I love, and that I will absolutely never take the time to do by myself. Even if it only takes all of ~40 minutes. Total. And it’s on the healthy side. Add some salsa, and oooh, it’s amazing.

Thought I’d share it with you, even though I’m sure somewhere on here I’ve posted it before. Yup. I love it that much. And figured maybe on your weekend you’d feel adventurous and try somethin’ on the wiiild side. And by wild, I mean home-made Mexican food. Cause really, you never know how that will turn out.

The up side to stayin’ in; now I have leftovers. Yummmm.

October 21, 2008

Prepping for the parents

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The parents are back in town!

Driving in from WV, they’ll get here around 5. If you wondering why they’re in WV (nope. I’m not from WV), it has to do with conference things. Those fancy get togethers where people sit in lectures all day, and get compensated by a free stay at a fancy hotel. And muffin breakfasts. Pretty sweet deal, yea?

So, they’re coming from one of those. I’ve put out the warning: You will be driving on the DC-Beltway. There will be traffic. And, in other words, I’ll probably see you around…..6 or 7…? Sounds about right.

Since I’m usually off around 4, this gives me plenty of time to spice up the place. Vacuum (which makes everything look So clean. without much effort. Good stuff.), do laundry, make the kitchen look tidy…..that stuff you’re supposed to do anyway, but put off until you think somebody might notice. Well, I vacuum my room like once a week. Maybe because it calms me, maybe because it’s the sanitary thing to do…but mostly, because it’s a quick distraction from homework and it’s my substitution for weight lifting. Which never made anything look clean. And makes your hands smell weird (ew).

My Dad has never been in the area, and he appreciates everything travel-related. And he’s a serious history-buff. I’ll still be at work Thursday and Friday, but I have no doubt they’ll find many ways to distract themselves. In fact, I’ll probably lose them to old War sites and history museums and scenic drives where the leaves are changing (seriously. it’s gooorgeous here right now). Until we meet up for happy-hour of course.

Anyway. I’m exciiiited. My parents are pretty fun to have around. I pointed out to them that they’ll be here just in time for dinner tomorrow night. Very nice planning on their part. So my job is to find a ‘new’ place to eat. Which isn’t hard, because I’ve gone out to eat like, umm…..twice?…since I’ve lived here. It’s not in the budget!! Target and Outlet malls are.

So thats my hump-day excitement. Yesssss, family time!

October 9, 2008

Always excited with the pumpkin socks

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As I’m moving in…..the conversation went a little something like this…..

Mom: “I guess I don’t need to send you holiday packages anymore, since you aren’t ‘technically’ still in college….”
Me:”Um…whaaat?? I’m kind of still in college…. I’m not making money, soooo thats like ‘student’-ish! No. You definitely still have to send me holiday packages. I will have nothing else to look forward to! I’ll only get cable bills, and electrical bills, and grocery adds for the 100000 stores that surround me but cost $$$$, and the occasional Kraft magazine. But then my (always Super EARLY) holiday packages will come, and I’ll be excited.”
Mom: “………(whoa). Ha, okay. Okayyy. Maybe you’ll still get them. We’ll see….” (such a tease)
Me: “(*sigh*) Good. I really love my collection of holiday socks. That cannot be discontinued…yet.”

Yess!! I loooove me some Mom-mail. This package was on my doorstep after our “class day” on Monday. Could not have been more perfect timing. Coming out of two 3 hr lectures, traffic, a day that nearly killed my feet (see below:heels. gah.) Seriously, I am constantly amazed at how early these show up. And there’s absolutely no way I’m waiting until ‘halloween’ to open it. Psh. There’s candy in there. Which I know will include peanut m&ms (it’s just her styyyle). Not. Happening.

What else is always included in these little packages? Socks. Holiday themed socks. Who needs holiday socks? Nobody. But I love them. I have socks with pumpkins, easter eggs, hearts, more pumpkins, purple butterflies (might have been easter? not sure….)…..umm, yah.

You also see a dishtowel (another collection in the works….), oven mitts, Flips!!, gum, and……

Look closely, in the right corner, out pokes a brand new Toothbrush. Yup, she knows that candy is goin fast.*yum*

October 7, 2008

Countdowns are taking over!

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This month is a little on the ‘crazy’ side, and I loooove it.

I also love countdowns. And thats about all I can think about right now. Many many countdowns to many many exciting things!! October, you’re spoiling me. Nice work.

