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April 21, 2009

Just stay Classy, Happy Valley

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I try to keep things classy at all times.

Except when I’m lounging in my sweats or running clothes, or at the gym. Yes, those are exceptions.

How do I exude class?

I avoid outfits where the inside-my-head-reaction to somebody else in the same clothes would be “Omg – not cute”. I have realized in the last 5 years (hello, East coast weather) that tank tops are not Always the way to go and sometimes open-toed shoes look ridiculous. Just sayin’. And hey – if it’s nice outside – do what ya do.

I also aim for the “don’t chug….. Sip” idea. I’m not guaranteeing anything here…..but! it’s not classy to be carried home, blacked out and/or puking on the way. Ew. Thankfully I’ve avoided (most of) that, but a chug has made it’s way in here and there. Just bein’ honest.

Last, but of certain importance, keep the dance floor friendly. You know what I mean.

These are three simple ‘rules’, right?

Happy Valley, sometimes you add too much into the mixxxxx.

Friday night may have included an extra pitcher (or two) of Bacardi & Diet that we certainly didn’t “need”. But it also included a goooorgeous 50 degrees and seats on the patio, people watching, and chattin’ it up. Love.

Saturday night…..

Might have been a few $1 drink specials, which might have been preceded with a cup or two from the Keg (apartment parties?? when was the last time you did That? yup.). I took the Roomie to a club we Frequented (that could be an understatement) as classy PSU seniors. By “we” I mean my college Roomies. Ah, I miss them.

It was surpringly slow until around midnight, which I attributed to all those craaazy day-drinkers who probably had a little too much fun during the Springy afternoon. Who knows! But my girl that we were visiting had to work and didn’t meet up with us til around midnight anyway. Worked out pretty well.

Let’s just say – it got crowded and hotttt (really, sweating. not attractive) very quickly! Suddenly being up and dancing (i.e. actually moving!) makes those $1 sips go right to the head. Whew.

Let’s also just say that some randoms were breaking up the girl-circle. Which is cool, but keep it classy, right? Ehhhh.

Out of nowheeeere one homeboy went IN for the kill (by kill, I clearly mean lips). NO NO NO. This is not okay!

Now. Let me just say – that will quickly sober you up, and feel very Un-classy. Gross.

We got lucky – “Last call!” announcement promptly followed this, which signaled us “Time to Peeeeace”.

He goes, “Oh, you’re heading out?”

I go, “haha! …Uh. YEA.”

Gotta stay classy, random dude.


April 19, 2009

my first love on the East coast

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A very successful road trip back to Happy Valley over the weekend left me with lots of pictures and an ever growing appreciation for that University in the middle of nowhere, PA.

Not to mention a new hair style, fewer dollas in the bank, and some new unnecessary fun purchases from the Bookstore. Yes, I got the magnet for my dad. And yes, I bought myself one too. I’m contemplating putting a sticky note on my dashboard “washing the car? TAKE OFF THE MAGNET”.  I think it would be effective. And that little Lion’s paw looks so cute, definitely worth it!

Walking around campus I was armed and ready with my camera and flat shoes. It’s absolutely gorgeous, as the trees are working towards Green again and flowers are in full bloom everywhere you look. This lovely campus is, by far, the very first reason I fell in love with the East coast……



An afternoon of wandering around and snappin’ pics ended at the Tap Room above. Sit at a table near the open end (floor-to-ceiling window thats open during the “nicer” days), sip a few beers during the afternoon sunshine, people watch, and take it all in. Looooove.

I’ll save a “real” post about the weekend, in all its classiness and alumni-styyyyle, for another night – when I’m functioning off of more than 5 hours of sleep and road-trip-lag!

April 16, 2009

Because Dad needs a new car magnet

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Yup, there’s another road trip on the agenda! I realized this is the last “free” weekend for at least a month, and I realized it’s been WAY too long since I’ve been back to Penn State. This happened to be a great combination.

Destination: Happy Valley!

The weather could not be more cooperative, which means I have one thing planned – drinks at the Cafe. Immediately upon arrival, and after we battle the line that will no doubt have accumulated by 6 p.m.. Oh, also after I stop by the Lion Shrine and give it a little loooove. Ya know, priorities.

