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December 30, 2008

Pictures instead

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In less than 6 hours we’re off – an all out family road trip! Which means my mind is a little blank. All I can brainstorm is what I forgot to pack and how the heck I’m going to entertain myself in a car for 12 hours (with No Internet. oh man). In other words…still blank.

Anyway. I got a new camera for X-mas, and have had fun experimenting with it. So, in lieu of a real post….I give you this. Life (for the past week) in a few photos……

*Cheers! to the big bro and his MBA*

*Cheers! to the big bro and his MBA*

um, failed 'princess' gingerbread castle. so we did this instead. then ate the candy.

um, failed 'princess' gingerbread castle. so we did this instead. then ate the candy.

the trio, lookin' classy for xmas eve

the trio, lookin' classy for xmas eve

christmas eve cocktails

christmas eve cocktails

Red-velvet cake, holiday styyyle

Red-velvet cake, holiday styyyle

sitting on the fresh Clean sheets....but how can you be made at that face?

sitting on the fresh Clean sheets....but how can you be made at that face?

big fan of the quilt....not of the flash

big fan of the quilt....not of the flash

testing your quick-thinking and persuasive skills.

testing your quick-thinking and persuasive skills.

Next time? I’ll be in sunny California. See you then….


December 29, 2008

Gone so fast

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So much has happened in a week! I feel like I’ve been home twice that long, and in two days we’re hittin’ the road en route to California. Oh, yesssss. Warm weather  (and football!!)  please.

It seems like the “blogosphere” gets put on hold during weeks like these (aka holidays). Rightfully so. I know I’ve taken a little break from the posting and the reading.  Catchin’ up with you people will just keep me busy during the 12+ hours that we’re driving across the West. And maybe even some good writing material. You never know what will happen during a family road trip, when all the “kids” find themselves in the back of a rented Van at the ages of 20-25. Could be interesting……

When we get home I have two days to unwind before I’m off again, back to internship-world. Why do the relaxing-at home-weeks to have to go by so fast???

I know most of you are back at work starting today, so, I should just shut my mouth.

Til tomorrow’…..when I try to figure out how to pack for 70º weather with my winter wardrobe.

December 24, 2008

No dreaming here, it’s definitely White

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The snow is piling up over here! For the first time in the last four years, there is more snow here at home, than the East had when I left. Reallyy?? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?! Shouldn’t I be coming home to the mild winter temperatures of the desert-y Southwest?? Geeze.

Despite this, I have no complaints. The snow is still comin’ down in spurts, and the temperatures have no intention of rising. We wont’ have to dream of a “white” Christmas. It is mostly certainly here.
a white blanket on the porch

a white blanket on the porch

Anyway. Next week I’ll be in Pasadena. Where the temps are predicted to be 70-73. Sunny. And I’ll be watching Penn State Football. Soo, Life is Good.

*Merry Christmas Internets!*

December 22, 2008

A pleasant airport surprise

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It’s usually my Mom and/or sister that are at the airport waiting until my usually-delayed flight lands.  So, they know the drill.  My Dad? He’s new to this. The flight was scheduled to land at 1:25, we didn’t actually land until about 1:30, and we didn’t get off until around 1:45. Not too late by my standards. But when I had permission to use my Cellular device, I already had a voicemail from him….

“Hey, it’s Dad…It’s about 1:40 an there are a lot of people here and I’m waiting but just wondering if maybe I missed you because I haven’t seen you yet and, ya know, just making sure I didn’t miss you, so…just let me know. Love you bye”

Haha. So cute. First of all, if I were to just wander down to baggage claim without finding him, where exactly would I go after that? I’m kind of relying on him for the transportation thing.

I called him back and said, Not to worry! I’m not off the plane yet, that’s why you haven’t seen me. I’ll find you!

When I finally got there, he had a big smile and a big hug waiting for me. He was also holding these……


He’s awesome.  After the last few weeks, I needed nothing else but to see my family, sit around, and reeeelax.  But this?  Made me smile so big and realize…..I’m *home*. Yessss.

December 16, 2008

Waiting for the winner!

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Are you watching “The Biggest Loser” finale???? You should be. This show is amaaazing.

The first hour is almost over, and they’ve brought out all of the former contestants. We have one more weigh-in before the “Home” winner is decided, and….WoW. These people have stepped it UP. I haven’t watched a season before this, so I can’t compare, but I’m seriously in awe.

The truth? 60% of Americans are overweight. Around 30%….are classified as Obese.