::Race::4 days!!!

still a little upset about the no-music thing. but after run#2 sans iPod, I know I’ll survive. and there are much worse things they could force upon me. Like rain, or really hott weather, or not having water stations (well, thats probably illegal, but you know, thatd suck).

::Jack::8 days!!

Pickin him up from the airport right after ‘work’ on Thursday. Yesss.
There are few things that could make the end of a work day better than an airport reunion. Followed by a dinner date. And Jack. Here. Looove it.

::Wedding time::10 days!!!

I’ll be a bridesmaid for the first time, in a veryyyy special wedding.
A weekend trip to Philly, a rehearsal dinner followed by a night of a few drinks with gooood friends, a classy hotel room, and what will most definitely be an amazing reception. Yum.

::Parentals visit::16 days!

They’ll be here from Wednesday-Sunday. Exploring the area while I’m at work, hopefully picking out delicious places to eat and fabulous things they want to buy me. Just kiddinnn. Not about eating though. My Mom keeps saying she wants to ride the “train” into DC. Which we’ll definitely do, as long as we can get her to call it the “metro”. She loves trains, its cute.

::Halloween… HAPPY VALLEY!!!::23 days!!!!!!

I have not been to that wonderful place since May. There are no words. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 3, 2008

Honest to Golf

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The truth? Ugh, I’m no good.

I went out for the second time today with the padre. We were joined by my brother and his gf. She’s my buddy and not great either, but she definitely beat the crap out of me (we weren’t actually keeping score, but I know I did Not do good. Oh, no.).

I’m trying. Really reallyyyy trying. Golf is, um, reallyyy hard. Nobody warned me of this. I didn’t think it was super easy, but gaahhh.

My Dad is serving as my coach, it’s his natural tendency. He’s pretty darn good at this golf thing, so I’m taking the advice as it comes. But there’s just so damn much to think about. This is generally how my thoughts would read, before EACH swing (tee off, hit, chip, putt, whateeever)…..

“Watch the ball..”
“Use your hips, and rotate with your back…”
“Keep your shoulders straight….”
“Don’t swing with your hands…”
“Let your left hand pull through…”
“Keep your hands in front of the ball…”
“Left hand on top, wrap your right around”
“Visualize your swing…”
“Don’t swing too hard, let the club do the work…”
“Follow through in one line…”
“Swing down, hit the ball…not the dirt under the grass, or the air above it…”
“Aim with your feet and the rotation of your hips…”
“Push the weight off your right foot, and end with it on your left…”
“Don’t stand up while you swing, stay low, don’t lock your knees…”

Yes. I’m totally serious. I have learned that ALL of these things are what makes a golf swing good. Or great, if you’re lucky. Usually I’m not, but every once in a while I get this freak-beautiful-shot that goes into the air and sails right to where it’s supposed to be. Ah, what a feeling. Watching that stupid white round thing fly.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘putt’. It’s completely different. But I’m not too bad in that area.

I’m not giving up just yet, although I did “quit” a hole or two today. Ehhhh. Oops. I’m not proud of this, but ya know what? The course was busy and people were behind us and that stressesss me out. So, instead, I just picked up that little white ball and walked it up to the green. Things are much easier that way.

No, really though. I will keep going. I’ll get better. In the words of my very wise Padre, “You didn’t learn to play the piano by just doing scales. But you did have to start with them.” (in reference to why I need to go to a driving range so I can get used to my ‘swing’). Gotcha’ Dad. You’re a good teacher, so I’ll keep practicing, and I’ll get there. I may not have your 12 handicap anytime soon…..the goal for now is just to hit the ball every time I swing. That’s not too much to ask, right? Ehhhh.

November 23, 2007


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My parents have finally made the switch!

Never again will I dread coming home to the slow, frustrating behavior of dial-up internet. Never again will I have to wait 45 minutes for the computer to upload 1 picture, or 10 minutes for it to even upload the website I’m trying to get to. Never again will I have to wait for the following; dial tone, static, dialing, static, ringing, static…………………………………..connected.

We finally have the luxury of wireless internet, and if you have it…don’t take this luxury for granted! Think back to those days of having to “dial-up” to be connected to the internet….and how wonderful it is that now you are Always connected. Now I can freely surf the internet, check emails, upload pictures, stalk facebook, and read/write blogs (of course)!!