I lied, there’s one more thing planned. A visit to the famous Crush, for a little styyyylin’! Yes I’ve lived in MD for 8 months. Yes I still get my hair cut in State College. Because I Love it. And because, clearly, I don’t get my hair cut that often.

After I informed my Mom of our weekend plans, she texted me this;

“Will you get Dad a new PSU magnet for his car? his cracked thanks”.

Ha, can’t go without those car magnets!! I’m not allowed to own them (personal-rule) because I always forget to take it off before a car wash. That stupid water hose knocks them off with all it’s water power, and then weeks later I notice that I’m magnet-less and that I wasted yet another $5. Gah.

But the parents loooove ’em.

In other news, it turns out Michael Scott is quite the businessman! Thursday night TV and packing seems to have become my routine lately. Back to it!

March 13, 2009

Signing the list does you good

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Last week, while the hot-doggers were still around, we all hit up a “PSU Happy Hour Event” at a bar in DC. I joined the DC-area Alumni Association (sounds so adult-ish….) and let me tell you, these people are having events left and right! Whew.

So, we ventured out on a Thursday night (sounds so college-ish….) and joined them. It was fun! They even had name-tags for us. See….

me&lb.psuhappyhourUh. Anyway. There were a lot of those advertising people walkin around; the people who promote certain drinks, or “sign the happy hour raffle list!!”, or Boxing Classes in Georgetown (wait, whaaat? )….you know, those people.  Well since I was the only one in attendance who actually lives anywhere close to the place, they shoved that list at me and I said “Sure!” I’ll sign it. Why not?? Who doesn’t love getting Spam e-mail from random bars, right? Ehhhh.

Well, well. I got that Spam e-mail yesterday, which I almost didn’t check because who cares whats in the Spam box? But, it was a lone ranger. And I hate seeing that ” (1) ” next to the Spam. It’s annoying. So I clicked it to clear it.

What do I see? “Congrats! You’ve won a FREE OPEN BAR at ___________  !!” So I clicked that. I hesitantly responded to get the “details” and found out that I drink for Free, and my “friends” get drink specials from 7-9. I’m sure there are like anywhere from 5-10 “winners” per night/weekend/week/whatever. But hey, I won!!

So. I’m pretty pumped about it. And pretty glad I signed that list, because it gave me a Friday night of Free drinks! Which I’ll go ahead and say is well deserved after this week.  Good stuff.

January 3, 2009

California Love

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Yes, Penn State lost to USC. Yes, it was a little tough to watch. But…..that certainly isn’t enough to ruin a trip to California! Leaving the freezing cold temps and non-stop snow falls here, I thoroughly enjoyed a few days in the Sun with the fam and a LOT of Penn Staters. So much love.

I can’t explain how happy it makes me to be surrounded by Penn Staters. Even across the country, we freakin represented. But, if your team is at the Rose Bowl, you better represent damnit. That’s serious football business! Honestly, walking around the tail-gates and staring out at the stadium, there was a good mix of Blue-and-White with all that crazy Maroon-and-gold. Take a look……

Bud Light Tent....with a sea of Blue-and-White

Bud Light Tent....with a sea of Blue-and-White

a few beers deep, stocked and ready for kick-off!

a few beers deep, stocked and ready for kick-off!

on the sideline

on the sideline

and in the stands!

and in the stands!

It was a blast (despite the loss) and the Trojan’s around us were pretty good sports. I’m already waiting for August!

I heart football, and I loooove those Nittany Lions.

January 1, 2009

Smelling Roses

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Yes, yes….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! *2009*

Penn State vs USC

Penn State vs USC

But more importantly (well, just for today….) LETS GO PENN STATE!!!!!!!

I’m going to the Rose Bowl today with the fam, to watch my team and I’m um, Reallyyyyy excited. Being part of the ‘alumni’ during football season blows. No student section?! No ‘cheap’ tickets available for me to purchase?! Whaaaat?! Gah.

We spent yesterday at Universal Studios Hollywood and wow, Penn State, well done. At least 1 out of ~20 people I saw were wearing Penn State things. I’m not kidding. It was seriously impressive. There were a few tables set up in different corners full of Penn State Rose Bowl Gear. Yessss. Then we saw one of the buildings in the park with a marquee reading “Penn State Alumni & Friends”. Hey! Thats me!