These numbers are just that, numbers, until you see it everyday. I see quite a wide range of patients. But half of them, on a daily basis? Overweight. Obese. Type 2 DM. High Blood Pressure. High Cholesterol. Etc. Or…..all of the above.

I have quite a job ahead of me in this Nutrition path of mine.

What’s the one thing that most people don’t get? Or maybe just choose to ignore?

The health problems that are related to obesity, they go away. With the weight.

Thats part of why I love this show. It brings a face – and this season, a family – to the epidemic. You pull for these contestants, you watch them become healthier week by week. You watch their diseases, health complications, insecurities, and (obviously) weight melt away.

Anyway. Thats my spiel! This show is awesome. I’m already excited for next season. Maybe I’ll be done by the time they film Season 8, and they’ll introduce a new cast member….Heather-the Trainer. 😉 Yessss.

UPDATE: And the winners are……HEBA (at Home) and MICHELLE (overall). Who both look like completely different people! Gorgeous. Congratulations!!!

December 15, 2008

Citrus Delivery

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The roomie’s parents sent her a package today. Full of these little beauties!


A whoooole box full of Arizona citrus. I’ve never understood how an orange is more of a ‘winter’ fruit, because they just look so summer-y. Bright, and refreshing, and tropical looking. Right? Right. Yummmm.

“I think they named oranges before they named carrots.
‘what are these?’    ‘…..those are, oranges.’
‘what are these?’     ‘shit……Long pointies?!’  ”
demetri martin

I have four days left at the hospital, and then I’m done. Well, with that hospital. That’s a little weird to think about, it has been the bulk of the internship so far (10 weeks. whooaaa). I love who I work with, I love the work itself.  But, wow, it’s time for a break.  Saturday simply cannot come fast enough (countdown: 5 days!). So um, hurry up with that.

The weekend flew because I spent four hours driving to Pittsburgh on Saturday, and four hours driving back on Sunday.  Totally worth it. It felt normal to be there around Christmas, because that’s always the case. Emily is a saint and drives me to the airport at absolutely ridiculous hours of the morning, every year. It’s a running joke that I’ll buy her Starbucks for the drive. Because when we pass Starbucks, it’s not open yet. Um, oopssss.
Driving back here the next day, rather than be dropped off at the airport? Sucked. The only good part was that the Steelers beat the Ravens Sunday night. Thanks guys. Much appreciated!

I also have a box full of fresh oranges and a bowl full of Chex-Muddy Buddies (aka, Puppy Chow) sitting on my table. That helps too. 🙂

December 12, 2008


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In honor of this being my 222-nd post, I’m gonna roll with it. Things in twos. Yessss.

This weekend I’ll be taking my second road trip to see my roomie/bfffff Em. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t gone to see her more since I’ve been in MD, but then I remember that she also came here, twice. And we all met up in State College, once. Oh, damnit. That doesn’t fit the theme, but it still happened. So, um, roadtrip. I’m excited!!!

Today, two people Google-searched the words “Classy Outfits”, and it led them to my blog. Hiii, I’m so flattered! I hope you found something they were looking for. I do try to keep things classyyy around here, you know.

Last night I finally registered for my second half-marathon in Pittsburgh (fourth overall). It’s the same one I ran in last March, and I decided against stepping it up to the 30K. No thanksss. While it would be the perfect interim race between a half and a full, and I’ll probably wish I had just sucked it up and done it….I just want my 13.1. I want to see if I can beat my time from last year. I also saved $5 by registering for one race over the other, and by registering by 12/31. If that’s not budget friendly, I don’t know what is. That’s gonna buy me my second drink tonight.

On Wednesday I went on a cleaning spree. I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, bleach, windex, scrubbing, drying, re-arranging (toiletries), etc. This has only happened twice since we moved in. Hmm……I probably need to work on that. Granted, it’s a joint effort. We switch off.  So…..I guess that’s okay.

After our usual two-round-of-drinks at some random restaurant/bar + dinner tonight, the roomie and I are renting “The Dark Knight” (along with everybody else, I know). Guess how many times I’ve seen it??? If you didn’t say 2, where the heck have you been. I’m still excited though, Heath Ledger gives me goosebumps. I’m usually not so into the violent stuff, but this movie defies everything. Amazing.

Alright. I’m done. That’s enough twos .  Now I have to start preparing for 333. I’ve got lots of writing to do.

December 10, 2008

My treat, to Me

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A new addition; an LBD.

For the past four months, I have only bought clothes on one condition (aside from silver wedding shoes): Can I wear this to work?? Because now that I have to dress in work-clothes 5 days a week, I am bored by them….about 4 days a week.