Aside from being reconnected to the world wide web, it also feels so wonderful to be reconnected to the most important people in my life….the family :). Due to the fact that I go to school on the other side of the country, I honestly do not see them enough. This time, it had been 5 months since I had seen my siblings. Thankfully it had been a mere 6 weeks since I had seen the parents, since they made the trip over for a little PennState weekend this Fall.

It’s gotten to the point where I associate being in an airport with “going home”. And if I’m going home, it also usually means that I am done (or almost done) with another semester of tests/papers/stress/school. Therefore it is my time to completely relax, enjoy doing household “chores”, and totally soak up the fact that I have nothing to do.

To know that I have a family that I can’t ever wait to get back to and a house that always feels like “home” makes me feel so lucky.

October 1, 2007

Family Matters

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Those Winslow’s had it all right. Family Matters.
“As days go by, it’s the bigger love of the family.”

Oh, so true.

After a weekend that (to me) started Wednesday night upon the arrival of my parents, I feel content. It consisted of everything PennState of course; Creamery ice cream, football, classes, hiking Mount Nittany, lots of walking around campus, buying PennState everything at the Student Book Store, ridiculously long wait-times for a dinner out on the town, Cirque de Soleil (alright, that might not be “penn state”, but it was a damn good show!), the Farmer’s Market, unexpected torrential rain (although in State College’s defense, it was short-lived for once), surprisingly beautiful sunny weather, more Creamery ice cream and more football. 🙂 Good stuff.

Despite living 1,000+ miles away from my family, I feel like they are as close as they have ever been. It’s amazing how a relationship with parents can change so much in just a few fast years. They are no longer just the people who watch over you, give you advice, take care of you, and tell you what you can and can’t do. Instead, they become your friends, confidants and comfort. They will always have the advice on life (should you decide to take it), the guidance, the experiences, and the time to focus on you.

It felt good to show them around the life I’ve made for myself at college and know that they are proud of me. It also felt good to legally order a drink with them at dinner, beat my dad at “Hearts” (this does Not happen often, he’s a tricky one), and to not care if I went “out” this weekend because I was just as content spending the nights “In” hanging out with my parents.

Although I did spend Saturday night on the town, once again hittin’ up Lulu’s Nightspot. Good stuff right there.

Saying good-bye is bittersweet. Back to this college-life of mine, which is nothing to complain about. And only 6 weeks until Thanksgiving break (counting down, of course 😉 ).

September 26, 2007

Six days Later

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Here I am again, blogging at 1:41 a.m. (Larisa, I think I’m giving new meaning to your “night blogging” philosophy…).

I didn’t intend to wait almost a full week before another post, but a lot can happen in six days! Recap:

Stressing Out.
-Studying. Homework. Reading. Non-stop. Way too much time at this desk.
-Watching football.

To be specific, watching our Lions lose to those Wolverines, for the bagillionth time. Not the exciting study break I was looking for guys, c’mon now. (Did Morelli actually put his head through a wall?? I think we are all wondering….)

-Cleaning in preparation for my parent’s arrival (Tomorrow night!!!!).

Logic was absent in this task. Cleaning a college apartment on a Saturday morning, pre-going-out-to-Lulu’s night, and pre-Sunday laziness (more football watching) is really not effective. At all.

-Shopping at Target.
…..twice. I have some amazing aviators and red-pumps to show for it.

-Going out with ALL of my roommates for some drinks and dancing. Oh what a night. 🙂

Just for you, Larisa, I will mention that yes; I almost lost my phone. We won’t talk about that. Phone getting kicked around the dance floor all night: Unhappy me. Overall night: Fabulous.

-Taking the first of four 2-hour Essay tests, for a science-based class. Not nice PennState, see above reasons (i.e. stress, studying, 1:41 a.m.).


Here I feel the need to mention that tonight I found a hidden treasure. Books on everything you ever wanted to know about Food; chemistry, cooking, restaurant operations, nutrient contents, baking, fruits & vegetables. Everything. I have finally found a purpose behind working in the library. Yes, these books are located on the 3rd Floor of Paterno, aka Business Library. Expect to see some book reviews very soon! 🙂

…and all of that finally brings me to 1:56 a.m. Six days later. It’s amazing to me that last week the thought of this simply stressed me out. And here I am, in the midst of the overlapping exams and assignments (and still needing to clean up). Surviving and relaxed.

Tomorrow night I get my cherry on top; Mom & Dad, welcome back to Happy Valley!

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