We asked what was going on, only to find out it was a “private” part with the Alumni. Which I guess wouldn’t include me quite yet, since I don’t have $$ to donate…..yet. But they blocked off a corner of the Studios for this little fiesta around 4:30, and it looked classy. I need to get in on that next time.

Then they (workers) told us that the Football team / Blue Band had the lower part of the park reserved for the night, starting at 7. Penn State is taking over!! After dinner on the City Walk we headed out, and saw them all coming in – – special green bracelets and VIP access and all that jazz. Really??? I need to start making connections, I need to get in on that next time.

Anyway. Gotta finish getting ready!! Watch the game! And cheer for Penn State? K  Thankssss*

December 2, 2008

Now that December is here

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I’ve got things to do!

My “to-do” list has become a little bit daunting. It’s not even on paper yet, just swarming around in my head, intimidating me in theory.

Don’t worry, it’s not stressful (ehhh, maybe a little bit. but I’m sick of that word. sooo, No).

It’s just….December. As in, the end of this year. As in…..whoa.

I have to start Christmas shopping. This is always a little bit tricky, since I have to pack all the extra things I buy and bring them home with me. And this year, I have to think a little bit harder. For the past 4 years there was at least one person that got Penn State stuff. Yup, it’s a cop out. But people looove it. So it’s a good excuse. And by ‘people’, I mostly mean my parents. They’ve got quite a collection of paraphernalia now, and not one complaint. The siblings have also received their fair share, but only upon request! And I ask for their stuff in return. Who wouldn’t love to sport some home-state love on the other side of the country, right? Right.

I have to prepare for my first ‘office’ Christmas party. Not that I work in an office, or even with the same people on a monthly basis. But there are 8 of us interns, and we have all been invited to the Director’s casa for some holiday celebrating. This gives me an excuse to buy a cute holiday dress, which would be the first non-work clothing item I’ve purchased in quite some time. Yesssss.

I have one more topic of homework to turn in, which is currently about 75% done. I couldn’t begin to tell you how good that feels to type. Almost.DONE !!!! Then I have a Major-Case study to do after the break. Which is next year, so we won’t think about that just yet.

I have to mentally prepare myself for the ROSE BOWL. Because, um, we’re going! I don’t just mean Penn State, because obviously Penn State is going. I mean WE ARE GOING. My dad bought tickets moments after the Michigan State victory (not even 100% sure yet that the Lions would be there, but um, 99.99999% sure. and hoping.). This means on January 1, 2009 I’ll be sitting in row 77 with my family (decked out in their gear. see above, re: Christmas presents 😉 ) watching my team play in the National Championship. Life is good.

There. Now my to-do list is typed. Well, the big things are. Hello December, I’m excited to see you.

November 23, 2008

Couldn’t procrastinate if I tried

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I’m coming off of a Penn-State-weekend-with-the-roomies (and tailgating + FOOTBALL!!!) high.

1123-009 saltailgate meandemgman 1123-017

But. Tomorrow is Monday. Which means it will be promptly deflated.

It also means I have to pack, again. Usually I procrastinate with packing, and make lists, and do laundry, and bring out the suitcase to let it sit empty in my room for at least one night before I think about stuffing things into it.

Well. I just unpacked, put things away, made a new pile for laundry, made a new list for the next trip, and will re-pack in 24 hours. This time in a real suitcase (instead of my little duffel bag), and for a real trip (meaning more than 2 days). All of which will have to be done after an 8-hour “class” day. Everything has to be ready to jet by Tuesday morning, because I’ll be leaving that evening, coming straight from yet another “class” day. Ehhhhh.

I’m definitely ready and excited for a break. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving!! But that can only be a good thing. Right? Yes. That means in 3 weeks I’ll actually be able to go HOME. And nothing sounds better than that right now.

Because guess what I’ll be doing over my “holiday” break…….


((Did you see that WIN on Saturday?!?! Gooooo State!))

To watch Football, cheer on my Lions, see Joe Pa, and spend a few days in Cali with the fam. Oh, yesssss.

Clearly there is too much on my mind to think about packing. And this time, I couldn’t even procrastinate if I tried. That’s rough.