As mentioned earlier, we did a liiiittle shoppin’ on Sunday. I was only looking for black ankle boots, work-appropriate (of course. Gah). Which I found, and which are fabulous. Also which, it turns out, are not very comfortable for an entire work-day. I’ll get over it. Christmas gifts were on the agenda too, that’s a given.

Well let me wander into H & M and all missions/self control are lost. I don’t absolutely love everything in that store, but they do have some amazing deals. Like rows and rows of jewelry, most of which is less than $8. Plus, tons of scarves, and reallyyyy good sales. I thought to myself, maybe they have cute (cheap) holiday-ish dresses……

Finally! Something I’ve purchased that I certainly will Not be wearing to work. But might be caught wearing around the apt, just because I’m so excited that it’s not “business casual”. Nope. Instead, it goes right into my LBD – collection. Yessssss.

Behold. My “holiday” dress….at a beautiful $35. Thanksssss H & M. (paired with my favorite Little Black Shoes.)


Now, how to accessorize? That will be saved for shopping trip numero Dos.

December 8, 2008

Hey Delta, Suck It

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I just spent almost two hours on the phone, with an airline.  If you can think of one thing that sounds worse than that, for two hours,  please let me know. It will make me feel better.

This time of the year will involve lots of travel, it’s inevitable. I live on this side of the country, and my home is on the other side. That little fact alone means that the airlines control me. They decide if I go home, or if I don’t. And it’s far too often that I wonder, I mean really, how bad could the drive be??! In comparison to the shit they come up with, I’m not sure it’d be toooo bad.  At least it would be on my terms, on my time, and I’d get there when I decide to get there. You know, accounting for traffic and everything. Which I would also control. Obviously.

Seriously though. My Expedia itinerary has a little “American Airlines” logo next to each flight, inbound and outbound. I called to see what it would cost me to change my flight so I’m leaving a few days later. Guess what AA told me?…………..I have an American FLIGHT, but a Delta TICKET. Aha, you say. Wait. No. That makes absolutely Zero sense. They tell me that to change my flight, I must call Delta. Who in turn tells me that I’m on an American flight, and I need to call American. And you can see where this is going.


I do not put up with this debauchery.

And I wont make you read about it either. Long story—>Short. I have changed my flight. I have two extra days at home, which means I have breathing time between driving home from Pasadena (for the ROSE BOWL GAME!! yup.), and flying 1400 miles to Baltimore. Sweet. Believe it or not, that makes it worth it.

Here’s where you come in. If I ever, Ever…..EVER…talk about buying a plane ticket from Expedia again, please reach your hands through this computer screen and wave them insanely until I stop. Please. Re-direct me to Southwest, where the employees are sane. Where they do logical things, like book your flights and put you on them in a timely fashion. Where there are rarely delays, and where they will gladly change your flight for an extra day at home. Only costing you the difference between the flights. Yes, you have to wait in line “A”, “B” or “C” to pick out your seat….I’m not so crazy about that concept (hmm…do they still do that?)…but what the F ever. I can deal.

Um. Anyway. I did get my extra two days, and I am pretty pumped about it.  So, thanks for that. I guess.

December 7, 2008

Days of distraction

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Were much needed.

There’s a lot going on over here. A lot of thoughts pounding in my head, a lot of travel happening in the next few weeks, a lot of work to get done before that, and a lot of changes that will slowly feel normal…. I hope.

So! Distractions are in order.

Friday night the roomie and I went to rent a movie. Instead, we stopped at a Sports bar, had a drink(s), and chatted it up. Yes, we could’ve done this in the apt and saved $10. But woooow did it feel good to get “out”. When somebody else makes your drink, and brings it to you, with a lime, it just tastes a little bit better.

Saturday, we planned on a DC-day. We try to take advantage of living here, since who knows where we’ll be a year from now. To do that, we periodically take day trips to the Capital and check things off the list. Since they have finally re-opened the American History Museum, we decided hit it up.

And then we visited the Christmas Tree. Followed by the Lincoln Memorial. Followed by the WW II memorial. Goal–picture by every state I’ve lived in…..

The roomie is a good sport. And a lovely photographer.


Whew. Long day. Ending with a snow-storm chasing us back to the Metro Station and a waaaarm cozy night IN.
Good stuff.

Today, we had a new mission…..Christmas Shopping!

…..ummm, of which little was done. It’s somethin the good people call Retail-Therapy. Yessss. New black shoes, new Little Black Dress, new Banana-Republic jeans–50% off (omg. yummm)–and a cute new sweater. Successful.

Aaaand, 3 Christmas presents purchased, check!

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