November 9, 2008

Follow the sea of Blue & White

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For Saturday’s game (mention the result, and you’re not allowed to read anymore.) we headed into Georgetown. There’s an ‘unofficial’ Penn State bar there, which is an idea I’m in love with. The parents and I tried to hit it up for the Ohio State game a few weeks ago, but it was standing room only with four hours until kick-off.
Um, no.

This time I was prepared. I knew how to get there, and I knew to go early. And basically had my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be as crazy since we were playing Iowa. (Seriously. IOWA. gahhhhh). I sported my jersey, as usual, and the roomie wore navy blue because she’s a good sport. I actually almost walked right past the bar while I was looking for it (who knows…), and I’m like “I think it’s close….” and one of the bouncers outside is like “Um, right here. Upstairs!”.

Oh, he knew. Penn Staters, follow the sea of Blue & White.

We were there and seated (whooo) with almost two hours to spare. So, we waited……

One hour later, we ordered the first pitcher. And this is what it looked like about 10 minutes before Game-tiiiime.

one.down.They played the PSU fight song, twice. There was somebody doing the cowbell thing so we could chant “P-S-U”, there was pleeeenty of “We Are…..PENN STATE!!!”s (always politely followed by the “Thank you, You’re welcome!”), and there was “Heyyy, hey Babyyy” playing nice and loud right before the 4th Quarter!! Oh, and they played Journey “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

Yup. Everything was as it should be. Love.

Right before half-time the waitresses/waiters walk around asking whether or not you’re playing Flip-Cup. Uh, whaaat? Just wondering, so they can grab you another pitcher and more cups. Yes Pleeeease! flip.cup!

My side of the table may have lost about 5-2, but now I remember how to play flip-cup. Which is much more important.

I am still amazed at how good it feels to be surrounded by people who understand your obsession with a place, a team, and an old coach that we will love no matter what. I’m also still in shock over what happened in the last minute of the game. Mention it and we can’t be friends anymore.

I might not have stepped foot in Beaver stadium this season, for the first time in four years, but I’ve definitely found the next best thing.

November 6, 2008

Needing the one with a hole in it

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Last weekend in State College, I got lucky.

Not that kind of lucky.

Saturday night we decided to stop by an old favorite, a certain “Night club”. It was after midnight, so my logic is that we won’t have to pay the $5 cover. Or, they still take the “free admission” cards that we hoarded last year. Not likely, but ya never know.

Every time I present my I.D. they look at me like I’m crazy. By “they”, I mean almost every single bouncer. Or waiter/waitress. Or bartender. Every one. Because I’m over here on the East and I’m from wayyyy over there in the West. The most common response “Well, you came a long way for a drink. Ha ha.” Hilarious.

Anyway. I got a new ID over the summer, which apparently doesn’t match up with their little Reference book. It’s the new-er version from the State, which, I must admit, is much prettier than our old ones. And I like my pretty licenses. Um, my point: they didn’t think it was real, because it doesn’t match the picture in the book. Who knows how old that stupid book is. Every time they use it (happens pretty often), it takes them forever to match up the picture with the ‘real’ thing. It’s ridiculous.

So this guy comes back and says “Did you just get this over the summer?”. Yup, sure did. You can see that by looking at the “issued on” date. These bouncers……

I answered him, and offered another form of ID. His response “Well, you look pretty familiar, I know you’ve been here before…” oh, how flattering…. “..Do you just have your old ID? So I can look at that?”

And why would I carry around an expired ID? It has a hole in it. It’s not Valid. Are you allowed to let me in on the basis of something thats expired? I think there’s a law against that. I mean, if that were the case, I’d just give it to the little sis and she could go crazy. Which, I’m not doing. Don’t arrest me.

I was a little baffled. I guess in that situation I can see where having the “old” one would do me some good. But does anybody actually carry those things on them? Isn’t it just as convincing to have like 4 credit/debit cards with your name, along with an old Penn State ID (which is still valid by the way….til December 08. yessss) ??

He let me in. On the basis of “you’ve def been here before, so go ahead. But I’d recommend carrying your old ID with you. ” Yes, thanks for the advice. I have no idea where it is.  Once we got upstairs, and realized they are still charging cover at 12:30, we turned right back around and said Nevermiiiind. Because the drink specials are over, and that’s just crazy.

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